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Found 26 results

  1. WTB - Male SVR any colour
  2. Full white SVR 80$ brisbane caboolture pickup Panda Oranda, young male 90$ brisbane caboolture pickup Full white ranchu male (80$) Super red female svr. 65$
  3. I feel like i am the only one who interested it topview ranchu. Does anyone that live in brisbane and may or have some tvr that is for sale ?? .
  4. All the talk about bloodlines and breeding,etc has got me keen to share a goldfish variety that has a deep history of bloodlines and is known in the goldfish world as the "king" of goldfish.....the TVR or topview ranchu.....It is a product of japanese breeding efforts and came from the lionhead goldfish (China back in the 1800s)...it is pretty much the "true" ranchu and it has deep established bloodlines that are not easily "bought" as they have cultural significance which is viewed as more important than the commercial value(something nice to see in the aquarium hobby if you ask me)...this might also be the reason why people in general are unaware of these guys..they havent been pushed around the world with profits in mind..it is hard to get the bloodlines and not cheap either...and yet some true breeders give the fry or baby black ranchu(called this due to their dark colour before they begin to "colour" up) away for free to young students of the "game". ...so heres some examples of the topview ranchu....
  5. I noticed this evening when I got home Yachiru my ranchu had a red spot on his back that is swollen and his scales are sticking up. He is eating fine and swimming about just fine but I'm concerned about this red spot. None of my other fish appear to have the same thing going on. I have done a 30%-40% water change and I put some melafix in the tank.
  6. Hi guys I got this ranchu a couple of weeks ago and my partner and I are confused with its colour. We think it is a bronze calico as it has matte and metallic scales but it seems to be slightly blue:noidea: Sorry about the quality of the photo. I don't take many photos of my fish and this guy was super active! Any thoughts/ideas would be most appreciated!
  7. Just thought I'd share my ranchu, about an inch and a half from head to tail tip. I think it (too young for me to tell the sex, I think it's a she, however for now until I know better 'it' - haha) has nice potential, however it's tail is fused - acceptable but not ideal. It has a nice tail seat, back/body, colour, and is starting to develop some wen. Any grooming tips are welcome, as well as critique. Dan.
  8. I recently aquired an adorable calico ranchu and I have been trying to feed it on a large flat rock as it's plate. I put the sinking pellets in the water about an inch while Yachiru (the ranchu) is nearby to see it. But they ignore the food for 10 minutes or will swoop in on it and swallow a couple pellets and then spit them out and come back later. Is this normal behaviour? Should I allow Yachiru this mich time to have their meal? It take them about 20 minutes to eat the food (usually 4-5 mini hikari lionhead pellets as they are about 4ish centimetres) I feed them on waking (9am) then I put 2-3 pellets in as I go to work at 1:30pm then I'll give them another 2-3 when I get home at 8:30pm then when the light goes out at midnight gets another 3-4. Is this too much? Should I get something else to feed them and vary it up some more? What are some suggestions other than some peas as I have planned monday to be shelled pea day. I want Yachiru to grow up big and healthy. I only have the one goldfish with 2 white clouds since I only have a 2ft tank right now I don't want to over crowd the tank and stunt my ranchu's growth. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  9. I have an excess of ranchu fry from great parents.. They are about 5mm ATM, so I'm guessing just big enough to move if your carefull. Any aspiring Goldie's breeders keen to try raising and selecting fry? I think there will be a mix of "Chu-da" and ranchu fry.. If you've got the space and time send me a Pm .. They are FREE
  10. Due to a change in locations I've had to move the pond set up "indoors" and so now the guys are in some tanks instead of the great outdoors...much easier to take pics though!.... anyways here are some of the new set up Im using for the young(teenager)ranchu....bit of credit goes to Wolfgang for the awesome plants and to Mat(matmatmat)too for the great idea of creating "islands" of plants with larger pebbles to stop the guys from getting into any substrate holding the plants in place...
  11. Not the best picture and it dosent show this colour very well but i think its a blue, its not bronze at all and is a very light grayish powdery colour! Interesting colour and thought i would share! Also another cool one!
  12. Hey found this picture of how to roughly choose a Ranchu for side view body shape, not sure if it's a concise guide but it may help to show what not to buy? Also some acceptable body shapes. I have been looking for these types of guides for others ryukin, oranda ect but can't really find anything but just going by these guides you can see what not to buy.. Still sometimes it's hard not to buy one because it's cute and $10. Just thought I'd share maybe some others have more opinions and advice? These don't go into color or anything just shape really.
  13. Hey Guys, I currently have 4 black ranchus and 2 white/orange ranchus which arent show grade but myself and fiancee love the way they shuffle when they swim however i have a few questions. We currently feed them hikari lion head pellets and occasionally some cooked peas but was wondering if theres anything else we should feed them to support their growth? In regards to the 2 white ranchus we have have they dont appear to have the same sort of head as the black ones more of a pointy like type and was wondering whether this is normal? Lastly i was curious as to what color varieties we have in Aus as i recently painstakingly tried to locate an all white ranchu without much luck but am also really wanting to get a lemonhead ranchu but cant find any of them either . Thanks, OzShrimp
  14. Hi guys, me again :-( Problem - My ranchu Noodle has been very lethargic. When I came home he was floating on the top and I thought he was dead He is floating around in the plants kind of just sitting on them, he looks like he might die soon.. he's breathing but just being pushed and pulled in the water. No physical symptoms I can see.. Ph: 7.6 Ammonia: 0 Nitrate: 0 Nitrite: 0 Gh: Not tested. Kh: Not tested. Size of tank: 60L Temperature °C: 21°C (room temperature) Been running for: 12 months. Filtration: AquaClear Mini filled with sponge, ammonia remover & seachem matrix. Fish in tank: 1 baby oranda (4cm) 1 baby moor (4cm) 3 corydora (2.5cm) Plants in Tank: 1 bunch of green rush. Feeding: Varies between hikari sinking for goldfish, tetraveggie spirulina & tetra baby shrimp. Recent Medication Treatments: Added melafix today. Last water change: Sunday (22nd) Water change is done at least every fortnight with my clean (gravel-vacc) sometimes once a week.
