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Found 38 results

  1. Hi just wondering if there are any Ram breeders on here. Looking for LF BlueRams possibly Ya Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. How do you get them from eggs to adults?
  3. Hey if got any tips on sexing Blue Rams just leave a comment or if you have German Blue Rams FS, PM me
  4. Hey guys this is my first time at trying to keep/breed blue rams. Just wanted to know does anyone know some tips for me ? Thanks
  5. My Blue Rams laid again tonight. The last batch turned white. I assume they were not fertilized. Is there any way to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to these lot? I did a water change this morning, before they laid. I could see they were looking mighty interested in getting their freak on. Because I wanted to make sure the water was as clean as possible and didn't want to disturb after they laid. Here as some stats. Tank - 2x1.5x1.5 Sponge filter w/4LPM air pump<<I think PH - 6.5 Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 0 Temp - 27-28 W/C - 20% every week with Rain/Tank Water. Male - 5-6cm Female 4ish cm No other tank mates
  6. Problem:- Have had 5 rams and am now down to one, they seem to get some sort of breathing problem and die shortly after (3-4days). have had resident Tapajos in there with them not causing stress either. As well as rummy nose tetra that have stunning coloration. fish initially took around 2weeks before first death and onset of others deaths.. very meticulous with the tank and have no idea what is going wrong. suitable habitat, parameters, food. please help! Ph:- 6.7-7 Ammonia:- 0ppm (API tests) Nitrate:- 0ppm Nitrite:- 0ppm Gh:- (unsure, Gold coast water supply and i also use a water softener pillow) ((presumably low, no calcium build ups)) Kh:- ^^ Size of tank:- 1.2m x .38m x .28 (standard 4foot) Temperature °C:- 27-28 Been running for:- approx 1 year Filtration:- external canister 750L/h with UV sterilizer Fish in tank:- 4 tapajos F1, 4 rummynose, 4 lap eye tetra, 1 german blue Plants in Tank:- log, amazon swords, anubius, banana lily, maple leaf litter. Feeding:- 3 times a day Spectrum, Spectrum Thera +, Hikari (i blend them all together) and blood worms Recent Medication Treatments: Used a Pimafix dosage about a month ago when first two rams died, thought possible bacterial infection. Use prime for dechlor, no plant chems... Last water change: 3days ago Water change every week or twice weekly if i can be bothered perhaps they were just dodgy? i really have no idea and am open to all questions/possible reasons for their death.
  7. Will this be ok? Looking to get two Bolivian Rams. I have: 3 x Orange Head Geos 15 x Black Phantom Tetras 6 x Sterbai Corys 7 x Pepp Bns 1 x L066 Pleco Tank is four foot... Also, are Bolivian rams bottom dwellers or will they hang around mid tank as well? (I don't want any more always on the bottom) Thanks
  8. Would it work - in a planted tank?
  9. Finally my pair fo blue rams have laid and not eaten the eggs.They have laid about 4 times before but the eggs dissappear.The male is fanning and the female is hammering anything that comes near.Will try to get a pic when i get home from work.Any tips from people who have bred rams would def be appreciated. Cheers leigh
  10. Guys Because of this cold snap Im getting concerned for my daughters betta we have in a bowl. Dont want to try and fit a heater in there. I have a heated 3fter with a pair of rams and some b/n thats pretty well planted. Do you think the Betta would be alright in there?? Other than that I can put it in a fry saver hanging off the top but thatd be pretty small. What do you think??
  11. Last nightat 8PM i purchased 4 blue rams from SSDISCUS. I came home from work today at 5:30 to discover this. ( if you look closely you can see the egg shoot protruding from her body). On one of the leaves there are tiny dark red/brown eggs. Its a testiment to the health and quality of shauns stock IMO. Great guy. Anywho, this amazed me. I dont expect the eggs to last, as there are loaches in the tank. But still pretty cool! Thought id share. PS sorry for the Iphone pictures, its all i have right now PPS i included a photo of his amazing discus as well. Just because i can
  12. Just a few pics of my rams . I really really like these guys. Fave fish atm for sure.
  13. Full Size Link > http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/8139/blueramsboth.jpg They seem to have spawned. I was thinking they were both Female ? Can She or She lay eggs without a male there ? Or is one a Male ? they seemed to be spawning together ? Hope someone can easy tell them apart Thaknyou .. P.S. Video on youtube of them spawning > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJH92v175EE >>
  14. I have a three foot brackish tank with a bunch of Bumblebee gobies, a few Indian Glassfish and a bristlenose. I need to rehouse two Blue Rams. Would they be okay added to this tank?
  15. I have a brackish water tank set up with a bunch of Bumblebee Gobies, a small group of Indian Glassfish and a bristlenose. I have a pair of Blue Rams that I want to rehouse - would they be okay in this tank?
  16. Hey all, Today I walked into the fish room to see my blue ram pair with a cloud of fry around them, I then saw the mother picking them off one by one So I got the fry into thier own tank in about 3.5 seconds lol I put them in a tank with the same water and a sponge filter. They were all a bit shocked at first, sitting on the bottom but they are starting to liven up. Anyway these are by far the smallest fry I have ever tried to raise, I need some help with, well everything. I tried feeding frozen spirulina brine shrimp and crushed nls grow. They havent had a good go at it yet but I'm hoping they will. I'm just after any tips and advice on raising fry so small. Cheers
  17. I was given two rams today. I was hoping someone can id them and tell me why the guy gave me rolled up leaves to get them to breed? Since I can't upload from my phone I will describe them. Red tinged fins, blue green body and big red faces.
  18. as title stated my 2 young blue rams have just spawned. as only a new comer to aquarium scene i havent had experiemce with fish breeding. so all help is very much appreciated. what to do now? remove eggs? hatch and remove? once again all help is appreciated cheers jacob
  19. posting this as thanks to shaun@macgregor,also betta b......posted a wtb,8 hrs later had ph no. thanks guys!!!photos dont do these fish justice...ill also add great to deal with people that just RING..or answer phones---information in 2 minutes,not muckin round txting!!!rex's discus 2 join them soon!!!!
  20. Got this nice shot tonight.... dirty glass and all its a really nice shot i'm guessing that's a female in the background.... the one in front is the dominant male cheers
  21. Hey i have noticed that a whole heap of rams from about mar 09 the first batch was good still have the rams from that but ever since all the "german" rams i got have developed bloody ulcers and strange infection. most ppl that bought them reported back they died got real skinny and died or got red sores the last one i had that died wondering why, so i disected him finding white growths on his liver and some other parts of his organs. According to one of my book it points to TB. The supplier stoped selling these rams i think they found out the tb was bieng passed on the genes maybe. Only expanation i can think of. The Supplier has them in stock again but dont think they are german i have been looking around to find the same quality colour and fin size of the Tb affected fish and have had no luck so i am very dissapointed. Has any one else had problems with blue rams or any similar issues with disease?
  22. I want to create a new set up in my tank. It's approx 250L. I'm thinking a black heavy sand or fine gravel as substrate, driftwood and low tech plants. I'm going to put in my 9 corydoras paleatus. I'm also thinking of adding six jullis to the mix. If I added my pair of GBRs, could I also have some apistos? If so, how many and which species would be best? Would all these fish just fill the lower levels and leave an empty looking tank? Would I have enough room for some tetras too? I was going to do the corys, rams and discus but I'm worried that the discus will make it too high maintenance.
  23. Hello all, Just wondering could I keep 10 day old apisto fry with just hatched blue rams wrigglers?? The apistos are in a 1ft with heater and double sponge filter. I have a fry saver but they can fit thru the holes.... Any help would be great!
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