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Found 92 results

  1. hi all, Very early stages at the moment but this is my next project, so I'm still planning things and I'm open to any input so if you have an idea to contribute please do so. ( sorry if the pictures dont work) the tank... so you may or may not be able to see in that pic, but the idea(whether its possible or not i dont know yet) is to have the back wall of the tank a little lower than the rest and to be a wall to wall overflow which runs in to an external overflow box also the full length of the tank; and then drained by 1 complete siphon, 1 partial flow and 1 emergency exit pipe.. this is something i will have to investigate with the tank builder as i dont think its something i can do myself and have it be reliably strong or if its even possible to be done.? the overflow will be topped with a plastic mesh of some sort wrapped around black egg crate to keep livestock out etc; not a fan of the flow restrictions the comb style weirs work. it would also be easily removable so i can slide it out for cleaning. the stand.. so for the stand i want to have a "shelf" of about 10cm around the tank and to try and keep it light weight. im thinking that to do so i should get a steel stand built and then top it with a timber frame and wrap it in marine ply or MDF. dimensions would ideally be 1400w x 800l x 600h for steel stand if anyone is a skilled steel fabricator or knows one? the hood... no idea, all i know is AI Prime is just too good; it was the first programmable light I've ever owned so I guess I'm biased; I'd like to run 2 of those plus t5s on a timer for a few hours in midday. the sump... Probably made out of a spare 3x1ft tank i have here. hopefully that will be big enough for to fit everything in that way i can get the chiller inside the cabinet too. or something along those lines. might be able to split return pump output to feed reactors and chiller; chiller plumbing will be sump entry, tank exit - doesnt make sense to do it any other way as its basically a free powerhead..?. still undecided on whether ill use UV steriliser. 1ft cube ATO. skimmer requirements: quiet, NOT an aquaone G series. powerheads/ wavemakers: if i can score a cheap MP series id do that, + something with good directional maneuverability that is quiet dont know how ill setup dosing - either way will eventually move to an automated system dont know if i will be using an aquarium controller but again if i get score a cheap one i wont hesitate; although its not on the kickstarter list this is all going to be a long process but i will continue to update as i go. any feedback on my overflow idea? is it possible? anyone able to price a stand for me? 1400w x 800l x 600h steel
  2. The guys at Pet City today confirmed my phosphate and nitrate are looking good. Now started feeding the corals and gone the Reef Roids. Seems to do what it says on the label. Think I was told to feed twice a week but may have that wrong. How often do people use the roids? Also checked out the red dragonets, showed Mrs Gingerbeer, and decided to be sensible and get the Dwarf Halkfish. Some other real nice fish in the marine section at the moment. Mrs Gingerbeer loves the red dragonets after seeing a small one at Marine Mates.
  3. During winter the ulva goes nuts here in SEQ, especially if there has been rain. These two species are great for corals and fish health and I blend them in to my food mix each time as well, but this lot is for the freezer. A tiny two bits as examples of my fav two species of the heap I got.
  4. Geez can algae in my tank get more colourful?
  5. Bought some Vietnamese takeaway on Saturday night, very pleased to see they had flicked the Goldfish bowl and replaced it with a Reef tank, looks like its about 100 litres, with a rear sump. Nice I just wonder if they have too many fish for the size of the tank. Haven't keep marines for 20 years so a bit rusty, but I would suggest its overstocked. take a look. I count 8 but there may have been another clown that popped down behind some live rock.
  6. Brutal. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/04/20/asia/great-barrier-reef-coral-bleaching/index.html
  7. If anyone here hasn't dived or snorkel the reefs up at Port Douglas. Put on your to do list. Very cool on all aspects, re fish behaviour, habitat & obviously pretty fish & coral to see We went for the 3 reef option on a smaller boat. Great choice. Not as packed, not fighting with all the American & Asian tourists. The 3 reef spots were all different too. As in, what we got to see & the experiences. The last reef was cool for the geek in me. Had the option to cruise around with the Marine Biologist for nearly an hour. Taking in pointers, learning & seeing stuff I would of normally missed. Get amongst it people Frenchy
  8. We have trial packs of Red Sea Reef Foundation A,B,C!!! Perfect for all you Reef keepers out there who would like to try these fantastic products out on your tanks. The pack contains x3 250ml bottles of the Reef Foundation Supplements for only $43.95!!! Dont forget your 10% QLDAF discount too! Reef Foundation A- Calcium and Strontium Complex, Reef Foundation B- Carbonate and buffer complex, Reef Foundation C- Magnesium Supplement. Click on the link below to grab one today! http://www.thetechden.com.au/Red_Sea_Reef_Foundation_A_B_C_250ml_Pack_p/red294.htm
  9. has any one got one ?Aqua One Mini Reef Series available in 90, 120 and 150l and not a bad price to I just had a look at a 120l new for $700 complete with lights, marine-reef filtration and a Skimmer any way what r like pro and the cons
