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Found 41 results

  1. http://www.tfhmagazine.com/details/articles/6-basic-mistakes-of-the-novice-aquarist-full-article.htm
  2. Had a bit more of a read up on API and Advancing Fish Nutrition and it did bring a few more points to the table with food. Often we will look at ingredients to determine how good a food is but perhaps we should look a little further. This is the document and well worth a read. http://www.apifishcare.com/pdf/Food_Science_Inside-5.pdf Personally I did not think that API had such a large research facility and was interesting it was staffed by fish nutritionists as well as aquarists, aquatic technicians and biologists so they do get more involved with the research of the food and the effects. Hope you enjoy the read and personally I liked the part - Discussion - it invokes a bit of thought when it comes to fish food in general with water parameters.
  3. Welcome to QLDAF. Please post a thread here to say hello, and prove you are not a robot to unlock the rest of the forum. Do this by clicking on the +post new thread button. Make sure you read the following threads. They will tell you about us, and about how we expect people to behave. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/welcome-room-beginners-corner-22/who-we-77959/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/welcome-room-beginners-corner-22/forum-guidelines-77084/ Most importantly have fun and enjoy sharing with us in a great hobby. Admin
  4. I was in the Japanese discount store Daiso in Indooroopilly shopping town this weekend and called into Daiso as I often find useful stuff for my fish room . Anyway I came across these. Metric and really easy to read. And wait for it. Only $2.80 a piece. Get on it people.
  5. Hey guys, Was just poking around and came across this paper. Has some really good descriptions of mating behaviors of maternal mouthbrooders for people who aren't quite sure. A lot of the other stuff in the study is really interesting as well. Just thought I'd share it. Here's the link: https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&ei=D7vjVKKZJIbu8gWzwYLwDA&url=http://digitool.library.colostate.edu/webclient/DeliveryManager%3Fpid%3D211056&ved=0CCEQFjAB&usg=AFQjCNF89wHgE9fWZpkBguu4Ufiqqngbhg&sig2=NtYASZc_9cXkJ55oEqgTdw
  6. Bought an Aquasonic Ammonia Testing Kit - comes with an acrylic cylinder of 30+ ml capacity with a push on cap. [see attached photo for comparison] But one only has to use a mere 5ml of tank water to complete the testing. So I have a large container with a small amount of coloured water in the very bottom. So how do I read the test results against the colour chart? Do I remove the cap and look downwards through the container, as you do in the Aquasonic pH test? OR do I look "sideways" through the container holding the test container against the white strip just above the colour squares? I see the API kit comes with test tubes which makes it easy to read holding against the colour chart. But the Aquasonic is a lot larger container and there is a difference in colour depth depending on which view is applicable.
  7. The following topic is in the general aquarium section: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/general-aquarium-discussion-19/asian-arowanna-now-we-know-114736/ Native enthusiasts may be interested to read the discussion...
