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Found 5 results

  1. My cf1000 has leaky taps, they were only replaced about 8-9months ago and up untill the last filter clean was all good but when i put it all back together it was leaking like crazy from the taps. Im out of work currently so would prefer it if i didnt have to replace them again. Any suggestions? Have tried thread seal tape but still getting a steady drip
  2. Hi, My Aqua One started leaking today. A least not my 8 foot I just put into the office wall... Got fish into another tank and have removed all the silicone to reseal. Found this crack. Arrows point left at it (reflection on left with arrows pointing right) The Glass looks kind of crushed and its all grey instead of clear, not just a single crack, yet the plastic on the outside of the tank is not damaged. Should I: 1) seal over it and hope it works 2) seal some glass over the crack and since this is a display tank, get a sheet of glass for the entire back of the tank and seal it into place? Should I silicone this one piece in place then seal the inside? or just get it up tight against the existing glass and then and then run a extra inside to seal it and hold it in place? Thanks Brooke
  3. hey all ive got a 4x18x18 tank with a badly cracked bottom,is it a hard job to diy. or should i leave it to someone that does it all the time cheers marty
  4. I have recently set up 10 2 foot tanks connected to a sump system to house my bristlenose pairs. However, to make room for this system i had to close down several tanks which led to 10-15 pairs of bristlenose in a single 4x2x2 tank. it was only for about 4 days but my most prized fish came off worse for wear. I have a 11cm longfin pepermint male but as hes a bit more fragile then the other bn his fins have been damaged. he doesnt look to stressed at present but was wondering what i can do to improve the fin repair times. Anyway advice appreciated.
  5. I want to repair a small leak on an old tank - what's the best method? Recently I fixed a new tank successfully, I simply reapplied the Selleys stuff over the top of the manufacturer's silicon (after discussing with the maker over the phone) and that did the trick no problem. However for this old tank I was thinking of first removing the original silicon entirely from all the inner corners, then reapply new silicon to those crevices. Is this the best way? What's the best tool/method to remove the old silicon? Should I just use the Selleys Aquarium Safe Silicon or is there a more structurally safe brand to use? Thanks.
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