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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Guys, Lucky me... I'm on long service leave at the moment so I'm off to visit England, specifically London. Can any former locals or those with travel experience over there recommend any good aquariums be they shops or public aquariums to visit?? Oh... by the way I'm leaving tomorrow :dance::dance:
  2. Hey Guys, I'll be looking to setup my breeding rack in the next few weeks, it consists of 9 (75x30x45cm, LWH) tanks. I'd like to run the system on air and probably have 2 sponges in each tank. I've had a look at a few different air air pumps/blowers but don't really know what would suit me best in terms of size. How may litres per hour do you think I need? Can you please recommend a pump, the quieter the better...
  3. Hi, To all our Toowoomba bretheren.... I am planning a trip to your fair city on Wednesday to pick up a new puppy..YAY!! Anyway, before I collect her I thought I might take advantage of the visit to check out the local aquariums. If you can make any recommmendations for any to visit or not please advise. An address and/or busines name would be appreciated. cheers as always Gary
  4. Hey guys and girls The misses and I have just started up a new Fluval Edge 23L tank. We wanna put some nice shrimp in but not sure what colours. Yellow and red we already have in another couple of setups. We will have 2 maybe 4 endlers going in. Happy to trial shrimp with them also. Considering the size of the tank and the entry hole I'd like to make a definite choice Haha. Would be hard to get them out after. So if you have any ideas for something nice to go in feel free to let me know. Don't need to be shrimp can be something else. Cheers.
  5. Hey guys, Been asked by my aunty to help with her aquaponics system setup consisting of 4 IBC. Now I'm looking for a pond pump that can run 24/7, run externally and be rated at + 5000l/hr If anyone can recommend me a pump and where to source? I have no idea about this sort of stuff and have only been asked today and being pushed to buy it tomorrow. I was looking at the laguna max flo but fortunately they don't run externally :konk: Thanks.
  6. Sigma 24mm F1.8 EX DG ASPHERICAL RF Macro Just arrived today so banged off a few quick shots and to say that I'm amazed at how sharp it is, wide open, is an understatement. Although not a true macro and intended as more of a wide angle, it focuses within 7 inches of subject. Will be an amazing tool for street photography and candids. Comes in at under $500 Fishy shots ain't brill as I was rushing.................just tank light, camera on auto which upped the iso hence the "noise" Jake was shot on automatic in low light with no flash...............considering it was hand held at such a wide aperture and slow shutter, I'm surprised by it's sharpness
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hello all, I'm after a Snow White Discus and would love to get it from a local instead of a pet store. So does anyone know where to get one from? I have tried to contact Rod but he hasn't been on the forum lately. Any help is appreciated. Poyter
  10. Hi all I'm looking to buy an up to date discus classification catalogue book/ atlas. I'm aware of the one by Martin Ng published in 2004. It looks good but it's not currently available on amazon. Does anyone know a reputable site I could order it from? Any other recommendations appreciated. Cheers
  11. Hi, I've got a 390ltr tank and putting in african cichlids. What (filtration) cannister is best for this tank not including the fx5 too expensive unless theres one for sale. i want to go above and beyond with filtration. Also what media is best for cichlids? Thanks Richard
  12. As above preferrably on the south side but not that important. Thanks
  13. I have managed to crack out my Endlers tank ! (do not ask how ) It is an old (very old ) Dalbarb 40 x 40 x 50 cm Octagonal that has a matching stained timber stand and hood - They called it "Heritage ". I have just thrown a Q&D patch on it so I can get the fish back in . I was going to re-glaze the sides but found that all 8 sides are different sizes and the bottom is not true , so I am looking for a person or business that can make a good quality ( Display quality ) octagonal tank to the required size . Can anybody here recommend somebody ? Brisbane north-side preferred but not essential .
  14. Hi All, I have an 8'x2'x2' freshwater tank with large central american cichlids (largest & biteyest is a 35cm dovii) & i want to get some suitable catfish for cleaning & the like. At the moment I have 2 x ~25cm salmontail catfish in the tank but thier behaviour annoys me (swimming around & around in one corner of the tank up against the glass). So I want to get rid of the salmontails & get some other type of catfish with cooler behaviour! I have bought a small sailfin pleco... but it's too small to put in the 8' tank yet (i've got it in a 4' tank with my rainbows till it grows big enough for the dovii to not eat.) I tried a ~10cm bristlenose but the dovii ate it... so i guess it's gonna take a while for the pleco to be big enough :perplex: :perplex: :perplex: Would any synodontis type catfish be appropriate? Or any other suggestions for suitable catfish? Thanx. Dave. EDIT :: Tank pH = 7.0-7.4 | Temperature = 23-24ºC
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