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Found 26 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Hey guys just recently bought 10 peacock bass at around 5 cm and thought id do a thread on their growth rate, I have raised fry before so I know they grow quick but this time I'm doing it a little different. Different diet and bigger tank. I will update each month with some pics and just and update on their diet and behavior. Currently in an 8ft with water temp at 28 degrees , ph is 7.4 and I've added a nice big peice of drift wood with Anubis as I found last time it brought the green out more and just somewhere for them to hide Their current behavior is standard for bass this size and they just hide and sook until feeding time. I've also attached a photo of the father as he has beautiful colors Their diet for this first week has been brine shrimp and bloodworms , will be moving them onto new era very soon as it's a softer pellet for them to start with.
  3. What would be a good flow rate for a 40cm cube (64L) shrimp tank? I will be using lily pipes. Does the size effect flow rate or do i just match them up to the filter hose size?
  4. When doing a water change and adding seachem GH up should I treat for the amount I changed or the full tank volume thanks
  5. has anyone put a tap valve on a External Canister Filter to slow the flow rate ?? was it fine or did something go wrong ??
  6. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else has past experience in breeding GTs and how long it takes them to go from an egg to been coloured up and saleable? Thanks
  7. Anyone using or have used Aquasonic Pro Bio-Plus? I understand the dosing rate is 5ml per 20lt but what is the frequency? The instructions are very vague. Any idea? [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION]? Anyone else? Thanks, Rob
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hi Guys, Just wanting to see what everyones success rates are for raising from from full developed to 5cms. Do you loose many? I am getting lots of successful batches of fry now, and my new tumbling method im getting nearly 100% success rate from wrigglers to fully developed fry, however i seem to get them to about 2 - 2.5 cms then i loose one about every week or 2 and i have no idea why. Once they are fully developed i put them in a fry saver thats about 40cms long, 20cms high and 25cms wide. I feed twice a day with the NLS grow and do weekly 30% water changes. Any suggestions?
  10. Is it just me, or are tanks evaporating especially fast lately?
  11. Are these good quility OB Peacocks? I want to breed OB's but dont want crap breeders. Would you buy these or recommend the fry to friends?
  12. I have a 2x15x15 that I can not seem to get a 'right' stocking for. It has a internal power head filter so the current is quite strong. It just seems too small for most fish. Can anyone give me ideas lol. Im kinda stuck and have been for ages lol. :roll:
  13. just wondering what the average growth rate is under good conditions, mainly african peacocks,, obviously tank conditions and food play a big role, for instance 1 of my tangerine peacock males has taken 1year to grow to 15cm,(probs max size) i got him at 4-5cm, fed on (hikari cichlid gold) and live guppies,shrimp once a week out of my dam.. also would live foods be classed as 100% protein?? probs been coverd before but thanks for any input...
  14. Need to decide what holes i need in the new tank. I will be running a 10,000 LPH to 12,000 LPH pump. Was thinking 3 @ 32 mm bulkheads for drain and 2 @ 25 mm bulkheads for fill. Whats ya thoughts. JP
  15. Now this may seem like normal question to some but im getting a little lost in our world of fish. I need to know how many LPH your pump does that runs your fluidized bed filter. One company says up to 2000lph and another one says up to 600lph, with the second one being what i consider to be the better of the two. Im currently running a 1500 lph pump on this and it can hold 1.5L of media. Does the medai effect what flow rate i should have? Anyone that can shed somelight on this would be a BIG help right now. Thanks Al
  16. Hi all, Quick question. What sort of growth rate can I expect from some mixed peacocks, red zebras and yellow labs? I know feeding and water condition are factors but even from your experience I'm just after a rough guide Cheers 👍👍👍👍
  17. hey guys, just want to get some feedback on my male FH, let me know what u think good and bad!
  18. Dose anyone know how much Benthochromis tricoti, Cyathopharynx furcifer and Cyprichromis leptosoma Kitumba usually go for in $??? Just curious,
  19. what's the price of a 15cm honeycombe pleco? Any special marks/spots? They seem to look like sailfin pleco without the big dorsal fin and lighter in colour. Need a "l" trained eye to spot difference.
  20. Can someone help me out here. I bought an over-flow box some time ago. It has twin 25mm return pipes. Does anyone one what the flow rate would be? So i can match pump rate. Thank You
  21. Ive recently bought a little baby Jack and he is awesome! Ive been doing a heap of research on them trying to find out as much information as possible but there doesn't seem to be too much out there unless your fishing for them. I was just wondering if anyone who has kept one of these guys before from a juvi could give me any estimations on how fast they grow. Any other useful information about these guys would also be appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  22. Hi all- i read on this forum the rate is 1ml to 7ltrs of water- just wanted to double check before i do this. Also some of these wormers are bad for catfish-how does big L go with catties(bristlies-synodontis-hopolo) Any help is awesome-thanks guys.
  23. Hello all just wanting to know how to work out the return rate of flow for the return drain holes in your tank to the sump. Just wanting to know what size pump to put in the sump. Cheers
  24. What is the growth rate of Geo Altifrons? Also I have read they grow to 12" does this sound right? when they say 12" are they talking about to the tip of the fin extensions?
  25. I was wondering if there was an actual device available to the general public that could accurately measure liquid flow rate? Steve
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