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Found 16 results

  1. Will Rays eat Bristlenose ? Will Bristlenose bother Rays ?
  2. Hi all i am getting my first ray in 2 weeks it is a male motoro about 12cm disc He is going into my 6x2.5x2 Any tips to keeping them as it is my first ray Thanks
  3. Hi everyone.does anyone no where or who I can get these from?where I live no one has rays let alone black diamonds.just finished building 2 9ftx2.5x2.5 double deckered,now it's time to find fish to fill them
  4. Hey guys was just wondering how many of you out there have rays and wot the rules are for us on keeping rays in qld. In future id be keen to looking into getting a ray myself so would be good to know wots out there and wot the rules are, also post ur pics!
  5. found this old thread in monster fish keepers
  6. just had to post, no pics yet, just found a huge spawn from the split pair of jds we got sunday from raycam and sarah1234 we are pretty stoked, now fingers crossed that he did the job and we get lots of little ebjds, we know you said they were sexy, well they are stunning, we couldn't be happier, thanks heaps.............. steve and jules...............
  7. OK so basically all you people that have rays what do you do to clean the tank as in algae? Obviously no cheap labor from the suckerfish so what do you do?
  8. hi i was in a pet shop today and they had a fresh water sting ray....i was just wondering what do they eat and how big of a tank do they need ?? i think their firggen awesome and i want one
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. What are suitable tank mates for a couple of motoros in say a 6x3x2? Could you put plecos in there? And also, are there any freswater sharks..?... like any decent ones that actually look like sharks not like fantails and silver sharks and all that rubbish...?
  11. We have a pair of Monto rays about 12 months old and there have gone off there food , usually eat green king prawns and carnivore pellets , gave them a different brand prawn and they didn’t like them so got more off the ones they have always had and now wont eat them we put in some feeder shrimp yesterday and they chased them around as usual but spat them out , water is good , get regular water change and clean any ideas
  12. Hey just wanting to find some information on care for motoro rays. Getting some next week just want to make sure everything is going to be good for when they come. Been looking on the internet but i cannot find too much detailed information about them. Anyone with some experiance in keeping these would be great if you could put in a few words. Cheers Blake
  13. Just wondering if we are allowed to keep other rays (other than Motoro) here in OZ ??
  14. Hi guys i was just wondering if anyone can give me some basic info on rays.....One question in particular is would one live fine with a jack 20cm a barra 40cm pleco 30cm and a giant gourami in a 8fter......? Overall are they a difficult fish to look after. I am looking at a pearl stingray that is about 11inches... Any info would be great would love to hear your own experiences....
  15. I have a long term project/idea to keep and breed freshwater sting rays, i see the Motoro's are the most common, but would be nice to get something different. Does anyone keep these? and if so have you had any luck with breeding them? Can you keep any other fish with them? (just to get a bit of movement in the top half of the tank) Cheers
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