  10. Hi guys. Posting here in the hope that I may be able to find a colony of these guys or some fry i could purchase?
  11. We currently have in stock a limited quantity of Reefer tanks. They make reefing easy and they look so, so good while doing it. The fantastic design of these systems means that everyone is catered for, from the beginners to the experts. The REEFER™ series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system. This includes a professional sump with integrated automatic top-up and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system.Incorporating technologies originally developed for Red Sea’s all-in-one MAX® coral reef systems, the REEFER™ series is designed for ease of operation while enabling the advanced hobbyist to install an unlimited choice of lighting, filtration, circulation and controllers to create a uniquely customized system. They are only available for in-store pick up due to their size and weight.. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Red_Sea_Reefer_Aquarium_s/2120.htm
  12. Well not really, but they are most certainly more receptive and colourful along with all my inverts. If you can keep other stresses at bay, I have found 23c is the way to go, 22c is getting a bit to stressful for most tropical species and many subtropical will stress and potentially suffer and die at 25c! For most reefers the way their set ups are done, stress levels are too high to do this affectively, so don't! I do this to satisfy many of my species, raise oxygen, lower metabolism and reduce bacteria's speed of ammonia production.
  13. Hey guys. So a couple months ago i shut down my marine tank to move. I pretty much wanted to start from scratch with the same tank though, so its still the 6x2x2 tank plumbed into a 4x2 sump. I replumbed the whole tank to just run off one DC return pump. That pump is feeding the tank, an emperor aquatics 40 watt uv and a biopellet reactor. There are 4 AI primes lighting the tank and seem to be growing sps quite well. For those of you that are familer with the zeovit products ill be using all except for the reactor, as i cant be bothered turning the rocks everyday. Ill just stick to the biopellets in the hope it will have the same affects as the zeolite rocks. Will post pics soon.
  14. After the nano reef was neglected throughout the hot summer months, I finally found the time & decided to lift my reefing game I call these my poor man's Tongan rhodactis - they still look pretty sweet though DSC_0057a by bugman2494, on Flickr Clowns protecting their nest underneath the xenia forest zzDSC_0278zz by bugman2494, on Flickr DSC_0249 by bugman2494, on Flickr DSC_0029a by bugman2494, on Flickr DSC_0042a by bugman2494, on Flickr Enjoy, John
  15. Water was nice and clear so threw the camera down while we were fishing and a still shot from the video
  16. Hey guys, so I purchased a 6x2x2 tank that had ran into the ground with not so good gear but the tank its self was scratch free and already drilled. So after lighting the mammoth in the house into the "marine room" it was time to get cleaning and take out all the dead coral and rock.( forgot to take photos of this stage ). It's now at the point where I'm sort of happy to show case it. ( please note it is no where near finished ) the tank is stable with 8.3 ph no ammiona no nitrate or nitrate and only the slightest pinch of phosphate, that hopefully will bugger off wight the reactor soon to be set up. Currently has cheap China LEDs but will be upgrading to the hydra 52s with in the next 2 weeks. So here is what I've been doing in all my spare time. Like I said, still only begging no where near finsihed ( a reef tank never is ). Future plans are some sps more softies, new jabeo rw20 should arrive tomorrow, that will be it for now. Let me know what you think:beer:
  17. Hay all just a quick one do all you reef keepers run chillers all year round just incase???? Just curious as a new reef keeper..... I'm open to all advice and information....
