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  1. I have not seen any of these fish around ever and look really nice! Does anyone have these or have they never been imported?
  2. I've got a few Red Forest Jewel Cichlids growing out from the last batch of eggs. Just wondering what is an acceptable size to sell them at? The red forest jewels are smaller than other cichlids fully grown. Any input is welcome. Thank you.
  3. Hi all, Hope this finds you all well. Firstly, not sure if this is the right section to post this in as I am new to the forum. Sorry in advance if it is moderators... I have a ~3 year old, really healthy Red Tiger Oscar that's ~230mm long. He is really healthy, happy, has heaps of character, great colour patterns, no worms or diseases etc. He currently lives by himself in a 4ft 189 litre tank with a 20mm rocky pebble base that he likes to rearrange a fair bit. I'm wanting to sell him to a loving home if possible. I will not be letting him go into the wild either way! Even though some idiots have already done this in Townsvilles Ross river from what I have heard... So what are they roughly worth at this age, health and length/size? Thanks for the help, info and advice in advance! Kind regards Steve
  4. I am looking for royal whiptails and red lizard whiptails for a colony tank I am setting up. They will be the only catfish in the tank with some non-agressive fish.
  5. does anyone have different coloured cherry shrimp for sale?
  6. Hi all, My Apistogramma Agassizii Double Red Female keeps killing her mates! she has gone through 3 so far.. can any one offer any advise? She keep chasing them to the top of the tank and never lets up till they are dead...
  7. Been cycling my aquarium, and have been able to get the nitrite etc to 0 but the nitrate is really high, when I test it using the Red Sea kit it goes bright pink 50+ but when I do the 1ml to 4ml Ro test comes out about 5 and when you times it by 5 = 25. I have invertebrates etc in the tank and they are fine. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue with the Red Sea nitrate/nitrite kits, think I might grab a different brand today and see if it makes a difference. Sent from my iPad
  8. Does anyone know about red eyed red swords genetics? If I put an albino over a red how likely is the mutation? Has anyone seen a red eyed red sword?
  9. Dropped by to Hungs shop today for a chat and some food, saw the following fish for sale so I thought I'd post it here just in case anyone is after any: Motoro ray pup - he said it's male Baby silver arro Lots of L168 BIG males from 10cm-12cm could be a female in there very little hair Lots of long nose whips good sizes A few baby toga jars Mangrove jack approx 12-14cm An awesome looking big male red flowerhorn Plus others which I can't remember. Oh also by his counter there is an ad posted by one of his customers it reads - 50cm Mangrove Jack for sale $400, if anyone is keen either go down to the shop or gave hung a call to get the contact number of the person who is selling it. Happy shopping peeps!
  10. hi , I am on holiday in uk, saw an ad in local paper where a l.f.s. is selling red arowana for 8thousand pounds each (app $16000.00 dollars) I do not know what these fish are (I keep community &bristlies) but this seems rather expensive to me. Can anyone shed any light on these fish and their value in aus. maybe they are not available there? any info would be good.
  11. Bought myself these guys for Christmas...2 Super Red Sev's, 2 Blood Parrots, 1 Gold and 1 camera shy Green Sev Very harmonious tank!.... So far...
  12. I have this stunning boy for sale. I can no longer keep him due to space issues in the apartment. He is from a thailand betta farm and is a quality fish. Bought from Jodi's auction for way more than the selling price. Please give him a nice home. Thank you! Photos were too large to upload so here is my Gumtree ad, please check the photos there guys. Super Red Halfmoon Betta (Show Quality) | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North East - Spring Hill | 1088921835
  13. We currently have in stock a limited quantity of Reefer tanks. They make reefing easy and they look so, so good while doing it. The fantastic design of these systems means that everyone is catered for, from the beginners to the experts. The REEFER™ series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system. This includes a professional sump with integrated automatic top-up and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system.Incorporating technologies originally developed for Red Sea’s all-in-one MAX® coral reef systems, the REEFER™ series is designed for ease of operation while enabling the advanced hobbyist to install an unlimited choice of lighting, filtration, circulation and controllers to create a uniquely customized system. They are only available for in-store pick up due to their size and weight.. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Red_Sea_Reefer_Aquarium_s/2120.htm
  14. seriously thinking that after 20 years of saying im going to give salt water a crack that i will,has anybody had experience with a red sea 130d system?
  15. I was just curious on how these particular fish were bread. From what I have researched they come from calicos or albinos but I can not find a definite answer. I know some people here in Aus are trying to breed them I was just wondering how.
  16. Just wondering how my red claw would go with African cichlids? I'm interested in obtaining some red forest jewels and am wondering if it's possible to keep both in the same tank?
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. Could anyone tell male and female apart? I find that is much easier with the other type of guramy as these fish often has pointed dosal fin in both sexes.
  19. Hey there guys I had some blackbeard in my tank has started to turn red does anyone know why and is it bad? Thanks
  20. hello....im a long time looker n not a good poster.... but my red scat,,has developed an infection ?? around the front of it eyes.. this thing was adopted and now more of a pet than a fish...its a pig...it has its own 5ft tank with only bristlenoses to keep it company however the sump for its tank also runs a 6ft tank which houses my full grown s green texas + red devil .. these fish are ok.... ...i havent lost a fish to illness for years so i dont know wot this is....???? the fish is around the 20 cm mark...i also have another 6 large tanks... im not a fan on putting "pet shop medicines" into my tanks..shoud'nt need em ???. im thinking a large dose o salt in tank for 12 hrs?? ...help pls......dave.........
  21. Pretty excited to see my 4 forest jewels pair off and lay eggs!!!! Sorry for the bad photos... it was a mixture of crappy phone and shaking with nervous excitement?
  22. I need red claw tank inspiration! Mines looking rather boring. Couple bits of slate an a rock, yet to cut some pvc pipe for hideouts
  23. 30cm Albino Red Oscar for Sale $40 please photo to follow
  24. Red Cherry Shrimp Disappearing Hi everyone I need help with this one. I purchased 200 shrimp to start out. All was fine they were in with some ember tetras. But no babies. I could see berried up females, but no babies. Hmm got me thinking, maybe the embers were eating all the babies. Out go the embers. Now I see plenty of babies but the adults seem to be getting less and less. there are plenty of blood worms or what ever they are in the substrate. Maybe they are eating all the shrimp. Anyone got any ideas.
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