  8. Pretty informative piece... mainly from "ready - set - cycle" Cycling Your New Fresh Water Tank: Read This First! - Cycle your Tank - Tropical Fish Forums Has anyone tried this method before/ added ammonia to the tank to get the cycle started.... really keen to get rid of the cloudy water in my new tank
  9. A lot of you have probably read this thread, http://www.qldaf.com/forums/forum-feedback-suggestions-43/harassing-member-110718/ There is a lot here that I agree with, and have dealt with myself in the past. But seriously 99.999999999999% of my experience on this forum has been awesome. I have never had drama with someone coming over to buy/trade fish, I have been able to see some amazing setups and I count among my best friends people that I met on this forum. But sometimes you meet someone on a forum that you clash with. And sometimes that person goes above and beyond what you expect to damage your life. I have been joking about a particular member trying to get me fired from my job for a while now, and I have just lol'd about it. But its starting to get a bit out of hand and personal. I really dont want to sound all emotional or dramatic as thats just not me. And I know that I can just walk away and this is over. But, I'd kinda rather not. I dont actually want to be bullied out of my job or off the forum. If I could get a little bit of help here. The way things should be - Review of The Age of Aquariums by Motagaz - ProductReview.com.au I would really appreciate it. An awkward thing for me to ask, but an awkward situation for me to be in. Not really looking forward to the boss seeing this post and following the link. Ah well, I have to clean 3 fluval fx5 filters today anyway...... wasnt expecting it to be an awesome day lol Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. http://kaiparafishingcharters.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Guppy-Color-Strains_Philip-Shaddock.pdf
  11. Evening fellas and ladies, A little back story to kick it off. Our whole fish keeping experience started with a 35L Tank and 2 goldfish for the kids. This has since grown into quiet the house full. I have been slowly building on what we have, and been lucky enough to have some great people donate some tanks and gear to help get started. The latest was a 300L Cube with sump all ready to go. Thanks Matt, btw. So after the misus and boys having their goldfish I decided to get myself a 40L AquaOne Starter tank and throw in some Balloon Mollies and Corydoras. Had these guys going for a bout 2 months until the upgrade came along. This was a 4ft from Age of Aquariums (before I knew about QLDAF ). This then inspired them to have some fry. A great excuse for me to get another little self contained tank for them. So they sit proudly on the bench growing slowly. Today was exciting for me as I finished cycling the 300L tank and it was ready for some stock. Went to the LFS and grabbed some Jack Dempseys, Balas, Black Ghost knife and a Bumblebee Catfish. When it comes to stocking the tank I rely heavily on the expertise of the local staff so I hope they work out. The 4 ft is currently stocked with Balloon Mollies, Neon tetras, Corydoras, Bristlenose, Clown Loaches, and some Gouramis. They all get alone pretty well. So, Yeah. That pretty much sums it up. I am looking forward to meeting some of you and expanding my knowledge to help keep healthy fish.
  12. Anyone know how to apply a translation program? http://www.dcg-online.de/encyclopedia/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/2010-05-Seite-98-108.pdf
  13. For those of you using or thinking of using Indian almond leaves i just wanted to put up a link that may be useful. I have been using this companies services for a couple of years now and have nothing but praise for them. Many of you might already use them but Bettawan is a professional business that provide not only the mundane IAL but also a host of other products such as almond leaf tea bags, bark and blackwater to name but a few. To give you an idea on prices, 50 almond leaves delivered to your door via airmail costs $10.50 and obviously they get cheaper the more you buy. There are no problems with customs as all shipments are clearly marked. The products are completely organic and the proprietor does a great job in providing top quality products and service at a great price. Anyways, just thought i'd post the link for anyone who may be interested. Buy Indian Almond Leaves, IAL, Indian Almond Leaves, Terminalia Catappa
  14. Hello all tapatalk users I have updated the tapatalk to match our new forum look. The old tapatalk account on your phone or tablet will no longer work and communicate with QLDAF Please delete the saved QLDAF from your tapatalk and then do a search and add the QLDAF forum again Sorry for any inconvenience webmaster
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Biosecurity and the threat to the Aquarium Industry Petition Please sign the petition FJ
  17. found this on another forum - not sure exactly how accurate it is but still interesting.... Buyer BeAware: SeaChem Excel
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/digital_launch.aspx?eid=24afe8d0-d280-4b7f-899c-d55bf9b859bc
  21. hey guys just stumbled on to this forum that is a good read it covers tyrannochromis nigs and macros and goes into depth on identerfying the two Tyrannochromis nigriventer or macrostoma - EastCoastCichlids
  22. The Theory and Practice of Guppy Breeding Book just wondering if this book is worth the cash?
  23. hey guys i sent my old man around to the auction to get a few things and well he got alot some of the plants and fish he got have the name of the fish but hand writing is very hard to make out just want to get a bit of info on the plants and rainbow 1 ERIOCALOUN PARKINSONI (VERY RARE) plant 2 CHILATHERINA (RUNNING CREEK) FISH 3 INCISIS FISH found them they where in the back of all my val couldnt find them but all good now 4 MELANOTAENIA PAGWIAFFINS FISH IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO OR WHERE I CAN FIND THESE OR U KNOW THE SELLER PLZ CONTACT ME THANKS MICHAEL
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