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Found 28 results

  1. Anyone got any methods to get blue rams to spawn. I have a pair that just have no interest in spawning.
  2. Morning guys over the weekend i have got myself from 2 LFS what they both called Blue Rams Beautiful fish so i don't mind no matter what they are but they are quite different So i was hoping some of the more knowledgeable members could identify , even if they believe they are not pure strain LFS 1 - 4 "Blue Rams" coff , coff , coff..... LFS 2 - seemed very switched on and had quite a few different Rams "Blue Rams" Looking Forward to your thoughts Cheers
  3. Hi guys i just bought this pair of GBRs and I was wondering the one on the left in the photo is he/she even a true ram or some sort of hybrid? Also if you help me properly sex them as these are the first ones I've owned. I don't which ones which but I think I have a male and female. (I'm adding in lots of plants tomorrow to satisfy them)
  4. I have a ram tank with 3 butterflies, 2 blues, 1 gold, a male an female bettas, an 1 short fin b/n. the tank holds 68L but only has bout 60ish in it. I was wondering if I could put a couple of discus in the tank. the pH is right bout 6 also. I think there will be plenty of room for them but I'm unsure as to what they would be like in a smaller tank. its only till we move also.. will put photo up of tank to give an idea of what it is.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Got a pair of blue rams, already laid their eggs. Only have one other fish, a little dwarf Gourami (Due to bad ick killing my other 30 ) My female ram keeps darting to the air stone, collecting air bubbles and then returning to her clutch and spitting the bubble at the nest???? Anyone had this happen or knows why she could be doing this? And, any info/tips on a successful batch would be greatly appreciated 160l tank all water parameters perfect for them TIA
  7. Did a total overhaul on this tank, had a major algae outbreak, plus everything was overgrown and looking pretty ordinary *L* Inhabitants: Amun and Isis - Blue Ram pair Romeo and Juliet - Gold ram pair A few juvie peps Juvie apple snails Cherry shrimp
  8. My german blue rams have been laying eggs for a while now but the eggs wouldn't hatch or got eaten, I had one spawn that actually hatched and I left them with the parents unfortunately that didn't work, by morning they were all gone. When they laid their eggs this time I immediately put up a divider to the rest of the tank and kept an eye out for hatching. Today I found wrigglers with the parents, I isolated them into a container floating in the tank and put an airstone in. I have vinegar eels are these ok to feed in the first few days until they are big enough for the bbs? Is there anything else that I should do. Appreciate any advice as I am still feeling my way through fishkeeping. Some pics of the rams and wrigglers. http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l491/Lyn1961/German%20Blue%20Rams%20Breeding/P1290316.jpg http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l491/Lyn1961/German%20Blue%20Rams%20Breeding/P1290321.jpg
  9. Hi everyone, I am sooo excited but dont have a clue what to do!!!! I have just noticed my lovely blue rams have laid eggs in my community tank!!! I am soooooo excited! I am really new to the hobby so any advice would be really appreciated... should I move the eggs and the Daddy fish to a confinement net thingy that floats in the top of the tank (I have on on hand) or set up my quarantine tank and move the eggs and fish before the eggs hatch??? Or should I just leave them alone?????? I have bristlenose catfish and some corydoras in with the Rams so would it be best for the eggs to be moved? The daddy fish is the biggest fish in the tank and is pretty protective atm. I think they might have been laid yesturday as I noticed the daddy fish hanging around that same spot then. What do I do with the fry if they manage to hatch? How long does it usually take for them to hatch..... sooooooo many questions!
  10. Before i begin i would just like to say im not sure if these are a hybrid or not and if they are could a mod please move my topic. Anyway my question(s) involve general keeping of these fish as google searches have turned up very little on them. I recently purchased a breeding pair and have placed them in one of my 2 foot tanks that are connected to a sump tank. I dont have gravel in the tank but have placed 4 flat rocks across the bottom of the tank which cover 80% of the bottom. I have floating foxtail plant on the surface to about mid way to the bottom in parts of the tank. An airstone and heater and a pile of rocks in the center to give the fish something to hide behind. I am currently feeding frozen bloodworms, protein pellets and a tiny bit of flake. Will try and buy live food from the lfs when they have some more in. Temperature i am trying 2 keep at around 26-7 degrees ph of around 6.8-7. Any pointers about what to change and what i am doing right? Please and thankyou.
  11. can this happen because i watched the female gold ram laying eggs and the male blue ram coming across and smearing the eggs my question is can actually have babies??????
