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Found 12 results

  1. Thought some might be interested in these. I use a similar one from Bunnings for my water changes and makes life easy Aldi's come out today.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Hi all, not sure if this thread is in the right place. What I'm after is 2-3 x 20 litre drums for transporting water. FREE or cheap. Also wondering if anyone has about 60 litres of rainwater they could spare. I have a tankful of Peppermint Bristlenose adults who I can't get to spawn. Wanted to see if a 20% water change with rainwater will help spur them on a bit. Tank is at 27 deg C, PH 6.8, added Blackwater Conditioner and an API Water Softener Pillow has been added to the filter media to keep GH down. Have been filling up with Tap Water as that is all I have been able to access. Also what are the pro's/ con's of using RO water(which I can get for 60c/L) instead of rainwater? Cheers.
  5. would this work my main concern is the pump sucking up a fish other than that ?
  6. I have been using water strainght from my rain water tank for almost a year now with no issues but when I mentions this to a friend that has kept fish for years he told me that I shouldn't because it's not safe. Is this try?? I have never had any real problems from this water so far but should I stop using it??
  7. First off i'd like to say Hi to everyone and display my gratitude for the people responsible for setting up forum! (i thought i was alone ) Secondly, I have a question about rainwater in the aquarium. Is it safe to use in general? I have heard that it is 'softer' than tap water, will this affect any water parametres? Cheers
  8. I have come across this during the last week and thought I would bring it to peoples attention. At the house I am living at which is a fairly modern one, it has a rainwater tank. To meet with current requirements on environmental policies for housing andwater efficiency the rainwater tank is connected to a few outlets in the house. The outside tap for the hose at the back of the house, the washing machine tap and the toilets. It has a pump that has a switch in it which will switch over to mains water once the tank is empty. With all this rain it has been constantly full so it hasnt besn an issue for me to watch the water level when doing water changes, as I usually just run the hose inside the house direct to the tanks and fill. BUT be very careful with this as I would have almost certainly lost all my fish if my partner hadnt noticed that our 3 yr old had turned the pump off at the powerpoint, which would have meant that chlorinated mains water would have gone directly into my tanks!!! In short check that your pump is actually sending rainwater through your taps when you fill via this method. Run the hose and check the pump is going. If it isnt check the power or just to be safe add de-chlorinator to your water.
  9. hey guys with all the rain around i decide to collect some bucket of rain as we dont have a tank. I was wondering if you need to add anythin to the rain water before you put it in the tank? Trent
  10. Hey, was wondering if its possible to some how get clean rainwater from making a successful rainwater tank that filters out the dirties in the rainwater.(((with a low budget))) Has anyone done this before if so can you show me some pics and give me some ideas!!! Thanks.... Luke
  11. Anyone have any experience using rain water instead of tap water in fish tanks? What are the pros and cons, dos and donts of doing this? Not that Sydney water is bad. Bit soft for cichlids and lowish in Ph (7.4 out of the spout) and needs a bit of adjusting but it's OK. Being the conservation friemdly person I am though the thought struck me about saving the dam water and maybe using rain water in my tanks so I thought I ask the experts here Rip me to bits!!
  12. Hi Guys, Just did my first water change today from my new 3,000 litre rainwater tank which the rain kindly filled up for me last week I changed about 1,000 litres on my 3,000 litre system and 1,500 litres on the 6,500 litre system. I have shell grit in my sumps, no dramas with ph so far, and the fish seem happy. I'v put a couple of 2nd hand solar panels from a solar hot water system on the roof, and I pump the water from the rainwater tank up through these to warm it up a bit and then into my sumps. Worked great today, water was coming back from the roof at about 26 degrees. Cheers, Doug
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