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Found 29 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm contemplating a sea change in one of my 5ft outdoor display tank. Currently housing various cichlids that I'm board with. Looking at changing over to a planted set up with fish such as the title suggests. I've never owned these fish before and have some questions. will they coexist? Do they share the same water parameters? Will they be suitable in a heated outdoor tank? Suitable substrate for plants? Suitable plants for these types of fish? Suitable lighting considering the tank gets morning sun From about 7am to 11am year round. There will be a few bn's in there to control algae but what damage will they do to the plants? Are these fish on par with cichlids as far as care demands or are they more temperamental and finicky? (I don't have a good track record with sensitive, delicate types of fish lol) and what are the main points to be aware of with these guys? Are they aggressive? Do they do better in large groups? If you were going to put these fish together what would be the ratios and how many of each type? What else would you put in there with them/in stead of them that are brightly coloured, active and do well in a community tank? the tank currently runs a 2000l canister, two large sponge filters and a 1200l internal filter that provides a decent flow that the cichlids love but will that be too strong for these types of fish? Im not completely stuck on the above types of fish but something along those lines, loads of color and activity is what I'm really aiming for. Any suggestions would be great! If you have a similar set up and can possibly share some photos for inspiration that would be AWSOME! Cheers
  2. Hi. I have some worrying lumps on my rainbows that have appeared and are spreading very quickly. I fear it may be Myco. Have attached some pics.(sorry about quality,best i could get) Any feedback on treatment etc would be appreciated.
  3. Just wondering what other Rainbows are found through out South Australia besides the Desert and Murray River Rainbows, does anyone know? Cheers.
  4. What's the best plant to put in a tank to breed rainbows ? Thanks
  5. Hi all. Not a great start to the day. Last night I decided I would add some blanched pumpkin to the tank to feed my bristlenose catfish. I usually stick with Zucchini but wanted to change it up a bit. Anyway I blanched it in a small bowl of just boiled water and then microwaved it in the water for 20 seconds (didn't really do much I know). I put it in the tank and when I woke this morning and checked on them all the rainbows were nose down tail up. They all had deep colours and what not and no damage to their bodies, no ripped fins, no redness or inflammation that I could see from looking over them once they were out. The only thing that's changed was the pumpkin. Their tankmates are 4 albino bristlenose and a big SAE. They were Coen River Trifas. Now I know nothing I can do will bring them back but I just wanted to know why it happened. Does anybody have any insight so I can learn and help others in the future? I know I wont be trying pumpkin again that's for sure. Thanks for your help in advance, Eric.
  6. Managed to get a couple of pics of my Bosami Rainbows yesterday. pics don't do them justice 20150325-IMG_7648 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr[/img] https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8693/16920772102_87e2caa58a_c.jpg' alt='16920772102_87e2caa58a_c.jpg'>20150325-IMG_7646 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr[/img] Cheers
  7. I'm interested in setting up a Tank for Rhads, the only thing that I'm concerned about is the PH everything that I've read online is the PH should be between 6.5 and 7. I've kept Checkerboard (Mary river N.T) and Goyder river Rainbows with the parameters below with no problems at all. PH=7.4 KH=70ppm GH=110ppm Now I'm wondering what type of PH, KH and GH people use to keep their Rhads happy and healthy before I commit to this project. Cheers, Heintz.G
  8. Anyone know what species of Rainbow this is?
  9. Got about 10 of them to give away if anyone wants some..
  10. Is anyone breeding Boeseman's rainbowfish or Glossolepis incisus in Northern NSW or SE Queensland please? Looking to start a colony
  11. Hey guys, I put a post up a few weeks back saying that my rainbows are breeding.. Well yeah, I put them in a 2 footer and nothing happened, I got some Africans that had to be separated so put the rainbows back in the community Central tank again.. Now they've laid eggs on a nice rock in the corner, near a filter lol... I'll disable that filter, but my question is, what do I do now? How long before the fry hatch? I.e, how long before I turn that internal off? When do I siphon the fry out into a 1footer with a sponge filter? I'd love to grow these guys out as the parents are gorgeous! Regards, Nate. Pics to follow, my gf is taking them now with her DSLR
  12. So I know I havent been on here for a while. Basically, I was keeping Dwarf Cichlids, Thomasi, Ellioti, Bolivians, and German Blues. My 5 year old emptied a whole container of NLS small cichlid, killed everything pretty much. I was left with 3 Black Neons, 1 Thomasi Male, 1 Male Ellioti, 1 swordtail, and my male Bristlenose. Cleaned the tank all out and have let it be for a few months. I have started going out and doing my own collecting. Ive been putting most things back, just seeing whats out there, and learning how to catch fish with a net. I found the best time for me to go is at night, I just find it easier to do things, no people around etc. You guys may have seen me posting up pics of things I have found, and what they are. I havent found much to be honest, but Im ok with that. I have been a few places. Bulimba Creek, Cedar Creek, Albert River, and Northbrook Creek. At Northbrook, I have caught Australian Smelt and Marjories Hardiehead. At Bulimba, I went in the day, didnt see a thing, but that was with no