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Found 52 results

  1. Health checked the young MRabs and FS Hardy heads, thought I would post some pics. Has anyone here bred Fly Specked Hardy Heads? Seems to be still fry hatching (Guessing they are HH...but could be MRabs ) in the ring tank although the water temp is falling ~ 18º C. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwthcx7z2sqefls/Fly%20Specked%20Hardyhead%2010mm.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/q4qnb8m6ptxm3hj/Front%20%26%20Side%20MRB.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/oknvhtt2g8vnzmw/MDR%2020mm.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/a4blj05p6z9eamu/Murray%20RB%2020%20mm.jpg?dl=0
  2. Hey guys and girls just had a few questions about the rainbow fish for those of you who have them.. is it better to have a little school of about 8-10 of them or just a couple of them? How big will they actually grow in a 4ft tank? And will they get along with many other fish? Or what fish should I put with them? And what water temp should I have ? Driftwood or no driftwood ? Would they breed in a tank or is it hard to breed them? Thankyou everyone for your help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Is the Barcoo River Rainbow the Melanotaenia tatei? I thought it was only known as the Desert Rainbow.
  4. Howdy all, does or has anyone on here kept these? Finding Desert Rainbows very hard to come by, so am just considering not going with a South Australian native fish tank and just getting some nice Rainbows, I thought these were nice, nice colour, pattern, are they able to be kept with Desert Gobies? Thanks.
  5. Hi, i am interested in locating rainbow fish breeders in the Brisbane region. I am having trouble locating some species for sale such as turquoise rainbow fish. thanks.
  6. Gday all! I thought I would share my experience over the last couple of weeks with one of my Rainbows (not sure what species?). I noticed it had a big sore on its upper lip, looked like a human coldsore. After asking on a couple of facebook pages and the only real answers I got was that it was mouth rot and the fish was cactus. I didnt want to give up on him, coz hes pretty cool so I figured a salt bath wouldnt do him any harm. I removed him from the display tank and put him in a bucket of tank water with an airstone. I added about half a teaspoon on sea salt to about 5L of water. I did a water change every day, added fresh salt and did NOT feed him while in the bucket. After 5 days of this, he is looking alot better. His mouth is still a little red but I think hes doing well. Here are some before and after photos. (First 5 are the BEFORE photos) Cheers!
  7. Last week, I was making a water garden out of a glazed chinese garden post at my folks place. Filled it with tap water and neutralised it. I grabbed some duck weed and a small amount of java moss out of my Boesmani pond to act as a bacterial seeder to get the pot established. Today I checked on the pot and was very pleased to find that it was full of dozens of Boesmani Fry. They had clearly come in as eggs on the moss and survived the new water. Guess I won't be putting Bribe Island pacific Blue Eyes in there anytime soon.
