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Found 27 results

  1. Hey went to Mappins today, they have real Flying Fox for sale at $6, Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus not the Siamese Algae eater ring-ins . I bought a half dozen but still plenty left. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_fox_(fish)
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  3. Woke up this morning to a leaking tank....water was actually flowing through my wall and out into the front yard...I had lost around 4 inches...thankfully my brother had come downstairs for a coffee and alerted/woke me..(I had stayed up watching the cricket)....and in south american tank the white spot I have been trying to get rid of is tenaciously holding on..... A leaking tank and white spot: things that I have been reading about more experienced fish keepers dealing with ...and now it's my turn...guess that makes me a real fish keeper now... funny thing is, I was only discussing my tanks and how I had re-siliconed them ..and how they had not leaked yet, not that long ago on chat on here...and when I emptied the mbuna tank I discovered that the heater had exploded...and the suction cap that held it to glass had melted straight...I am wondering if that caused the leak??...either way..I'd say I probably had a close call...I could have been out when tank started to leak rather than home...my fish or I could have been electrocuted but weren't and my fish could have been cooked by this heater which obviously had a problem.... I almost got killed driving on motorway last night too...lunatic driver speeding cut in front of me and almost slammed into the 4wd in front of me...he hit the brakes and locked them up swerving in front of me forcing me to swerve right..the idiot then spun off the motorway and down embankment...
  4. Female Motoro x leo sting ray | Fish | Gumtree Australia Penrith Area - Penrith | 1084403774... So is this guy really wanting that much for that Ray ? Look at the conditions the poor thing is in also.
  5. Hi all, i can across this pic today and want to know if they are real or photoshop. If they are real is there any chance of them being in oz? Cheers mick Photo credit to where it's due lol
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  7. So like everybody here at its come up against some really bad hard water lime scale build up on tanks and have struggled and failed to completely remove it despite following the general advice. So I stepped it up a notch. Just ordinary concentrated hydrochloric acid from the pool shop. When using this stuff make sure to wear nitrile gloves and have bicarb on hand to deal with any spills. Here's the tank. It has been left out in the sun for weeks. So it gone really hard and was difficult to scrape with a razor. Basically all I did was pour a small amount in the tank. Using a cheap scouring pad soak up the acid and scrub away all lime. Repeated until I thought it's all gone. Carefully rinsed the walls of by tank down. Importantly I added bicarb to the acid solution in the tank untill it stopped fizzing. It you don't do this its bad for the environment and the sewage systems. Then I tipped it out and called it a day. Easy as. Just a quick after shot after drying a portion of the glass. Just thought I'd tack on some safety information: Conectrated Hydrochloric acid is dangerous! This stuff here is 33% (or 9M to the chemicaly inclined) Concentrated HCl will do a nice job at dissolving any metals it comes in contact with producing hydrogen gas. (as will vinegar, just slower as its less concentrated) Always use nitrile or chemical resistant gloves when the is the possibilty of skin contact. Always have bicarb on hand to neutralise any spills - but when adding bicarb to a spill be careful as the reaction is vigorous and produces alot of heat! Always neturalise the solution with bicarb before disposing of. The fumes are dangerous and hurt like hell, don't breathe them. If you do move away and take many deep breaths to clear the gas out completely! This looks scary when you look at the list... Its really not that bad to deal with, you just need to be careful and keep these things in mind!
  8. Brand New Fish Tank | Fish | Gumtree Australia Maroochydore Area - Eudlo | 1057522754 I think your little dwarf fish / betta's would be happy along with the visitors that see it if you considered something like this !!
