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Found 26 results

  1. In cleaning my gravel and canister filter i have about 5 baby loaches. About 1 cm long but thin. Anyone have advice on feed etc. I have put them in a floating fry trap as my clown loaches like snacks. Greg Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  2. As members will be aware QCG is seeking to raise funds for a LEGEND of the hobby, who is in need of a little support. If you can give a donation please go straight here and do so: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/qldaf-events-calendar-announcements-38/bill-smith-fundraiser-125435/#post834662 QLDAF supports this 100% and will be running an auction in support of this fund raising. We will open the auction for upload of lots from Saturday 31 October. The auction will be open for bidding From 8.00 pm Friday 6th November and bidding close at 8.00 pm Saturday the 7th of November. This date is chosen to coincide with the QCG meeting.... just for fun. We ask that when a lot is raised the seller state the percentage of the sale to be given to the fund raising. We suggest that at least 10% of the sell price go to Bill via the QCG fundraiser. If you wish to give more please do. Thanks to Dave [MENTION=1378]Fish[/MENTION]_Junkie for raising this issue here, and Steve [MENTION=4423]steveandjules[/MENTION] for pushing for an online auction. Hopefully we as a group of hobbyists can give something back to a man who has given so much to the hobby.
  3. Hi guys, It's been a while since I visited here but I figured since my discus have spawned and I've begun artificially raising them, I thought where better to get tips and info from than QLDAF. After reading a few guides, I found that the "Jack Wattley Method" is highly regarded by many, and after two failed spawns to practice the technique on I think I've got it. I wanted to document how they're going here so that anyone who has experience doing this can maybe point out anything I'm doing wrong or something that could be done better. So first up, I'm not entirely sure on the names of the discus I have but the parents are what I believe to be the Blue Corals; one behind what I believe is a Melon, and the one behind that (on the right and middle). If anyone knows what breed they are for sure please confirm or correct me They spawned on four small Anubias leaves from which I took three and left one in so they didn't stress too much. I placed these three leaves in a glass jug with water from the parent's tank, added two drops of Methylene Blue (from The Tech Den ), put in an air line and let them simmer for 5 days until they were almost ready to free-swim. During this I had a 10L tank with a small sponge filter bubbling that was cycled from the previous two failed spawns, which also has a large breeding trap with a fine net around it to prevent falling through the gaps. On the sixth day I placed the fry into the breeding trap and I watched them start to become free-swimmers; the time between the first free-swimmers and the last ones was significant with a full 24 hours before they were all at the same stage. As soon as the first ones were swimming though I pegged on two black pieces of plastic (cut from a document folder) using an egg yolk and fry food mixture which was described in several guides. The mixture is made of a hard boiled egg yolk (no whites at all), a raw egg yolk (also no whites), and a small mound of Spectrum Small Fry Starter which is then mashed up and frozen. Here's a clip of them at this stage: At this point they were mostly still attached to the calcified or unfertilized eggs closest to them which made it easier to move them between containers. I also was experimenting with different containers; this one was a small food container with two holes drilled in each side and a net tied around it, though it proved to be unsuitable as the fry were getting stuck between the net and the container which made me switch to the current breeding trap set up: And this is where I'm at so far. I do 100% water changes in the morning when I wake up and again at night before bed. I change the egg paste on the cards every 2-3 hours and occasionally force the cleaner tank water into the breeding trap to stop it getting stale. If anyone has any tips or comments on my way of doing this please let me know Also, after the first 2 weeks I'm not exactly sure how to go from there; I've read that after 5-6 days you can start supplementing the fry with powdered food and baby brine shrimp, but after the 2 week mark I was just hoping the powdered fry food would carry them through to bigger foods like dried blackworms and such.