  15. Was getting some pics ready for some guys Im selling/moving along and thought I'd share a few of the more "interesting" pics I took...excuse the pond water too guys but in some cases ....it creates the "mood"...
  16. As mentioned in an earlier post...I lost one of my top notch breeding female ranchu during the last spawning..... This morning I proceeded to do my first cull on the babies(mother died while passing eggs and I only ever found about 50-60 eggs) and was very happy to find approx 50% of babies show signs of being good possibly excellent little ranchu....this is a very high percentage(so I am working with about 30 guys) and was a trial mating between hand selected individuals....I will now continue the mums legacy(fingers crossed i can keep all fry happy) and hope to bring the genetics back into the mix later on when they reach adulthood.... I will have pics up here ASAP of the little guys and their progress and hope you enjoy the journey... Cheers Brent
  17. Well i dig my ranchu and just recently I came across one of those little gems you find in the most oddest of spots... I have never seen these guys in Oz and have always wanted to get my hands on some and pretty much gave up.... Top view ranchu!!!....being top view means they have lots of japanese genetic heritage so will be gems come breeding time....most likely producing alot more decent fry due to strong bloodlines...so will be very selective with their breeding activites....no late nights...clubbing etc but also having great blood means they have a really nice back curve,smaller tucked tails and its more consistent in offsrping....they also have another great quality and thats funtan headgrowth or headgrowth that grows from the cheeks foward and very little headgrowth on the gill covers...its smoother and alot more controlled not like most ranchu with the mass of headgrowth everywhere....
  18. I have been reading lots lately about ranchu and lots of overseas breeders and showers of fancy goldfish keep and condition them in just inches of water.. I have read many reasons as to why. Was just after opinions and reasons as to how deep yours are kept and why? My tanks are full as I figure the more water the more stable the conditions. I'm not trying to condition one particular trait, head growth , fins ect... Just aiming at happy health fish for now!
  19. These guys are from the 1st batch of Ranchu babies(mother died during spawning) and now they are turning into strong little guys...some of these guys have great back curvature and some are lesser grade(this why they grade goldfish and adjust the prices accordingly!)but I have kept them all going(some I might have culled normally)as there were only about 30 fry that I was able to keep and I want to work off the genes and continue the mums bloodline...
  20. Now that I have been hit with the baby season I have 3.5(yep thats 3 and a half) batches of eggs(group 0.5 is just over a week old,group 1 is hatching as we speak and groups 2 & 3 should be hatching in the next 72 hrs)...i was thinking of running a thread for each batch of the babies (as all 3 batches have different parents) and see what you guys think of the different genetics,colours etc that come out of each batch....I'll also show the parents so people can see where its all coming from...cheers So might as well put the first batch on here.... Batch 0.5: This is a very small batch of babies with only 70 appx eggs...(as mother died during spawn) so is limited by numbers but has very good babies(kept close to half after 1st cull) and even a dorsal finned throwback(rare!)in the batch so interesting to see how these guys turn out...
  21. Hey guys...... Well yep its goldfish spawning time and some sad news.,after carefully selecting breeding trios for the ranchu breeding.....I discovered one of my best females has died form the breeding process.....firstly any others had these issues breeding ranchu(have bred many times before but never lost any let alone had any injured females)??....I'm aware of too much harassing etc of the female but Im thinking this was an egg related issue as not many eggs had been passed and she was still quite full of eggs....has anyone ever hand stripped???(not to keen as inexperience can kill your breeders I've heard)..anyone had similar issues with female????....I was able to get maybe 50 eggs to hatch so i will be in nurse mode to try and save some of the genetics Little r.i.p snap of the mum too (Red/Orange in the pic) Cheers guys
  22. Hello, Unfortunately the Ranchu in my picture died today. I saw he was unwell in the morning, the scales on top of his spine were pale, almost white. He was very lethargic, floating at the surface. Last night I treated my tank with Sterazin from Waterlife. I did this because said Ranchu often did long stringy poops, it often looked as though his poops didn't really contain any.. poop? Just long pieces of string. The dose for Sterazin says to treat at different intervals, but I am worried that maybe this killed him. Yesterday evening he was eating and swimming around. My tank is 75L, freshwater and approximately 26°C. I drop tested the water this evening and my pH was at 7.5, my Ammonia was below 0.25ppm, I had low to no readings for Nitrate and Nitrite. My tank is fully cycled, It has been running for months with good readings. I used Prime water conditioner and Stability as a weekly treatment. The other fish in the tank have not changed in behaviour or appearance. Their diet consists of shelled peas, Hikari sinking lion-head pellets and sometimes they get a bloodworm cube. Um, anymore info you need? I just want to know why he died and if my other fish are at risk.
  23. have recently upgraded the camera so thought I would share some new pics from some of my bigger Ranchus. Cheers Brent
  24. Just thought I'd post a couple of pics of some of the new baby ranchu...lots of little guys on the way and some nice baby orandas too so will keep the pics coming!
  25. Sorry had to share some shots as I have been in photo mode lately!Love these guys colour patterns.
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