  8. Set up yesterday. Still clearing but getting there. Currently home to 10 crimson spot rainbows. Once I get a heater for the tank I will be looking for some more different types of rainbows to add
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. .hi, some of u learned gentlemen may be able to help me. I have two crimson-spotted rainbowfish among five in my display tank which have a tiny white substance/protuberance on lips. One has a white dot of this substance on upper lip, one has some on both upper and lower lips. both fish are otherwise displaying healthily, eating well and showing no signs of distress. It's pretty tiny in both cases, almost looks as if fish has rammed itself against something and possibly created a little abrasion but the substance is raised, white almost cotton-wooly in appearance but as I say, appears nowhere else on their bodies. The white stuff has been in evidence for about 2-3 weeks and has not changed in appearance or size, and, as yet, no other fish in the tank has manifested this or any other sign of ill health. cheers, kahuna
  11. Hey guys I'm Nate, I have a 4.5x1.4x1.25 Central American tank who has a pair of rainbows, keyholes and firemouths.. I've noticed that my rainbows have become beyond territorial and have even attacked me and anything that goes near the corner they've claimed... One of the pair will always be in that spot and as I've read that rainbows are normally quite peaceful. So my question is does this sound like spawning behavior? They are very colourful, and to me this behaviour isn't normal. Water is between 7-7.5pH, kh around 40dh, the general hardness is around 100 0 nitrites and very low nitrates.. I use Indian almond leaf to make the water softer and lower the ph as the water here is around a 9pH with a harness of around 200... So if these guys are breeding, what do I do with the fry once they hatch? Do I siphon them out Into a 15L tank and feed them crushed up flakes and blended up frozen blood worms? Thank you in advance to everyone =] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. What do female crimson spots look like Sent from my RM-821_apac_australia_new_zealand_218 using Tapatalk
  13. Hey guys, Just putting feelers out to stock a pond in the coming weeks, so who on here breeds rainbows and where would you recommend? I'd be after a good variety I guess, and some nice quality for potential breeding later on. All replies appreciated, cheers guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hi All, I am chasing 5 DN/Praecox Rainbows, specifically 1 male 4 females. I would like to increase my current school to 10 (currently have 3m 2f - was 3 but one female jumped out the smallest gap ). Prefer Northside Brisbane please. TIA, Rosie
  15. I have been told that the above fish is great for ponds & IBC's. Where can I get them from for a reasonable price?? Any help appreciated. Cheers
  16. pics are old and not real good sorry, anyone want to try ?
  17. My new friends the dwarf neon Rainbow fish. First night at home and they put on this pretty little colour show...
  18. Check this out. Your tanks: Sanjeev Kumar | Blog | Practical Fishkeeping
  19. Not finish yet but getting there still yet to get more fish and plants on the way.
  20. so this morning i as i was feeding the fish i noticed that a rock that i put in the rainbow cichlid tank is covered with eggs. maybe around 100-200 (hard to count as they are up the back) I will try and get some pics to put up here but because the rock it at the back of the tank and there is pot plants in front of it etc its a bit hard. but what i found strange was that the male has become quite.... defensive of the eggs. i thought that the male and female will both guard the eggs and fry and not be aggressive towards each other? I found her this morning trying to hide next to a pot plant that i have in there. and every time she would try and swim out the back of the tank (about 75 litres) the male would chase her away... she has not been attacked like her fins and tale are all 100% intact. i just dont want her to die from stress. so should i move her to another tank or just let them sort it out? I am sorta thinking that i could let them sort it out as they reckon the eggs will hatch in 2 or 3 days? Thanks
  21. Hi Im currently setting up a 6x2x2ft tank and im looking at putting some crimson spotted rainbows, eastern rainbows, hardyheads, empire gudgeons, firetail gudgeons, glass perchlets and pacific blueeyes in it. Im just wondering how many rainbows would comfortably fit in this tank? would 2-4cm long-armed shrimp be able to live in the same tank? also would 10cm rainbows be able to live in the same tank as 3-4cm rainbows? Thanks
  22. Hi all, what material should be used for making mops, I thought it was synthectic wool but when i went looking at the shops they had no idea what i was talking about & that was lincraft & bigw. Pete.
  23. plants are coming on and will be planted soon,fish a lot bigger. 00002.MTS - YouTube
  24. Hey guys, I have some Red Salmon Rainbow's Im wanting to breed, I have them in a 100L tank with about 15 or so 2-3cm Marble BN fry, Was just wondering if the Rainbow's lay in the Java moss will the BN's eat the eggs, Just seen Pep's eat other BN eggs so thought it may be the same for any eggs. and BN's. Another thing is, Can anyone link me or show me how to make the breeding mops, Or even if you know where to buy them, I've found some on ebay for like $5 delivered but they are from UK and don't really wanna wait that long. Thanks in advance
  25. hi guys here is a pic of our 6x3x700 tank newly landscaped with png rainbows and clown loaches and corys and we just gotta add some L numbers and lots more rainbows as the fish get bigger we will put up better pics hope you enjoy
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