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Found 13 results

  1. Ok I now have my nano tank aqua one reflex 26L. I am thinking of setting it up as an Endler display tank with maybe some cherry shrimp just to add some colour. What substrate would work best I am thinking either black Quartz gravel or I have also taken a liking to the tutti frutti gravel. The only thing is the tutti frutti is a light colour and I am worried it will wash out the colour of the fish and shrimp. Any advice or recommendations.
  2. Hey guys, sorry I know similar things have been posted before, but theyre been for different sized tanks. I have a 8x2x2 american cichlid tank that is light to moderately stocked at present, but I am growing up more cichlids to move in. The sump is 6x1.5x1.5ft with mesh filter socks and fine filter wool replaced every few days as required, a thicker sponge, and 25kg of ceramic rings. I am considering getting k1 but havent made my mind up there. At the moment it is running a small eheim pump but the volume is far from adequate- it is just coping now. I was thinking maybe 10,000lph flow rate and was considering a laguna pump. I have a smaller one running on my turtle setup and it has been running for years 24/7 never a single hiccup so I am quite happy with it. Open to suggestions though. Summary- is 10,000lph a good flow rate for this setup, with 2 bulkheads draining out of the tank and one return. and recommendations on pump? Laguna, aquael (electronic flow rate adjustment or no? Admittedly the aquael plus version is sorta out of my price range.. could make the stretch if I had to but the $350 for the laguna or slightly cheaper standard aquael is more within reach. http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=4236&catID=13 http://www.thetechden.com.au/Aquael_Aquajet_PFN_10000_p/103351.htm http://www.thetechden.com.au/Aquael_Aquajet_PFN_10_000_p/111502.htm
  3. .Hey guys and girls just starting to delve a little into plants and was wondering what plant would live under standard lighting and no co2. I alredy have Anubis, Java ferns, swords, and banana Lilly's, Just looking for other plants suggestions.
  4. So I set this up over the last couple days. 24x18x18. Eheim 2213, courtesy of AoA. Aquaclear HoB that will be re-purposed once the Eheim has cycled. New sand with the black gravel from their old tank. I had the slate lying around the shed. So I was looking at LED options for this tank. No plants will be added as these guys hate them, they rip out any plant that goes in their tank. I am trying to decide on a LED option and am looking at the Ista Cree or Ista RGB from [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION], or the Up Aqua for tropicals. I am would really like some opinions from people that have used any of these or a quality alternative in the same price range.
  5. Hi guys, Im going to be doing a small high ish tech Planted tank, and would like a Light recommendation. I do like the idea of LED's but know that they can be very expensive. The tank is going to be 450mmL x 400mmH x 400mmW, and the plants i am planning on using are High light style plants. Hemianthis callitrichoides carpet, Staurogyne sp porto vehlo, some red plants (rotala rotundfolia, ludwigia etc) and probably some not so high light needing plants like chain swords and crypts. What light should i use? Also can someone recommend a C02 unit for this sized setup? I would like to try to keep the budget for this tank as lowish as possible. Thanks. PS: ill post pics when ive started the build.
  6. Hello, I have a 4 foot tank, which is 2 feet deep, and is well planted. I have co2 bubbling in, good substrate and a regular fertilising regime. Can somebody please recommend a good lighting setup. I currently have 4 t5s, which give off a more yellow light. Tubes are supposed to be for plants, but am a little uncomfortable with the yellow hue. Is there any LED solution that would provide a good environment for the tank depth? I cannot hang from the ceiling and would need to attach to the tank hood. Thanks for your help. Steve
  7. I have a 3.5 foot but very tall and wide 250 liter tank with a placid female red devil who lives with 2 pairs of convicts, common pleco and 3 silver dollars. What would be the best catfish or eel to put in there.
  8. I am looking for a 10-25L nanotank that is marine compatible. I have found a $130 Dymax IQ5 online, but I want to support some LFS if they sell it for a comparative price, or have a similar tank that is sold at comparative price? Also, is the Dymax IQ5 worth the $130? Can someone else recommend a similar tank for a better price? Or a better quality tank for the price?
  9. Hey Guys Im just wanting to take my daughter to have a look at some marine fish, in particular somewhere that sells bamboo sharks. (we might give a marine setup a go down the track) Wanting to know of a good marine aquarium shop around Brissy where we could window shop, northside would be great. Any idea?? Thanks.
  10. dont know which one to choose for a 4x2x2ft tank can u plz help will be much appricated thanks
  11. hey folks, just need your recommendations/opinions on each of these Products and if its possible which one i should get. Little bit of info about the tank i am about to size it on. Its a 4x2x2 with a 2.5ft sump, planning on filling it with 4-6liters of matrix, 5 liters of clay balls, 6 liters of mr aqua porous rings, Pot scrubbies and some mech. Also head height will be roughly around 1.3m. And yes i know more flow doesn't necessarily equal better filtration. How much bio media will i need to have in order to have a sustainable and better biological filtration? or perhaps i shall use a pump with a less powerful water flow? Tank will be for south Americans, pump will eventually be used on a 6x2x2. That is why i am opting for pump with a stronger output Cheers Jono P.s what other filter media can you recommend? or what should i pack the sump with and yes i know the flow might be abit harsh but will reduce the flow output.
  12. Hey guys Can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative to an Eheim Jager? I have an EJ which is great but im just wondering if theres some cheaper brands out there that work fine. Thanks Matt.
  13. can someone recommend a good air pump. I am setting up 7 2'x1'x1' tanks with a large sponge filter and airstone in each one. I want one pump to handle all this but the pump has to be very quiet and reliable. Any recommendations? Further info added: I have heard the Resun LP40 is quite noisy, can anyone confirm this? What about electromagnetic pumps such as these, are they noisy? http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/electromagnetic_air_pumps.php
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