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Found 3 results

  1. I want to buy a decent R/0 unit, any suggestions? link if possible would be brilliant cheers
  2. Hi I am setting up a new 6x2x2 in my room and I want a canister filter that wont be too loud for me to sleep next too. I will be stocking the tank with L's and cories plus i will have a small 800l hr external canister running in the tank aswell. I just wanting to hear from people own experience with higher volume external canisters and the noise volume and what would you recomend.
  3. Hey all, I Finally finished off plumbing up my whole shed to my LP40 2day, Thanks to Pete n Chris who helped I'd been running half my shed on the LP40 already n the other half on 5x 200L/hr jobbies. In the interest of savin power I decided to plumb the lot as one I got my hands on a LP100 should do the job nicely. I bought 19mm black garden sprinkler hose from bunnings n the nessecary fittings. I'd been givin the advice to "Loop" my system for Maximum Air Pressure After watching Chris do his shed it was even easier than I thought. I sent out over a couple of weekends setting everything up so that the change over downtime was minimal I have had the pleasure of meetin a few more ppl off this forum over the last few weeks n realised my LP100 was MAJOR overkill for my shed so I decided I would test my system with my LP40 first Once everything was set to go Chris, Pete n Myself set out plumbing up 24x Large Sponge filters, 14x Airstones, 2x 2ft Airstones n 1x 32" Airstone. After double checking everything was connected we turned on the LP40 n started adjusting the taps on each airline. It took bout 30min for the system to fully pressurize n us to tweeck all the filters n airstones so everything was running good My fears were true that the LP100 was overkill n my LP40 runs everything perfect Luckily Chris was in the market for a LP100 n every1 turned out a Winner My Shed-A-Quarium is so much quieter now aswell n more energy efficient I should have done this ages ago I thought I would share my experience so other ppl can save some $$$ too Tim
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