  9. Hey everyone, Thought I'd share my little adventure that has kept me very busy for the last two weeks. After years of having a 1.5ft tank I have finally decided to start a real aquarium! Not much in it yet, just the rocks and wood. Depending on whether I put big fish in there, it will most liekly end up with a combo of anubias and java fern. Most of it was cheap from Gumtree apart from the new canister filter running at 1200L p/h. Repainted the stand and did some heavy cleaning, and it has come out looking pretty well! A 4fter, though quite small given it only has a capacity of 180L. The tank has been cycling for nearly a week and should get there soon. I'm not entirely sure yet what fish to put in as yet but I think I've narrowed it down to two options: 1. A general community tank with tetras, bristlenose, corys, loaches, rams, kribs, rainbows etc or 2. A few big fish ie 1 of each flowerhorn, red devil, texas and an oscar... If anyone has any opinions about the setup or more importantly that combo of big american cichlids I mentioned, it'd be highly appreciates. Thanks
  10. I've been told some of these mightn't be legit underwater plants.. I have no idea about names, so I can't google them.. it would all be "green, freshwater leafy stuff".. and that doesn't help anyone :s I sort of bought them as an "I don't know what's in there" type thing--from a reliable seller--but I just want to make sure I know what I have, lol .. I'll learn names one day, I swear :\ Number one: Number two: Number three: (was told this would most likely die, so I'm prepared for that xD ) Number four: (if this is bad, I'm punching a kitten) Number five: (pretty sure this is 100% okay.. "foxtail" / "hornwort" from what I could figure out/was told? .. this was the only name I remembered :s ) Thanks in advance, ~Nini.
  11. Aquael MidiKani 800 External Canister Filter - A True Self Priming Filter with incredibly low running costs. 800 litres per hour 6 watts 4 stage filtration Biological, Mechanical & Chemical filter media included Quality Fittings ( hoses & spray bar inc ) A True Self Priming external filter - Thanks to the inline pump fitted to the inside of the aquarium Quiet and Extremely reliable Aqua-Stop anti leak system 2 year Warranty Suitable for up to 250 litres Made in Europe Dimensions 20.5cm x 20.5cm x 33.5cm ( l x W x H ) Priced at only $129.00 per unit link - Age of Aquariums - Aquael MidiKani 800 Ben
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  14. red tail catfish, giant gourami ( free to the right home)
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  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. im chasing the scientific name for HC anyone able to help Many Thanks Damo
  19. Have a 3ft tank and have been looking into uv sterilizers to control algae, viruses, and to generally help to keep the aquarium water clean. However some of these units ie. debary, pentair, deltec etc costs literally hundreds of dollars. I know you can get cheaper ones like attman, pro aqua and jebao etc only havent heard how good they are compared to the expensive ones. Basically before i got out and spend 400 bucks i would like to know what other peoples experiences with uv sterilizers are?? ARE THEY AS ESSENTIAL AS THE MANUFACTURERS CLAIM?
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  21. Hi Everyone! I will have pictues of new batch of endlers posted up real soon! Jeremy
  22. check out this link http://www.aquaticquotient.com/forum/sh ... hp?t=56141 apparently theres a new product that allow you to keep fresh and saltwater species in the same tank. well sounds odd, if you understand the physical chemistry fresh water fish have to fight against the loss of salts in thier cells and saltwater fish viseversa, as salts will automaticly move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. its amazing whats drugs can do tho, still wont be convinced till its on the shelves. good post regardless, hmm whos gonna organise a exhibition like that in aus? cheers mick
  23. Ok - this may be a bit controversial - but.... When the electric blue dempsey came in everyone stated that the fact that the 1/2 breeds needed to propgate the species would never be offered for sale. They were too valuable for breeders and concern over the purity of the species was overstated. Recently I have seen numerous adds offering Jack Dempsey carrying the Electric Blue gene. Seems the truth is that we are now in a situation where we will have all hybrids. Is anyone doing anything to preserve the true Jack Dempsey in this country? Will the rela jack Dempsey please stand up - please stand up please stand up....... OK I suck at rap...... Steve
  24. how nice are these guys does anyone know where i can get some i saw ones called parrot cichlids at the pet barn at nerang but i dont know if it was them
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