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Found 14 results

  1. Afternoon People, Have been sifting through stuff all day and still can't decide what to do. Situation is this....Currently running pressurized co2 in my 240l planted tank. Everything seems to be going bananas and was previously using a ceramic diffuser up the intake of a small filter....which is now broken . So the single cermaic disc isn't obviously the best method to absorb the co2 into the water column so I'm after opinions on the following options. Option 1: DIY reactor - http://www.qsl.net/w2wdx/aquaria/reactor.html - using a cheap power head $20, the end pipe of a gravel vac, a filter for the intake of the power head and something at the bottom of the gravel vac pipe(course filter probably) with the ceramic diffuser 3/4 of the way down the gravel vac. Advantage: cheap-ish maybe $40 total. Disadvantage would be that it's home made, if I have the power up too high could spit substrate and dirt everywhere and ruin my tank.....and it would look a bit bulky but will probably hide behind plants. Option 2: Tunze diffuser, basically same principle as above only it uses a weak power head and I've read mixed reviews. Adv: all in one con: more expensive $60 Option 3: Combo system using a power head and an inline reactor - Pro: Should work really well, Con: larger foot print maybe. I don't have a canister filter btw still using the built in filter on the tank I bought. Cheers
  2. Hey All, I've had heaps of troubles with achieving CO2 concentration within my 3x2x2 Tank. Using a drop checker I can get the correct concentration but the bubble counter is going to fast (7+ bps) to count and I go through a 2.6kg cylinder in a month or two which seems rather quick from my understanding of how long they should last. After going through 3 cylinders worth and because the tank wasnt at home I wasnt noticing it go empty for a week i decided it would be better to stop rather then the up/down of pH etc as the CO2 ran out every few weeks. I had been using a cheapie ISTA co2 reactor with the supplied line (which i suspect is silicone which could be a big part of the problem). As such I was going to completely overhaul the CO2 system looking at a new reactor and I couldn't decide between going for a Serra version of the ISTA style which I hear is good. The other option I noticed was the UP Aqua In-Line Atomiser and I was wondering how people had gone with it and how it compares to the Serra.
  3. Hi, What do you guys use for your Co2 setups. I have read people recommend the UP atomizer inline diffuser - https://www.google.com.au/search?q=up+atomizer+inline+diffuser&espv=2&biw=1396&bih=694&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjT3P3YlrLKAhVlPKYKHYZFC1AQ_AUICCgD&dpr=1.65 and others recommend a reactor - https://www.google.com.au/search?q=up+atomizer+inline+diffuser&espv=2&biw=1396&bih=694&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjT3P3YlrLKAhVlPKYKHYZFC1AQ_AUICCgD&dpr=1.65#tbm=isch&q=ista+turbo+co2+reactor+diffuser I will be using this for a medium-highly planted 4ft 300 litre tank. What would be the better option? Thanks
  4. Doing a DIY purigen reactor and found this on the net. Anybody who have used it or know its availability? It can be ordered overseas and don’t think customs will hold this off since it’s a plastic product. Sizewise, it’s compact and will be good for medium size tanks. Would be ideal if they have a bigger version for bigger tanks. http://www.magnavore.com/store/en/filtration-accessories/20-simplicity-chemical-reactor.html
  5. Hey peeps, have had a few Ls of purigen in my sump for sometime and it seems to not be doing what i needs to in a sump setup prob better with water forced through it like a canister filter etc so im going to make a reactor, anyone done one or modified a phosban reactor or the like for purigen? Needs super fine foam or a slower feed lph to work id say or??? Ideas. my tanks super clean but only the outside of the purigen is getting dark and soaking up the crap so i have to massage the media bag to get newer media to the outside if that make sence, so purigen needs to be force fed or fluid bed in my opinon
  6. Given up on the tunze co2 reactor. Looking at trying the reactor in the link. Thoughts? Is anyone aware of any other options for in-tank, powered co2 reactors? I don't want to use in-line diffusers in case it ever leaked. The tunze reactor just can't keep up. If I push bubble count, then I get a death rattle. Otherwise perfectly suited to tank smaller than mine (150gal). Power Reactor | Power Reactor pg1 co2
  7. This little home made, 3 chamber reactor has smashed the additional phos that was always very high in the tubs down to zero, now all this is on one system. There is no such thing as zero but I am happy with nothing showing on a Salifert test and Danny’s Hanna tester, they are to expensive for me,lol.
  8. Hey guys so I'm turning a calcium reactor (came with my co2 cylinder) in to a fluid bed filter for a tank I'm setting up for shrimp breeding, ill eventually add a chiller to the system as well:ballchain:. Just seeing what sand people would recommend to use in a fbf. I'm thinking pool filter sand but there is few types so I thought I'd see what people use and like. The first filter will be made from the main reactor and ill be blanking off the holes I don't need and ill put some corse filter foam At the bottom to keep the sand running in to the base. Ill be running the water though a little (11/12 L/min) iwaki magnetic pump. It crossed my mind to not use sand and use k1 or something similar, if someone with more experience with fbf wants to chime in and give some hints and advise that would be great.
  9. Recently I purchased an ISTA Inline CO2 Reactor from AOA and installed it and its been working great the last week. But tonight its started being noisy and gurgling. Just for some background we use a single bottle yeast CO2 system. We started it just to have a look at if adding CO2 would have an effect and it did, but not a lot so we added the CO2 reactor and things have been going nuts, everything is liking it so were deffinately going to bottled CO2. Just got to get the money to get the bottle yet. It only started being quite today after I refreshed the yeast bottle last night. So my guess is that its just the larger amount of CO2 going through. My main questions are: Is this intermittent gurgling normal for this type of reactor? Is there anything we can do make it quieter?
  10. ISTA CO2 External / Inline Reactor now in stock. Best way to diffuse the CO2 into planted tanks! There is no CO2 loss in this system. Inside the reactor, the CO2 bubbles are broken down constantly until they´re completely dissolved into the water. face. CHARACTERISTICS: •The most efficient application of CO2 dissolution. •The patented impeller design completely crushes the CO2 bubbles. •Compact in size, and used externally. •Durable to acidity and impact resistant. •Designed to prevent CO2 gas from collecting at the top. •Electricity is not required, since it uses the flow of water from the filter. •Easy to clean and simple to maintain. Priced at the crazy price of only $19.95 Link - Age of Aquariums - ISTA CO2 External / Inline Reactor Ben
  11. Deal of the Day - Julian Sprung's ever popular Phosban Reactor 150. 1/2 price Today only $49.00. Link, Age of Aquariums - Phosban Reactor 150 Ben
  12. Hi All, Does anyone know where I would be able to source one of these from? Thanks in advance.
  13. I was wondering what peoples thoughts are on Nitrate Reactors for fresh water systems. Might look at trying the Skimz NM152 Nitrate Reactor.
  14. I'm looking for a more effective way to use Purigen than in the 100ml satchets or in "the bag" for my sumped systems. Has anyone had any experience with putting loose Purigen into a reactor such as the Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 550? Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 550 Any other similar products that would work or any interesting DYI projects around this?
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