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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys. Just wondering if there is a forum as good as this one but that is reef/marine only. This forum is awesome however has limited reef items and sections. I'm looking for something that has classifieds for livestock and equipment but also something that has knowledge based sections. Any help is appreciated Cheers
  2. Hi here are some pics of my setup, i have a 4ft display with a 3ft sump underneath and a 2ft cube display tank with another 2ft sump under that, its all joined and running as one system but can be two individualsystems at the turn of a valve. I have a total of around about 600litres . I have : 4ft display- A sailfin tang A flame hawkfish A blue hippo tang One spot foxface 5x green chromis 2x ocellaris clownfish A royal dottyback A bi colour blennie Lamark angelfish Yellow wrasse Leopard wrasse Golden basslet INVERTS 2 sea cucumbers condy anenome A red sea star A purple sea star A tuxedo urchin Pearl shells/clam shells 3x trochus snails 10+ assorted hermits and snails CORALS 9 assorted torch corals Purple finger corl Green leather coral Green pocillopora Blue acro Green acro 4x hammers Jardini Goniopora Zooanthids Trachyphillia Plate coral, long tentacle Plate coral short Ricordea Red mushroom Blue mushroom Green finger coral Blue maze Clove polyps Sun coral Green moon colony Red blastomussa Blue blastomussa 2ft display- A bi colour blennie 3x padang frillgobys 2x black cheek three fin 1x stripey fish INVERTS Black n white urchin Red sea star 2 sea cucumbers Hermits Snails CORALS green montipora Purple montipora Green acro Lobophyllia Green leather coral Green stem purple tip divisa Goniopora Assorted acans Green mushrooms Purple plate coral, short tentacle Zooanthids Green pocillopora I will upload some pics as soon as i can, i am new to the whole forum thing so i will have to learn slowly but am sure i will get there Thought i might add that i have dual skimmers and macro algae on a 24/7 light schedule, aswell as running phos remover and purigen also npx bioplastics all in fluidized media filters, i have ozone running with an ORP METER and also running a 55w UV Steriliser. I let the tank slip 6 months ago when i moved house and have been battling green hair algae and byropsis ever since :/. But i can see it is starting to die off and or get eaten. I also had a bleaching issue wheni changed my lighting system over to sunrise/sunset led lights instead of t5 VHO i halved my power consumption and also increased the intensity. I hope you enjoyed the photos and would like any feedback
  3. All these things Eric speaks of are why I gave up on live rock in the eighties and use completely life or dead tissue free dead coral and try to tell others there are so many non testable substances in your waters and fish drink this water and these substances get into your fish and to a lesser extent,your corals as well. If algae are present in abundance it can be the most affective chemical filter imaginable via osmotic intake, that’s why I push the use of affective algae environments with in your systems. The bit on bubbles is not right, the types of coralsregularly in heavy bubble areas of a reef are not small polyp species. If they are there they receive at a least half the tidetimes,(half of a 24 hour period) of still waters to feed in. Plus the commercial collectors collect the corals youbuy,(as I have been a part of that for years in the past), from near dead stillareas in relation to waves and bubbles, still current affected though. Eric’s points of extreme importance to me from the article. What kills virtually all marine aquarium species. 1.All too often, the fish dies, because while it may not have ammonia to contend with, it has water filled with chemicals we can't and don't test for. The problems with zoas and other forms of corals. 2.The problem with the rationale, seemingly logical though it may be, is that success of these type species may make the tank even more incompatible for the success of stony corals because they are typically superior competitors (usually by secreting waterborne chemicals that inhibit or kill the stony corals or by the capability of overgrowing them). Why I do not use a skimmer and rely on algae instead. 2.My point is that once nutrient levels are low and conducive to a healthy aquarium, and until other secondarily important aspects of protein skimming are experimentally validated and quantified, any skimming over that required to maintain low levels of organic and inorganic pollutants is overskimming. Why? Because if the water is cleared of those things that are detrimental, it is also likely to be equally cleared of things that are beneficial. The article. Mything the Point, Part Three: Conclusion - Reefkeeping.com
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