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Found 25 results

  1. Hi does anyone know or can reccomend anyone to move a 8x4x2.5
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm after filter recommendations for a 2 foot freshwater tank that's approx 60 liters. Was as running a Shark ADV 800 (various sponges only) in it but the impeller is getting noisy and no amount of cleaning is helping it and since it's in my bedroom I need it quieter. I just chucked in my Fluval U4 that I had sitting as a spare but the water flow on any setting is just too much for the poor juvenile Angels i have in there. Tank has a large piece of gold vine in the centre covered in sword and some stunted anubias. The U4 is ripping the plants from the wood despite it facing the short side with the water flow also facing the wall and upwards. Tank inhabitants are 3 juvenile Angels and way too many baby albino bristlenose pleco (which I'm slowly giving away). I'm not looking at spending a fortune, the Angels will be moved into the 4 footer as they grow and the plecos distributed/given away, so the tank will probably be broken down and put away....OMG...who am I kidding??? 😜😜 Picture attached. Ignore the murky water, just did a water change, oh, and the fish feeder, just came back from camping. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Happy new year guys! I am not a robot. My partner and I have decided to keep some fish here in brisbane. I have kept aquatic animals (fish/amphibians) for awhile back in another tropical country so I am quite familiar with the basics of this hobby. However I need some help picking out a fish (or a few) that is extremely hardy and low maintenance. We are committed to caring for the fishes but would like to avoid extra steps that we may stuff up along the way (partner will be very upset if they die). We are not partial to the looks but it would be an added bonus if they were colorful/cute/not-too-small-or-large. We intend to be getting a small tank so any fish that are happy in groups of <5 would be fine. If there are a few choices among the recommendations we do not mind getting a couple species. Thanks in advance for any advice offered! Looking forward to more interaction on this forum in the future.
  4. Currently have a 4' up aqua pro Z series planting focus LED in my 5'x47x39 freshwater tank. I haven't seen much if any results (my plants aren't dying but they aren't growing either) and I clearly realise that I either need more of the same lights or a complete new lighting set-up. Any recommendations in the $500ish range? Happy to go a little more for the right light, or less, if there is something more suitable. Planted I have swords, blue stricta, rotala wallichi, pink baby tears, wisteria, anubias nana petite, java fern and crested java fern so a mix of low to medium lighting needs. In my homework to date I have come across at my LFS both the Aqua Zonic IP4 120cm, the Dalua range and the aqua one plantglo that fall into my price range. What are everyone's thoughts on these products or is there something better out there? Thanks in advance for any comments and assistance. Cheers
  5. Hey guys I am looking to set up a little freshwater nano tank. While I have kept large tanks, I don't have much experience with this popular nano tank think but I like it! Previously I've not kept plants, but would like to try in a nano tank...less expensive if I kill them all. I don't want to use co2 Long story short: Not new to fish keeping, want to try a planted nano tank but never had a small tank or fishy plants. Halp! Suggestions!
  6. Hi All, I am cleaning up a 36x15x18" high tank for upstairs in my lounge, I want to play my hand at a decent planted display tank. I am prepared to do root tabs, ferts and liquid CO2, and the tank substrate is going to be sand. As a non plant guy, I have read a gazillion web pages today and confused the living hell out of myself! One minute we are looking at colour temp, then lumens, then watts per gallon, then all the figures change per light type, then wpg means nothing and it's all PAR for the course! Then you start taking a look at light specs and most of them don't state half of this. Why so complicated lol. I don't want to be a light guru I just want to buy a product to do the job without wasting my money. Can anyone recommend me some good lights, I have not picked out what plants I want (I want to take my time planning that part), but I would like recommendations on both Medium and High lighting options for this size tank? cheers, notsobrightdan
  7. I'm looking to get a light for my 2 ft tank. This is my first tank and I'm honestly completely lost. I'm looking to grow basic plants and suggestions for a good quality brands or even specific lights would be very helpful.
