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Found 17 results

  1. Hi All, I have been after some ammonia without soap in it for some time now and have not found it any where. I tried to make a makeshift still from a Kmart kettle with the thermo removed and some jars and tube. This was not an overly successful venture. Then today it occurred to me activated carbon will absorb surfactants like soap but not ammonia. So in theory it should give me what I want. has anyone here used carbon to get soapless ammonia from cloudy ammonia. Or does anyone have a better knowledge of chemistry that could confirm this. I'm a little worried about destroying perfectly good carbon and killing all my bacteria.
  2. Anyone know how to remove watermarks from tank glass? peter m
  3. Hey guys/gals quick question, I have say 60kg of moon sand in a particular tank, and would be looking at removing to add mary river sand, How would i go about this, so that i am able to collect my moon sand for down the track use ? Will be storing in 50L storage containers, so i would like a method where i dont have to store stagnant water once removed just the sand lol THANKS IN ADVANCE
  4. Any ideas on easy ways to remove brown fuzzy algae from my plants? Type of fish or particular chems??!
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Just pulled out the first batch of fry to be raised in my hangon fry box and I'm not sure if I've pulled them to early. I'd say they have just become swimmers however they aren't swimming much at the moment. I used an air line to syphon them out. I guess really only time will tell but I'm just curious as to what other members do. Cheers, Sam
  7. hay guys have a really bas nitre problem done a water change knowvi need a chemical to add wat the best one to add
  8. I have some really stubborn algae in my eight footer. It is on the side facing the sun. I regularly remove algae from my tanks with no problems. But this one side it just doesn't seem to budge. Any tips for easier removal. I currently use a tank cleaner which is the scourer type on a long stick. Thanks in advance, Mark
  9. So I was thinking about removing my discus eggs at the point they start to eat the eggs. Does anyone have an idea on how I should remove them from a pot?
  10. Having quite a few tanks running solely on sponge filters I was racking my brains how to remove tannin from 9 of them without too much disturbance and as some of them have tie bars all round sides, I couldn't use a hang-on filter. I bought a small el cheapo top filter for 25 bucks placed a bag of purigen in the box and ran it for a couple of hrs in each tank..........all tanks now sparkling clean. kev
  11. Hi all, I have a tank that the support braces have come loose (the ones that run from the front of the tank to the back) and am trying to workout how to remove them. One side has come loose, so that is easy but I can't seem to get the other side off. I have tried using a Stanley knife but its getting me no where. Is there an easier way to do it? Any advise is appreciated Regards, Ryan
  12. I am looking at buying a tank for a display and my question is as follows, can i remove these outer corners? Are they for any structural purpose? Would it be just to hide the corners of the glass? If they need to be in place I will more than likely replace them with some thin aluminium angle
  13. Just wondering as my fry have become free swimming when I should remove them from the community tank to help preserve them due to predation by other tankmates
  14. Just curious if activated carbon would remove a tap water conditioner (for removing chlorine)?
  15. I removed a backdrop from my Aquarium today and was left with a large quantity of sealant on the glass. I have been using a paint scraper with some success, but this is time consuming and could cause scratching of the glass. Is there an easy way of removing the Sealant ? or is there a chemical I can use that will remove it ? Thank you Tumbo
  16. Anyone had any experience? I've figured out the algae problem in my tank is Red Beard/Brush Algae. I'd like to try and treat it without removing or adding any living animals from the aquarium, so Siamese Algae Eaters are out. Are there any sun block style treatments or products available that will safely nuke this stuff? I don't mind the look of some of it but its starting to overrun my tank. Cheers, Ryan.
  17. just wondering if and what products do u guys use to remove nitrite from the water. i currently have nitr-zorb in my filter is there anything better? and can i use nitra-zorb and zeolite (i think it's called) together?
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