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Found 13 results

  1. Does anybody know how much it would cost to replace a cracked base on a 6x2 tank? Or could anyone give me a rough idea of what it might cost? Would ot be cheaper to find a cheap 2nd hand tank and forget about fixing the broken base? Thanks
  2. Need a new impeller by the looks. Pretty pricey. Anybody got a good online supplier? Don't care if its ex. O.S Thanks guys
  3. I've just purchased an 1800lph bio pro canister from Aquaholics (great price, crazy fast delivery) but the hose isn't quite long enough, at least on one side, as I'd like to sit it off to one side of the tank. Is it possible to buy a replacement from Bunnings? If so, what size and spec should I be looking for? Would it matter if one side's hose was longer than the other?
  4. Guys some of you are aware of this already, so this is not for you. as you can see mine is only a three stage but through testing accounts for all soluble metals to 004 or what ever it was, which is very good. On average your carbon cartridge should be changed each six months due the extreme damage the cholamine/chlorine does to the RO filter bladder/cartridge. If you protect your RO bladder it should last 4 to 6 years no worries! Try to always use coconut carbon if you can and I use a fine film Vaseline on all seals and threads! Open container. My old one next to a new one. New ones along with a new sediment cartridge to last me two years.
  5. This was pass on to me and i was thinking replacing the cartridge, problem is i dont know where to get them from. The unit are about 2ft tall - huge. Anybody using this and would know where to get replacement cartridge?
  6. our 10000L pump just stopped/burnt out smells yuk need one urgent poor fish... sunshine coast
  7. I have done the dumbest thing ever, just picked up a tank to convert into a sump and cracked it as I was putting it into my car. So I am wondering what would be the best way to fix this. Should I replace the pannel(easy-ish as it is the end pannel)? Or would it be easier to use silicon and a sheet of perspex/glass to cover it up? I am keen on using perspex as I was going to use it anyway to put in dividers for the sump. Any suggestions would be welcomed. [/img] [/img]
  8. With rising power costs it has gotten to the point that just lighting my tanks alone with single tube flouros is costing about $25 per week (24 tanks mostly 3 and 2 foot ). I have seen a lot of very expensive high output marine L.E.D. arrays but not any low cost high efficiency low to medium output ones suitable for breeding racks and the like - that are cheaper to run than standard flouros at similar output . Does anybody know of such arrays . or where I can get further information on them ?
  9. Another new bristlenose Not as flash as the last one , but at least she is still kicking lol!
  10. I set up my canister filter this afternoon and found that the supplied outlet was the incorrect size for the hose supplied (only one out of the 4 mind you) Where should I start looking for replacement intakes/out-takes to fit a 19mm ID (22mm OD) hose? Take a look at the photos. Photo 1 is the correct sized one (this is the 'out' section that goes to the spray bar) Photo 2 is the incorrect one. The hose is 19mm ID, the 'in' tube that draws dirty water out of the tank into the canister is 14mm!!
  11. Hey all. Anyone know of a place that stocks O-Rings for the AquaNova NCF range??? Found only 1 place selling them on ebay, seems to be the cheapest i can find online. Any other suggestions?? Possibly a forum sponsor??? Was hoping to get a bag/kit with all the O-rings, as it was a second hand filter when i got it and it hasn't been used for about a year. So im guessing if one seal is gone, they probably all are. Cheers Jesse
  12. I had 36 watts UV go down today (plastic case started to leak). What are people recommending or buying lately? Is running them 24/7 the best or X numbers of hours each day. Baz
  13. I had 36 watts UV go down today (plastic case started to leak). What are people recommending or buying lately? Is running them 24/7 the best or X numbers of hours each day. Baz
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