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Found 22 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Hi guys, just after some thoughts and information. Would it be safe to treat rain water from a rain water tank with swimming pool chlorine, or another product you can think of, and then treat with Superchlor (or another dechlorinator). Just wondering what would be safe to teat it for any possible pathogens in the water.
  3. I was looking at my 10,000 litre rain tank the other day and thought what a waste it was to have all that water and what a great pond it would make to breed rainbows. We only use it for garden watering. If you take the top strainer off it to allow light in and bugs. Throw in some rainbow pairs and some java moss. leave them to it over the summer and then use a folding trap to harvest them in the autumn. I reckon it might be a goer. Obviously you would need to throw in some coral rubble to buff the water. But why the hell not?
  4. Who use their rain water supply (caught from house roof) for their water changes?? If so...what sort of filtration and chemical removal do you guys use?? Ive been considering using mine but am a bit sceptical as ive seen mosquitos in there and also a bit of algae growth at the very bottom. Its regularly used in gardens and lawns so the water itself is quite clean and is always topped up when raining Any thoughts and suggestion would be great cheers
  5. I have a Blue Ram in 30 Litres tank of Tap water with a pH of 8.0 GH of 12 degrees KH of 4 degrees Conductivity of around 700 uS/cm I wish to convert the tank to rain water... FYI pH 6.5, GH & KH undetectable. How should I go about it. I would like as much technical advice as possible please..!!!
  6. I have a 3000l tank out hte back that is full of water that I would like to use for water changes. I have done a quick search on the forum and have found a couple of threads but none have helped me out. The question i have is what do I need to do to the water to make it safe for the fish, my roof is tile and the tank is plastic. The water has been sitting for some time. I have some cycle left over so not sure if that will help or not. Any advice would be appreciated. I currently have: Peppermints, L202 LG06 L270 Orange Spot BN Albino BN
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. G'day everyone I was hoping someone would be able to educat me on rain water? I have 2 1000L IBC drums I am using to age my rain water. I am told this has the same effect as 'prime'. Is this correct? I pump the water from my rain tank into the drums and run an air stone in them for one week. Is this long enough? Also I have been trying to grow algae in one of my tanks, and have noticed some little red worm/grub things (about 5mm long) crawling around on the algae. I took the fish out and treated them. Then bleached the tank. I am very strict with my quarantine procedures. So I have a feeling they came from the rain water. The rain water tank has a guava tree hanging over it. Could this be a problem? Should I be treating the water with something while it's in the 1000L drums or am I just being paranoid? Thanks everyone for your time jono
  10. i have a 4000L rain water tank im sick of filling buckets up from and just too far away for a hose to syphone into the tanks. so!. what shall i get. i've looked at ebay but still need help knowing what i need i have many tanks and would be a great help if you have done this before or know of anything that might help. cheers in advance Bill
  11. Just moved house and am now on trickle fed tanks instead of mains pressure. Did a water test and the gh & kh low. I've been told to use bicarb and rock salt to increase but not sure of the amounts to use. I'll be treating 1000lts at a time. Also is pool salt ok to use? Rob
  12. would like to see some rain water tanks set ups i am thinking of doing dont know were to start do i need a ro unit etc to keep water costs down i have discus fish they need alot of water changes thanks
  13. just wondering who else out there only has access to rain water tanks no town water. what fish are you breeding and what if any thing you are adding to your water cheers dave
  14. Hi, thought I would try simulating rainfall in my tank. Was toying with the idea of either a fine stainless steel mesh, or using dripfeed garden hose. Any suggestions? Tony
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Hey, this might be a stupid question but its on my mind. Im going to be getting some pep trios and i was told to make them breed cold water imitating rain sometimes works. I thought about having the spraybay outside the water for them to think its raining but then it would be the same temp as the tank. What i was thinkin is i have an old chest freezer, what if i was to set up the spray bar hose to coil through the freezer and back into the tank? Would this work?? or am i thinking stupidly? Any help would b awesome NICK
  17. My fish are loving this rain ive set all new fishroom records this last couple months and its only getn better and better, my white calvus did it again with a triple spawn :lol: there getn abit bigger now and getn roughly 60 per girl hopefully with there own system ive setup i can get better sucess rates to saleable size ive milked over 1600 fry this week alone im so happy with that im already out of fry tanks anyone else feeling the rain has improved with there fish breeding?
  18. hey guys, can i use brissy rain water to top off my marine tank? as i dont have an r/o unit... is it safe/unsafe do i have to worry about pollutants or phosphates/nitrate ??
  19. I was chatting to the guys who sold me my last couple of tanks this evening and they warned me about the perils of doing water changes at the moment, as apparently the Water Board pump our water supply full of heavy doses of the usual chemicals to compensate for all the water which has hit the dams in the latest rainfalls. They told me of friends of theirs who wiped out close to 1,000 fish by doing just that a few years ago. Has anyone had any experience with this sort of thing? Or have any views/opinions?
  20. just want to know wat people think of rain water for africians all mouth brooders
  21. I have been noticing a massive amount of frisky business with all my fishys. My males are all courting every female they can get to. I have had my mpangas breed for the first time as well as my yellows are going off, My bn are breeding heeps and i have just noticed a humphead mouthful. All in the last 2 weeks. Before that i had had one yellow breed and 1 bn, thats it.
  22. Anyone’s Africans not spawning or spawning less the last few months? My E.Yellows haven’t bred since January until today, finally, one has a mouthful. Just a theory, but I was wondering if the rain the last few days may have something to do with it? The last 3 nights in a row we’ve had some fairly strong down pours, most rain since January actually, so I thought it was kinda coincidental that my Yellows suddenly spawned after absolutely no action all these months. Maybe the drought means more than just no water in the dams.
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