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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Fishionados - I have done some testing on flow rates on 2 of my canister filters and I am interested to see what results others get - I tested my new Sunsun (ProAqua, AquaPro, Gretch and some other names have been used) HW304b (rated at 2000 lph) and my used Aquaone Aquis 1250 Series II (rated at 1400 lph) - both units were tested empty (no baskets or media) and then with baskets and media loaded - the flow rates full or empty were pretty much the same - I also tried both options with different head heights (1.5 m and 0m which made minimal difference also) - the results I got were pretty much half of the rated LPH - to test I primed the filters and then timed how long it took to pump 5 litres into a bucket then divided 60 by the time it took to fill then multiplied that number by 5 then multiplied that by 60 to get the LPH - so on the Sunsun unit it took 17 seconds to fill to 5 litres: 60/17= 3.53 X 5 =17.6 (this is litres per minute) X 60 = 1058 LPH - I ran the test a few times on each filter to verify the results which kept coming back the same - the aquaone came in around 650 LPH - if anyone out there has some time and can test their canister filters and post back the results I am interested to see what comes up - I don't know how the manufacturers come up with these figures but I am wondering if they are calculated by adding water in and water out rates - if this is the case that rated LPH is about right - does anyone know if this is how it is measured? I have searched the internet for any info on how it is measured and could not find anything but I assumed that a filter running with nothing in it and zero head height should be pumping what it says on the box but I could be wrong Thanks in advance ; )
  2. So I'm slowly converting to larger natives and been buying some fingerlings as I enjoy watching them grow. Currently I have the following: 1 Murray cod 5 cm 1 barra 12 cm 1 jade perch 30 cm 7 bass 7 cm 4 tandanus cats 12 cm 1 saratoga lei 10 cm At the moment the barra and the perch are in a 4x2, cats and bass in a 3 ft and the saratoga and the cod in separate 3 ft tanks. They'll be moved to larger tanks once they get to 20cm or so. The long term plan is to have the cod in its own outdoor pond and to have 2 8x3x2 ft tanks for display. My main concern is that they'll all have different growth rates that they can't be moved at the same time to bigger tanks in a year or so and end up having more tanks running..... is there anyway to try and have them grow at a similar rate? From my understanding bass are slow growers and everything else is fast Also should I be putting them together when they're small so that they'd be less agro to each other when they're big? And with the current stock list and future plan would I be able to get more fish now or should I just leave it? I haven't fully decided on which fish are going with each other yet so ideas and opinions would be great
  3. hi.. I am interested in getting a regal angel but almost everything I read, and most pet store owners who I speak to say they are hard to keep because they are difficult eaters. Popular opinion is they starve to death. Alternatively I also like the purple mask angel but have heard similar stories... Has anyone had any success and could offer any advice. Thanks stuart.
  4. Hey guys, just had my first batch of common bn fry, roughly 40 pretty excited about it, just wondering how long they usually take to get to about 3 cm? currently there already pretty big around 1 cm just wondering what there grow rate is like? Ive been doing weekly water changes also in the hope of faster growth rates. Cheers Seth
  5. Hi I'm losing corydora sterbai wrigglers at the rate of 3 per day. They are @14 days old. From reading, possible cause may indicate something wrong with the food or with the water.. Or is it natural selection/just the way it is? DIY ice cream fry saver with mesh windows is floating in main tank - airstone on very gently. Finely crushed flake, vinegar eels and brine shrimp alternated throughout the day, feed 5 times per day. Waste/uneaten food is syphoned off prior to each meal and at the end of every night. Water in big tank is changed 30% weekly and filtered well. Ammonia & Nitrite 0 Nitrate < 5 Temp at 26.5 Ph at 6.7 or so. What am I doing wrong? Feeding too much? Not the right food? Bugging them with all the syphoning? Any advantage to putting down a fine layer of sand in fry saver? I read that this may stop bacteria from adhering to fry...but hey it was on the internet, on a blog no less, so dunno how much truth is in it... Please help!
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