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Found 8 results

  1. How do you get them from eggs to adults?
  2. Hi thanks for looking. I need some advice. A friend just offered me African fish. Blue Dolphins. I've never kept them (Africans) before. Please post the best way to raise the PH. Cheers
  3. How do I raise my Ph without chemicals currently at 7.6 I'm already using crushed coral substrate and coral rubble in my filter could it be down cause I've only had it hooked up to a sump for a week
  4. As the title says what is the best way of raising the gh in my tank where I live I'm on rain water and the water is very soft under 100ppm I'd like to raise it to 200-300 what would be best to do this fish in the tank is a mangrove jack thanks
  5. Ok so after a few weeks of using Epsom salts to raise GH i started to get a little iffy on it, due to a few things. #1 It has a laxative effect on fish, and on humans, its used to treat dropsy aswell because it draws fluid from the body which if your not sick that's a bad thing. #2 fish,just like people become dependant on laxatives,its not a good thing in the long run for both ppl and fish, the muscles associated with moving waste through the gut quit working as efficiently because the laxative does alot of the job for them. Apparently if you don't know exactly how much Epsom salts is too much or if you use it to often (e.g. every water change) the salts build up. #3 it also has a sedative effect along with the laxative effect, which might be useful in some cases but its all very un-natural and when you think about it you wouldn't like being on laxatives 24/7 esp if it wasn't necessary! So why would the fish like it? Lastly I'll admit I thought the fish were going good on the whole Epsom salt thing but I think they were just going good because of the small amount of sea salt I was adding to boost iodine in the water which apparently is extremely important for fish and the mineral quickly depletes from the water and the bad effects of iodine deficiency on fish are proven to be numerous. But in general I wasn't happy with the way my featherfins started to look and act after a couple weeks using Epsom salts and a few days ago I started using riftlake salts again and their looking better all round in general (and if you want an indicator of good or bad water conditions that effect colour and active behaviour in fish you cant get a better one than cyathopharynx as you'll get far from decent colour from these fish if general good water conditions are off!) or atleast they wont be coloured for long. So yeh I for one am NOT gonna be using anymore Epsom salts to raise GH and recommend ppl who do use it to take a close look at the facts of its effects etc and take a close look at wether your fish are actually doing as well as they could or should be while living in a sedative/laxative state 24/7. Theres many who debate this and say that their fish do well on the Epsom salt/bi-carb/marine salt D.I.Y. buffer but theres many more who consider it a no go, and now that I think of it the issue of the laxative effect alone is enough for me to consider epsom salt a no go for my fish. Cheers ;
  6. Thought I'd start the ball rolling...in light of recent events, I was thinking of having a BBQ to raise funds to help the forums financial situation. A few things will need to be sorted out to make it a success. Firstly, a location/venue that can hold many people (like a park). Secondly, a date, hopefully in the near future. I was thinking a Sunday lunchtime in around 4weeks time to allow for organization of food stuff. Thirdly, stuff people can bring of interest to raffle of for a good cause. Raffle books can be purchased for next to nothing and I am pretty sure someone will have a bucket to throw tickets/coin into. Fourthly, whether it should be gold coin donation, or have people pay for food. Lastly, an account to deposit proceeds into (a MOD is required for here), to ensure the forum stays a success! Pleae, if you can help / contribute, please comment, and I am sure we can all come together to make this a success! Cheers, Dave.
  7. I need some help on raising calvus and alto fries gold and black. a lot of queenslanders have had success in raising these little buggers so pls help me! I lost several batches of both of them. Had them in a floating container about 5 inch sq and separate 2 ft tank of themself as well. They both clean every second days to remove all the sh!t and in both have got the water from the main tank to start up first and have always measure and check parameters! They were fed commercially made fries food brand Sera something the first week or so then on to grinded NLS. after about 3 weeks they started to die and finally lost the whole batch. I'm usually remove the dead one as soon as i see them! Can someone give me some suggestions on how they raise these little bastards! i have had other egg laying tangs breed and raised the fries without problem but these alto and calvus have been giving me quite a bit of a challenge! michael
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