berley, so Im trying again tomorow night. At the spot on the Albert River, I found a pair of Pacific Blue Eyes. At Cedar Creek, I found lots of Longfinned Eels, a catfish, a heap of nice healthy Smelt, and cought my first rainbows there, some M. Doublayi. There colours were beautiful. So Im going to keep this thread open, as Im only learning, to post my experiences and trips and to keep up some info on the local Biotopes around. I have found some useful info at other sites, but it hasnt been updated or added to in years. Im going to be trying 5 spots tomorow night. These are Cedar Creek, a creek in Acacia Ridge (not sure of the name of it, not much hope of finding anything, but you never know), Bulimba Creek at Wishart, A creek in Springwood/Rochedale (also not sure of the name of it, have seen fish there though, not sure what), and the Albert River where I found the Blue Eyes. What I have been using is my Fenix TK15 Tactical Torch, a bucket and a large environet style fine mesh net with a long handle. Some old shoes and a pair of boardies. Tomorow night Im also going to be trying out my opera house net with some Big Johns Secret Burley mix. I find it really interesting being out in the middle of the night (left at 1am last time) in the middle of unfamiliar creeks with noone else, just you and the creek seeing whats in there. I think the scariest was out behind Glorious in the middle of the night, lol. You get to see some awesome things whilst out there. Long claw prawns, eels going around your legs, spiders using you as an escape from the water, I had a large water dragon fall from a tree and land next to me one night, made a big splash, and scared the **** out of me. So on Friday, Ill post up the best info I can on how I go, including pics of everything I catch and see, and what the environment is actually like. I find it interesting just knowing what is out there. Josh
  13. hi just wondering if anyone know the person selling the rainbows at the auction last night. we brought upper katherine hidden valley/upper burdekin boesmani leichardt springs would love some info on them. thanks
  14. Wanting to catch a few gudgeons and rainbows for my planted tank wondering if anyone can point me to somewhere near ippy where I could catch some and the best way to do it? Cheers guys and girls
  15. Hi all, I've got some praecox rainbows outside in a tub & wanted to know if they'd survive or not over winter in the tub?. Pete.
  16. who breeds or has bred rainbows in species only tanks and how have you gone about it !!! filtration , plants , quantity(pairs/trios) etc etc looking at getting at least 1 colour variation before the colder weather most likely my pair of bosemanis cheers toddles
  17. Dropped in to a local pet store today for a stickybeak at their livestock (one of the benefits of working in different shopping centres every day of the week). Was the usual mix of goldfish & guppy tanks, & I found myself looking at the "feeder fish" tank (which I usually pay no attention to) - was shocked to find it contained a bunch of juvenile crimson-spotted rainbowfish, & one very agro adult male pacific blue eye chasing everything that came in range...being sold as "feeder fish"...for $2 each?!? All looked to be in very good condition...& considering the prices other lfs's charge for either species...
  18. Got a new camera, thought I might give it a go with no flash. Melanotaenia Lacustris Melanotaenia splendida inornata Melanotaenia Boesemani Melanotaenia Lacustris Melanotaenia Boesemani
  19. Does anyone know who has a decent range of rainbows....seems like there is less interest in them these days. Cheers
  20. Just looking for a bit of advice, I've ordered a 5x2x2 tank and will have it set up on a sump, yadda yadda. Before I get the main fish that is planned for the tank (it's a bit expensive so I'll be saving for a few months) I want to stock up on the 'filler' fish. Plan was to catch some rainbows from the local creeks and catch a few salmontails from Wivenhoe (I'll get my permit for fishing the dam, no worries) and was looking up the catch/bag limits and I thought I'd share! Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia sp.) - No size limit Combined limit of 50 (banded, blackbanded, chequered, crimsonspotted, desert, eastern, Lake Eacham, McCulloch’s and Murray River rainbowfish) Most all of your freshwater catfish (Boofhead catfish, lesser salmontail, berney's salmontail, silver tandanus) have a catch limit of 20 in a day. ---------------------- And onto the questions, I'm wondering what I should do before introducing them into the same tank as my soon to be awesome monster fish. =) Would you just do a basic quarantine? How long? Worm? Hit them with ivermectin?
  21. Last week I noticed my flame tetras had white spot so Ive been treating my 4ft community planted tank with Wardley ickaway and a little salt for a week, half dosage as per instructions with it at 29degrees with lights off, carbon removed and an extra air stone. Now its a week later and they are worst and my rainbows are dying, two dead so far. I have just removed the tetras into a bucket, and done a 50% water change using a syphon. The rainbows are skimming the top of the water and their fins look to be shredded, but I can not see any white spot on them. Is it fin rot? What can I do? I also have Angels, bolivian butterflies, a breeding pair of peppermints a large clown loach and a couple of b/n in there and they seem fine. Thanks for any help. Angel in disguise.
  23. hey guys just wondering if anyone has had this b4 my rainbow have loads of slime ova them. i had a nitrate spike the other day and did a 50/50 water change with prime DID I ADD TO MUCH? also now they have white spot but that is under control any addvice would be great
  24. After some nice rainbows bright ones,that are readily available in Brisbane area,already have boesemani and checkered,can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks ....
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