  4. .I want to have my 4ft tank on the ground underneath my 5ft tank, like in the space in the stand, but I don't want it sitting on the concrete ground. Does anyone have an idea of what I can put underneath the tank to raise it like 3 inches off the ground? thanks in advance
  5. Hi All, I want to grow Brine Shrimp to adulthood and preferably have them breed as well. To filter the water, I thought of; 1. getting a small air filter .... it looked like the baby brine shrimp where getting "stuck" to the filter (I don't think they could have actually got through the filter material) 2. Wrapping a polyester felt around the filter - once again it appears they seem to stick or get sucked onto the felt. I am not sure if it is my paranoid imagination or not - could they just be resting on the filter as there is nothing else in the tank? I am just wondering if anyone else has a filtering solution for brine shrimp? Thanks
  6. Ok guys I have a Daphnia question. I have been rearing daphnia which I bought off Wolfgang for about two weeks now. They are in a 2ft tank, with mild aeration via a sponge filter. Water changes come via aged water from my tanks. I provide them with a small amount of coral rubble for calcium uptake for carapice production. I have a few ramshorns as clean up crew. I harvest often and feed them on yeast mixed with spirulina, soy flour and water. I feed sparingly and only after the water has cleared. They also get green water, and blood. I have two back up cultures out doors. They get 12 hours of light. Here are my questions : 1. yesterday I did a 50 % water change, this morning I noticed that they are producing ephippia. Is this a bad thing ? I hear they do this under duress or before a crash. They get plenty of light and up until yesterday were producing asexually. What has changed ? Should I be worried ? 2. I have read that they can be feed on dried blood. I feed them on fresh blood from the supermarket meat trays. Why dried blood ? Surely when you add dried blood to the culture it becomes wet. Is there a difference? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey guys, i know theres heaps of you one here who breed so i figure there have to be heaps of you with opinions on the best way to raise fry. So hit me with it, all the advice you have. ATM: i have a SGT pair that have bred and have fry, i move about half to a 2ft tank and left the other half in with the pair, mostly because i couldnt catch them and its an 8ft display tank so theres lots of room for them to run. How do i keep the maximum amount of fry alive in the 2ft tank? The mum does a pretty dam good job in the 8ft
  8. My fenestratum and coatzacoalcos did the business. I’ve moved the eggs into a small tank, they’ve hatched a few weeks ago and there are now 15 around the 6mm mark. Tank is about 30 litres, has a light, bubbler, small stone substrate, and heater set at 28 degrees. No filter. I’ve been feeding them a pre-packaged food recommended by Exotic Fish (will have to check name tonight) plus some very fine guppy food. The tank is growing lots of brown algae including some tendril type stuff as it gets the sun through garage door window. I haven’t done any water changes as I’m afraid of sucking them out. Any tips on what I’m missing/doing wrong or what I should do next greatly appreciated. I plan to transfer of few of these to my main American tank if they get to a reasonable size. Any thoughts on what to do with the rest of them? PS - I've only been keeping fish 6months so be gentle
  9. I have an excess of ranchu fry from great parents.. They are about 5mm ATM, so I'm guessing just big enough to move if your carefull. Any aspiring Goldie's breeders keen to try raising and selecting fry? I think there will be a mix of "Chu-da" and ranchu fry.. If you've got the space and time send me a Pm .. They are FREE
  10. If any body can help me in raising my Brochis corys . Out of a spawn I usually get about two hundred eggs to start with. I transfer them into another tank to hang in the mop heads to hatch. I feed them micro worm and newly hatched brine shrimp. The problem I seem to be having is when there about 5mls long. I seem to be loosing them. I do small water changes every couple of days. Is there a secrete in raising them. The last batch I ended up with ten. Must be something Im not doing right. Can any one advise me me what Im doing wrong.
  11. Ok got some royal whiptail eggs in the tumbler and they are starting to hatch.Have been reading lots of info on the web and so far have bought a fry saver like brenguns from matthew at the fish cave.And i bought some spiralina powder and some agar agar to make some frozen food for the fry.I also have some rockes out in the sun in a bucket to try and get some algae going for them to graze on. Just a Q for brengun if you read this is how do you go about making the frozen spialina food as am not sure on the mix i should be using. And any other info i should know regarding raising would be great. Cheers Leigh
  12. hello all , finally got some discus fry! The parents has not eating anything, im on the 6th day of eggs laid im getting a bit worried . So how long do parent discus start eating again.
  13. i have been breeding bn fry but cant seem to raise the fry, i am looking for opinions as to what you do with yours. my tank is a 3x15 with a eheim 2215 and a trio of adults and thats all. (obviously heater, and also sponge filter). i wc 25% every few days, then after that didnt work i left the water change to 25% weekly, then i decided on 10% when it needed it and still fry die. i am considering the following. using a fry saver raising them there until they are big and either moving them to another tank or in the main tank. or moving them to another tank from the start. any suggestions would be great.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. hey guys bred a few times before but had a high mortality rate wondering what i can do betta. all are in 4ft tank with elodia lots of wood and some rocks, 1000lph canister 300w heater. i use tank water every 2nd water change, i do 40l per week/fortnight depending on time availabe. i feed a combination of protein crumb, algae wafer crumb and whole wafers for bnose. also zucchini for bnose. any ideas on better food esp for fast growth and/or better colouration. thanks for help. in advance.