  8. Good morning all! Was just curious on what people are running canister filter wise, And advice on choosing a decent one. I currently have a 4x2x2 tank with 3 juvi Festae in there. Was wondering what would be an ideal one for me, what would be a bare minimum and what would be overkill?
  9. Okay so I'm repurposing a more marine geared fixture that has a dead emitter on the blue string I'm thinking of just ordering a bunch of Cree diodes and adding more neutral whites and a few refs(660nm) Now both strings are completely dimable and controlled Here is a photo of the layout of said led's Now I'm looking to achieve a nice spectrum that covers as many basses as possable as this will be going over a semi hi tech planet tank and I'm looking for outside opinions and advice to improve on an already good product also knowing that one led shat itself at some point of it's life also anoys me but hey I can't argue considering the unit cost bugger all
  10. hey every one Ive only just recently started a new tank and have put some Red Cherry Shrimp, 1 bristle nose and 5 neon tetras in there, I will be looking to get another 3 maybe 4 bristle nose but peppermint ones My tank is a 100L blue planet tank and im curious on what else would go with these types of fish and not cause issues. I'm leaving Cardinal Tetras as a last resort. If the new fish dont go with the neons im happy to move them to a small tank or something. I'm interested in some nice looking small fish nothing too boring. If you have pics of fish that would be awesome Any help would be muchly appreciated Cheers
  11. Hi, So im after a light for my fish tank. Tank: 48L x 15W x 20H (inches) Plants: only after low light for now (easy to grow/maintain) I just got the tank and need a light. My budget is $200. I have read good things about LED floodlights from ebay. But how much is adequate for the depth of my tank - 2 x20w or 2 x30w or 3x20w? Apart from LED floodlights what other's do people use on their tanks and recommend? I will consider T5/T5HO however I see these are more power hungry and may require changing bulbs every year .. so the cost is on-going. So far here is the list of what I have researched: LED floodlights Up Aqua Pro z series 4ft ebay lights (beamswork as well as a light from OZPlaza Living) Any others to add?
  12. Good morning all, Setting up a small display tank for my girlfriends son and would appreciate some help with filtration. The tank is a 3 x 15 x 18 and the fish I have to go in are a mix of male mbuna and peacocks. 8 in total. my girlfriend is in a rental property and afraid of canister filters as she is worried about water leaking. Also, the tank construction prevents me from using a hang on filter. Therefore, I need to find an internal solution. Does anyone have any recommendations of internal filters to suit my situation. Will use two if needed but hoping not to take up too much tank space. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Gary
  13. Where's the best place to go to get a canister filter? And all those sorts of bits and bobs? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  14. Hey everyone, I'm not sure if I posted in the right section. Please move it if I have. I have a 3ft fish tank (92cm L * 35 W* 40 H) and decided to purchase my first canister filter. I currently have 2 HOB filters running (AquaOne clearview 400 and AquaClear 30). The water is not that clear and the filters aren't doing that good of a job so I have decided to upgrade to a canister. I currently have 3 goldfish and 6 small white clouds in the tank. I probably overstocked it but they have been doing fine. I have had the tank set up for 4 months now. I have been researching for over a week now and have a few filters in mind: Eheim 2217 Fluval 306 Aqua one canisters (Aquis 1200, Advance 1250, Nauitlus 800 or 1400) SunSun 302/the ebay canister Aqua Nova NCF-1200 Every one of those canisters (except the sunsun) you can find parts easily. Currently I prefer either the SunSun, Aqua Nova or Aqua One canister. They seem great value. But is it worth spending the extra $ and going for an eheim? Or should I buy a less powerful canister (Aqua One nautilus 800 or similar) and continue using 1 of my HOBs?? I also have an AC/DC air pump connected to a sponge filter in the tank. Please give me recommendations on filters that you guys are using and what could potentially work for me. Thanks
  15. Can anyone recommend a temp controller for my discus tank, I recently realised both my heaters and my old thermometer were off by about 3-4 degrees causing an outbreak of hex. Im looking for one that can control the heaters and if possible monitor ph levels. A brief description of the current tank setup that I need this for is a 2 foot cube display tank with a 70 ltr sump (280 Ltr), drip water changer, 2 x 150 watt aqua one heaters, aqua one 3600 ltr p/h sump pump, bio balls, jap map, sponge, ceramic rings. I also run a Kamoer KSP-F03 dosing pump that feeds excel, prime and flourish. Tank is also fully planted with heaps of wood. As you can see I dont mind spending the money for relatively good quality, but would prefer limit the spending. Options would be great and something local if possible. Cheers
  16. Hi guys, I'm considering buying a new twin 54w T5 light fitting. Just wondering what people recommend as there are so many to pick from. I'm looking for something of decent quality. Age of Aquariums have the aquilina and hagen power glo and they are roughly the same price, any experience with these? thanks in advance, Beau.
