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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, Starting to get excited to start my tanks once I'm back home. Will be doing it properly this time. So I'm in need of a quality plumber local to the bay side or happy to come out to the bay side to do a cashie for me. Simple job, I could probably do it myself but working on the island these days means I have limited tooling & time at home & it has to be done neatly. So I am willing to pay a pro to get it done quickly. If you know anybody or can recommend anybody please shoot me the details or post here. Thanks guys.
  2. Unpacked a brand new Aquasonic ammonia testing kit. Did a test last night. Followed instructions precisely for 5ml sample. Results after 10 minute wait showed darkest green = 10ppm or more !!! Looked at the fish very closely. Swimming about. Looked at gills. No redness no inflammation. Cories and bristlenoses all down below. Fish ate when I fed them. Gave the kit the benefit of the doubt. Did another test to instructions at 6.30am this morning (Wednesday). Results after the 10 minutes process time - black/green ?? Did a 25% water change with Supachlor. Came back home from work checked out fish (tropicals; gouramies and Danio, cories & b/noses). I can not see any signs of stress, or gasping, or inflammation, or fish all at the surface. Observation does not indicate ammonia poisoning. Which am I to believe my fish, or my Aquasonic ammonia testing kit ?? A week ago when there was a real ammonia spike the fish were obviously distressed and all at the surface. The water went cloudy. None of these indicators this time round. Yet the test results show 10ppm ???
  3. Sometimes it feels like I'm trying to reinvent the wheel. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations. Maybe. But why, oh why, can't I type Rio Ucayali or Orinoco Basin into a search engine and have a lovely list of all the fishies who live there?? With pictures, and info on parameters etc??? Why can't the Internet be magical?? It makes me muddled and gives me a headache. Is there at least an obscenely expensive book I can get my hands on that will give me Reliable information of this kind?
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