  12. Just looked in my tank and noticed that one of my blue rams has a swollen eye. It protrudes from its face twice as much as it would regularly and is bright red. I have noticed them fighting but it never gets serious. They just RAM each other as usual. Any ideas as to how this would have happened and how to fix it would be great. Thanks in advance
  13. First , Hello All I have browsed a few forums and subscribed to a few but never posted until now. I have a 3ft planted tank with 5x Gourami, 1x Angel, 2x Ottos, 1xCAE, 2xSEA 1x Blue Ram. I'm running an Ehim 2135 Ehim heater and diy co2. All seems to be doing fine. However this post is not about my 3ft its my 600x330x330 home made tank, I running an internal powerhead with a FoamFilter attached and heater. I read about these little stunners called Blue Rams, I went a looking and seen Ble and gold and neon Rams. the Blue Rams took my eye. So i decided ( after a lot of reading ) to try keeping/Breeding them. In My 2ft tank i had 4xColumbian Tetra and a few barbs in so I relocated them and scaped it a little with a few hiding places and tester the water { 6.7PH - 34C - GH 80 mg/l - KH 30 mg/l } . Im new to testing and reading test results but all seems close to what I need. I read a lot of Different views about water changes. Normally i do 30% weekly and seems to be keeping other tanks nice, Rams like good water quality so more water changes ? I popped out and purchaced 2x Blue Rams Im pretty sure that one is female but the other will not show me his fin properly so I cant be 100% sure, time will tell. I uploaded a few picks, Please tell me what you think. Female > http://img191.imageshack.us/i/ramfemale.jpg/ Full tank shot > http://img11.imageshack.us/i/img0313ck.jpg/ Tank on stand > http://img651.imageshack.us/i/tankonstand.jpg/ I will update my first thread when there is more to see or hear, when the rams settle I will get some better shots. If anyone thinks i could be doing something better, or just from experience a different way then please feel free to comment > As i said i new to Rams, if they wont breed it will not be the end of the world but it would be nice .. thankyou in advance for comments and advice
  14. Hi all Just wandering if someone can enlighten me about Golden Ram Cichlids. Are these a captive bred colour morph of the Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi?? Iv seen these around some LFS's and they are really cheap compared to the M. Ram. Just looking for something small (besides Apistos) and from the same region to add to my tetra/cory tank. Thanks Matt.
  15. up until a week ago both my male and female rams were colouring up nicly getting golden head and colour to there fins.. but last weekend i had to go away for work and got mum to feed them. came back and my male blue ram has lost his black side spot. he still has the dark stripe throught the eye and black dorsal spines but has lost his spot.... female still looks perfectly normal too so i dunno what the go is??? any ideas?? cheers jacob.
  16. Hey, Just wondering what the best cure for popeye is?? Should I remove the fish or treat in the tank its in?? Any help would be great. Cheers
  17. Got a few german blue rams not long ago of Sloany (thanks mate) and they have really settled in well. here is the dominant male they are cute and feisty little buggers! cheers Matt
  18. Hi all ive got one male blue ram, 4-5cm aprox, looks good, good colours etc. lately he has had little pimples on his head which are gradually getting worse and looks very much like hole in the head disease. also a lump above his right eye ... nitrates are at 25mg/L (is what the colour chart says the colour is) at most. with weekly water changes .. moderately planted tank. i was dosing pmdd but have stopped as it has potasium nitrate in it .. and trying to keep the water as clean as possiable the weekly 40L water change on a 150L tank, lately ive up-ed the water change to twice a week i feed frozen blood worms, defrosted and he loves them, also sera discus granuals which he also enjoys and eats readily ive tried ground up flake food which gets ignored, and frozen beef heart which he eats but stuffs up the water clarity. also tried frozen brine shrimp but he shows no interest.. im wondering what else people feed their rams as im trying to very his diet but he seems rather fussy tank inhabitents include a small school of tetras (6 or 7), a pleco, a couple of guppies, and 4 young 4cm max pepperment bristlenose nitrites are 0 as is ammonia. im about to test nitrate again after having done a water change a couple hrs ago.. i really would like to provide a good healthy enviroment for the ram and dont want to loose him any help is much appreciated.... thanks Tony
  19. hey guys im new in here,i bought two gold rams one of them has gone translucent white and the other seems to be picking on any fish i put with it,i am guessing its a female as tummy area is pinkish,can anyone give me any ideas.cheers
  20. can any body give me tips on breeding rams like tank size, ornaments, plants, food and more cheers timothy
  21. My male ram has, what it looks like a blocked bum hole. It is all red and looks very sore. He seems to be very ok but tends to just sit there and not do much. Will try to get a photo tonight. Any help would be great. Thanks Stu
  22. I think give the colour variety of the electric blue rams we have seen - this video is interesting. It purports to be Blue Rams in the wild. As you can see it is quite different from the Blue Rams/German Blue rams that we see, partiularly in the areas I love - reds in the nose and the amount of black. Wild rams never have the second black spot on the dorsal I understand. (Even though this one is not showing the black anywhere the wild rams I understand can be more mood dependant on showing colour) You can also see how the electric blue could be bred from this - as there is a lack of other pigments in the fish. Also the body is not as deep as the comercial rams that we have. Anyhow - enjoy. Steve
  23. My German Blue Rams have spawned and the fry have just hatched today. I've only had them for about 4 weeks and this is the second time that they have spawned. The first lot all got fungus. Not sure how many there are as they have moved them into a hollow log. Here's hoping that they survive.
  24. :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: rams2.jpg[/attachment:2hrehowy] Can anyone here tell me whether this is a boy and a girl ram? I have a student who swears that they are both boys...
  25. Hey guys, So i get up this morning and one of my bolivian rams has died, there is now one left and im hoping he doesnt die also. Are these fish sensitive to any changes or? I did a 50% waterchange the other day and may not have put quite enough water ager in to combat this (i ran out)? Could that be the problem? Cheers Alex
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