  18. Convert an Old Xbox 360 into a Fish Tank | Hack N Mod this is freaking amazing.. Talk about patience much...
  19. Thought I would add this video. I have this on the same timer as my lights, this gives the fish a break and helps stop debris from settling during feeding times. Sorry about the quality. cheers, Dan
  20. .Hey guys, thought i might start a thread for my current project. Its a 3x2x2 G&J Maher tank, cabinet and hood purchased 2nd hand from a workmate with a custom racetrack sump to fit the cabinet. I decided to buy this setup from my mate to move the inhabitants of my 4x15x18 running off an aquaone marisys for the past 2 years to get a little more high tech and have a crack at some sps corals again. strike up date: 12/10/2014 water: RODI/salt mix lighting: 160w dim-able full spectrum bridgelux led fitting (china ebay) on 12hr timer circulation: tunze nanostream 6020 and hydor koralia nano 1200 (soon to be either jebao rw4 x2 or a maxspect gyre) skimmer: reef octopus DNW-110 (soon to be marine sources RDC-850 monster skimmer) sump: 3 chamber racetrack, 1st chamber filter sock, marine pure bio-spheres and skimmer, 2nd chamber DSB, refugium with chaeto and caulerpa, 3rd chamber chemipure blue, 300w heater and 3000lph return pump fuge lighting: 14w full spectrum led on opposite schedule to display tank top up: manual RO (soon to be smart ATO) dosing: manually dosing Aqua Vitro calcium, magnesium, iodide, trace elements and 8.4 ph buffer and testing with API reef master kit and salifert testers. (soon to be kamoer 4ch dosing pump and hanna checker test kits) Tank Stock 1x niger trigger, 1x coral beauty, 1x lawnmower blenny, 1x snowflake eel (eaten a few of my fish now resides in the refugium til i find him a new home) 4x strombus snails, 2x trochus snails, 6x turbo snails, 2x cowrie snails and about 20x glass shrimp from kings beach rock pools that escaped the triggers wrath... 1x catty, 1x favia, 2x trachy, 2x lobo, 1x toadstool, 1x colt, 1x acan, 4x zoa colonies, a few pallys and bright red mushrooms and a small green sps that started as a spec on some liverock and has grown to about a 20c piece size, i have since fragged it off the rock and am hoping better placement will boost its growth so i can ID it better. anyways pics to follow all comments and questions welcome ! old vs new
  21. ..So heres the deal guys. We have just moved into our own place and instead of just moving our current 3ft tank over from my parents we decided we should upgrade and go bigger! YEAH! In the next few months were looking at getting a nice 5x2x2 and were just going to go planted and tansplant the 3ft into it once its all cycled and everything... But we had the thought of going marine with it and now were torn between the two. We have always craved a marine tank and get lost staring into a nice reef. But on the other hand we want to from scratch, set up a good planted tank instead of hodgey bodge like we did with our current tank. The questions are: Marine or Planted? Pros and Cons of Marine vs. Planted? We assume for a tank this big a sumps the best bet; If so how big/design, if not what do you recommend?
  22. Finally after 20 months of my bottom tank recuperating from being virtually wiped out by Cyclone Oswald, it is where I want it to be. Just trimming and tossing out what gets to abundant from now on so Oswald is just a bad memory now! Still deciding on the top tanks look. All that survived Oswald. Done.
  23. This one is a whopper for this species, the ones I find are usually smaller and when they shed, someone eats them being so little and slow. I usually like to have at least one in one of my tanks being that they clean up and look pretty while they do it! Oswald got my last one! I got this one late last year and it lives under a large purple morph at the front so I can see it “sort of” all of the time and shows its face out feeding only when I feed the tank, which is a lot,lol. My fav cleaner shrimp, I put seven in my top tank last year and they have sorted them selves out down to 3 and that’s been the case for 6 or 7 months now and just two weeks ago one turned adult female, finaly! It took ages for my youngsters to get a dominant female up and running. In the bottom tank I put in18 the other day and the clowns killed two, including the dominant female that came with that community and I think I can see quite a few behind the rock moving about, so it should be interesting how many run that tank when they sort them selves out. Egg laden and she is a cutie!
  24. Home | Reef Hobbyist Magazine - Your Coral, Reef, and Marine Fish Aquarium Magazine
  25. This time Danny got some pics of me working my heart out free diving for some crays and fish for the guys’ dinner. Its been great doing a lot more spearing the last few months. I don’t eat them; I just like the cardio exercise and the hunt. Don't forget, some nice pics on our website and help and knowledge about what is in saltwater and how to keep it- South East Queensland Marine Aquarium Society Nice and clear that day, that’s between 35 and 60 feet, and that’s a nice easy depth for free diving. One cray, now off to find more. These were one of two latezonatus colonies on top of that ledge I went down next to. As you can see there is a pair of porcelain crabs in that anemone just below the largest lat. Danny wanted a heraldi and so did Kylie, neither have kept them, but I have, so it’s all-good!
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