  16. Hi i would like to know how to keep my Ph up and stable I have coral in my sump, plus tank has calcium carb in it but my Ph does not seem to stay up as high as i would like. what else could i do to keep it up? I do 30% water changes every week the Ph seems to be around 7.0 but i would like it to stay stable around 7.8 ish Any ideas would be appreciated Thanks David
  17. Just wondering if adding African mineral salts and raising the ph with ph up at the same time would affect my fronnys health? Ph is at 7.6 was 8-8.1 till I added the external filter and done a tank change. How regular should I add mineral salt. I've got gh and kh test kit as well. how many drops of each is ideal general & carb hardness.
  18. I have a discus pair that has laid a few times now but they dont seem to be able to raise the eggs. Last batch i did see i fry that had formed and was moving its tail but im guessing they ate it. Any ideas or they should just get better at it over time? Cheers
  19. After a recent w/c i found a Tropheus duboisi fry in there he's around 1.5cm never raised these b4 , have raised many malawi fry so would assume they would be the same apart from the food , so after some general info like Food - ( feeding spirulina power atm and brine shrimp ) Best water conditions- ( have ph, gh & kh around the same as my malawi tank ) Any other helpful info would be useful Terry
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. G'day guys, Well I finally have a fry tank up and running, with about 40 Laetacara dorsigera fry in it. These guys are very, very small, became free swimming today (Thursday). Ideally I would have liked to have left them with thier parents for at least a week at free swimming stage, but they are in a small community tank and the tetras usually manage pick off all the fry before they manage a week at free swimming stage. I have left about another 30 to 40 fry with the parents still, most of which I'll remove tomorrow. I would have liked to have waited untill sunday and removed the survivors then, but I have a nasty work schedule over the weekend and will barely be home. They are in a 18"x9"x9" fry tank, with a small spunge filter. I'm currently feeding Sera micron powdered food. I will be doing a small water change each day, replacing the water I take out with water from the parents tank. I had the spunge filter in the parents tank for a couple of days before I set the fry tank up, hoping to seed it. How often should I clean the spunge filter? Should I rinse it out in tank water and just squeeze as much gunk out of it as possible? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Pete
  22. Hi, I'm posting this question on behalf of a friend. He wants to know how to raise albino longfin bristlenose. He got them to breed but the little babies keep dying... He is also breeding and raising pepps, o-spots and gold spots without any problems. He just can't get the albino longfin right. Any help, tips and tricks would be much appreciated. cheers
  23. hi guys i have a breeding colony of 7 pepps they have bred heaps of times and 3 weeks ago my male fanned 60 fry i put him in a fry saver for a week and put him back into the tank and raised the fry last week i only got 18 then 2 died and just yesterday another 2 died , if you guys can help with info on raising to get good 5cm fry that would be great even a weekly plan of what i should be doing on a daily basis would be great cheers
  24. Hi All, about a month ago, I had my first successful spawn of BN in my pond (cue loud cheering sound effects!). After they were free swimming, I transferred most of them (about 70 or so) to a rearing tub that is about 50-60 litres. I had a sponge filter running, along with an airstone, so there was plenty of water flow. I was also doing fairly regular water changes (ie 30% at least with added chlorine neutraliser). They were well fed on zucchini and algae disks and they were feeding and growing quite well for about two weeks. Suddenly, about a week or so ago, the fry started dying at a rate of at least 5 or 6 a day. Sometimes, I would literally see them die (not very pleasant!). They are still dying almost by the minute and I can't understand why, after weeks of doing so well. To make matters worse, they don't seem to be eating at all for some reason. They are about 1 cm on average here are the water parameters : pH : about 7.7 (I know they would prefer something a little more acidic, but they didn't seem to be affected by the pH before) Temp - around 25 degrees (no heater required in the garage, as it has been fairly warm anyway, as the inside tank has stayed above 27 degrees for the last few weeks) NH3 - 0.0 NO2 - 0.0 - 0.1 GH - 80 mg/ L KH - 20 mg/L When I started noticing them dying, I would change the water more frequently. Lately, daily water changes have been the order of the day. Hopefully someone can give me some advice as to what to do or be able to tell me what is going wrong...
  25. What can u do to Raise Ph.All my other tanks i have calcium carbonate in the bottom ,and its all sweet,but with the new one it has just normal black gravel. Instead of using the calcium carbonate again.what can i add to bump up the ph. The tank is 120x45x50 Thanks for all responses.
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