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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone. We have chosen to change the left side of our tank. This means removing the root/tree style wood (will be for sale) We like the rocks but would like some input in what would make this tank a nice display. The tank is 2 months old roughly and the growth hasn't really started yet so it's the perfect time to rearrange it. Any ideas would be awesome! Schooling fish (rummy nose and cardinal tetras) and L066 and Sewellias will occupy this tank. The wood being removed.
  2. Okay so I've been staring at my tank for a while now and I've been thinking that I want the tank to be more of a display tank and look really neat etc. To do this I have to: Start off with selling spare things like tanks i have to kick start funds 1. reduce numbers of fish in my tank 2. remove a lot of the rocks 3. change to sand 4. hide the hardware a bit more The first is easy because I know which fish to keep and which to get rid of I want to get rid of everything but my Tropheus and Cyprichromis , for the bottom area of the tank i want to either keep my calvus, comps or get something new I can sell the fish i dont want, to get a bit of cash to put towards 'upgrades' for the second point, what i plan to do is take all the rocks out and once ive fixed up everything put back only the rocks i need and then sell the rest the third point is where im having problems, How should i swap out the gravel for sand right now there 60KG of black gravel and i can take out all the rocks from the tank, but not the fish The way im thinking of doing this is, is to take out all the rocks, sell the fish i dont want and keep the ones i do want so that the tank is nearly bare but then how should i take it out?, would disturbing the substrate release too much gases for fish to survive in the tank? is there an easy way other than scooping it out? Then once its all out ill have clean sand ready to put in straight after and i'd keep the tank bare until i figure out exactly how i want it set out forth thing is trying to hide hardware ideas? painting things black? using plants or rocks as cover ? i really need to get rid of the crappy plastic background and use something better, any ideas on that? maybe painting it? the only problem is there is limited space behind the tank... i can squeeze through when im sideways so to paint it i'd have to use a roller or something with a long arm This is the tank that has inspired me: http://www.ratemyfishtank.com/photo-main.php/30089 I'll take a picture of my tank tonight, right now theres too much reflection then more pictures to add as each step goes, first i want to plan everything though
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