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Found 8 results

  1. .So I'm going to create a new heavily planted RCS tank. What do you guys recommend for the substrate? I've been looking at the Mr Aqua Aquarium Soil (8L)
  2. Hi all you shrimp heads I have always only kept RCS for the purpose of helping raise SA/CA fry and help me with the gardening. Anyhow, I have recently set up another hi-tech planted environment and have added nurtured a group of very red RCS to this tank. Lately I have noticed a few different looking RCS within the group and would like to know what you guys think. I know not much about shrimp so here a few questions... 1. Are these anything special (blurry iPhone pics below)? 2. Should I bother separating them out to line breed? 3. If yes to the above two questions, what would the 'hopeful' end result be? Thanks, Rob
  3. hey guy's well I have a 2ftx16inx16in for over 5 years I got it for my 12th birthday I got with it * 1x silver shark * 2x clown fish * 2x angle fish but most of them die in the first 2 years beside the angle fish, so I brought an axolotl ( but that didn't go very well with an angle fish ) so then I brought 2 Bn catfish. the angle fish lasted all the way till this year when my angle fish got sick and passed away so I gave my bn catfish to my friend and started emptying the 2ft ready for a plant/shrimp tank so I have the 2ft empty waiting for gravel, filter, co2 so im after your help I was thinking of using Seachem Flourite Black Sand? mix with a bit of black gravel and also for filter I have no idea what to use as I don't want the shrimp all sucked up? and for co2 I have a soda stream that I can use? what do I need to buy for it? Thanks for all you help
  4. Hi guys:) I keep a BN and RCS in my planted tank and they all live well together. I was given some plants on the weekend by a fellow member and these plants came out of an outside pond. I was given a lillie, some louisiana iris and a native of some ind but don't know what it is. All 3 need re-potting into new soil and pots. I was hoping to put them in my IBC's outside but hubby doesn't want to build the base up to sit the plants on so they are not fully submerged. So my next thing is, I need to put them in my plant tank I suppose but I'm worried about the effects of the dirt that's in the pots on the BN and RCS. I don't have any substrate on the bottom of this tank, I grow all my other plants in pots with other substrate (not soil) and they flourish but I have never used soil in any of the pots and am just a bit worried. I know people use soil as substrate in their planted tanks so I'm probably worrying over nothing but I just want to be sure. This tank is my tank where I grow all my plant stock but it's not a tank that is made to be a 'pretty' planted tank as such. I only grow simple stuff like Elodea, Val, Java moss, Anubius and Java Fern. Can anybody tell me if the BN and RCS will be ok with some pots with soil in the tank when they have never lived this way before? Is there anything I should watch out for in particular with water chemistry changes and stuff like that? Sorry to sound so darf about it all but I just want to make sure all will be ok as I have never had any soil in this tank before. Thanks for any help, it's really appreciated:)
  5. hey guys just wondering how well will bn and rcs get along got about 5 lf commons about 2.5cm long and wondering if i should dump them into the 2.5x2.5x1.5 rcs tank any ideas//thoerys
  6. looking at different methods on cooling shrimp tank thats 150l so far i think i would go with 2 mayb 3 120mm pc case fans on a bracket facing towards water or making a clamp bracket to sit on the side of the tank any ideas people thanks
  7. my red cherry shrimp tank has little brown snails how do i get rid of them, should i transfer them all into my other 2ft tank best way to do it? as there are little baby ones and should i put black gravel in it as a base gravel?
  8. Hi guys Each day, I think i might have hydra in my tank(well it doesn't look like hydra but a wormish thing) Had this about a few days ago(Sunday), then I removed all things from tank and gave the tank a good scrub. It also seems that at least 1 shrimp is dying per day but the wormy thing keeps on coming back Also, i have been observing my shrimp and they don't seem to eat what I place in the tank --> Spirulina Algae Wafers (I also cannot measure water parameters as I do not own a kit yet) IMAGES EDIT The death of the RCS are caused by something like this
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