  17. Hi all, I have been using ocean Nutrition-Spirulina Flake mainly for my african fry & have had exceptional results. However. I have run dry. I want to continue using a quality product, however it is very expensive, I am looking for recommendations for other flake foods or somewhere I can buy this flake at a good price, probably looking to buy around 1kg. Cheers, Craigo.
  18. Just wondering what people use for their root fertilizers on here? API tabs, ferts from ebay (like this or this), or customised subtrate from the get go? I'm looking at adding some rooted plants to an existing tank that doesn't have much apart from some small anubias, java moss and cherry shrimp, and any help/advice is much appreciated!
  19. With so many available I was wondering if anyone could recommend based on quality accuracy and price a brand or type of thermometer and the same for a digital ph test pen. I know I have bought a batch of 5 glass thermometers before and all showed different temperatures when they were supposed to be high quality.
  20. Hi, I'm adding yet another fishtank to the collection, this one being a small 2ft (70 litre) tank for the fry. Can anyone recommend a filter for it? The more I google the more confused I get! Internal filter? Cannister filter? Over the side filter? Yikes! The 3 other tanks have cannister filters (they're 4ft, 4ft and 6ft). I appreciate your comments, thank you
  21. Hello All, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good aquarium maintenance company on Brisbane Southside? All for that matter anyone local to Drewvale / Browns Plains Area that would be willing to help with routine maintenance on a few fish tanks for 4 weeks?
  22. New to marine, and I need to decide between fresh or salt, so here's a few questions for you marine pro's. For starters, here's the tank specs: 2' cube (600x600x600mm, approx 200L) 2' sump (other dimensions TBC) 2000lph sump pump T5 light fitting (4 bulbs) *Open to suggestions on sump media. Here's a list of q's that will help me decide whether or not I go for marine: 1. Is a chiller needed if I don't plan to have any corals, anemones etc? 2. Would a dwarf lionfish be suited to this size tank (and would it need a chiller)? 3. If I have a lionfish, are there compatible algae eaters/cleaners? 4. Would I need a wave maker (lionfish are slow swimming, and fairly inactive so too much current in a small tank might annoy them?) 5. Would you recommend synthetic salt mix or the real deal? 6. What other species would be suited to living with a lionfish, and suitable for a 2' cube? Appreciate any help. I am, of course, doing my own research, but getting real time, genuine advice means a lot more.
  23. Anyone got a recommendation for a company who will move big (8') tanks? The cabinet is fine for us to handle but the tank itself is too heavy. Or, anyone want to earn (quite a few) dollars moving it?
  24. Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a nice quiet air pump for running sponge filters. I currently have an Aquaworld 4 outlet pump but its a bit noisey and the tanks are in the computer room which can get a bit annoying. I need something with at least 6 outlets and 60l/min output. Thanks Damo
  25. Looking to buy an automatic fish feeder, never used one before. Does anyone have any experience with these? Can you recommend any particular one? Features to look for, things to avoid etc? Are they reliable?
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