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Found 10 results

  1. ok my 6x2x2 back glass smashed any way I got a new one to go on I've got the old one off (in about 100 pieces ) on what I've got must off the old silicon off but not all off it what can I use to get it off thanks:help:
  2. My cf1000 has leaky taps, they were only replaced about 8-9months ago and up untill the last filter clean was all good but when i put it all back together it was leaking like crazy from the taps. Im out of work currently so would prefer it if i didnt have to replace them again. Any suggestions? Have tried thread seal tape but still getting a steady drip
  3. So basically I currently have a 4x2x1.5. Livestock is a bit all over the place at the moment, waiting for some stock to be picked up. But anyway its going to be a planted Discus tank, some juvi discus already calling the tank home. Plants are crypts and val with anubis on driftwood. The current substrate is gravel, from bunnings originally i think. I run moderate light and pressurised CO2. So to give my plants a boost and to try and buffer my ph down, it keeps creeping up which the discus obviously don't appreciate. I have purchased some ADA amazonia from one of the sponsors and would like any ideas/experience you guys have with doing a full substrate swap and also with preparing ADA soil to prevent ammonia spikes Thanks
  4. Do led lights requiring periodically, we have a nano reef tank and a few of the corals(a hammer and zoas) have started to look a bit poorer than usual and the acan has died. Water parameters have been very similar for the last 12 months and the only change has been it went 4 weeks without a water change instead of the usual 2 weeks but aall parameters were still close enough to the same. Everything it he tank has been in there for at least the last 6 months
  5. Hi. I'm not sure if this is in the right spot but guess DIY covers repairs so here goes... I have a couple air pumps needing replacement diaphrams. I've managed to find and fit some, no problems. Where I am coming unstuck though is on trying to tension the bolt at the top of the diaphram, which connects to the magnet arm. Does anyone know of a technique or any tricks, tips etc for doing it? Blowing bubbles in a bucket doesn't really help much and adding air stones and tweaking while trying not to get wet and/or zapped... gotta be a better way? Cheers.
  6. hey All im about to replace the caption comp box with images from members (shown at random) To do this i have just started a new thread for members TOP PIC's http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/members-top-pic-list-110751/ If you have a image you would like shown on the front wall of the forum (think of it as a way of even advertising) then please upload them to the provided thread in the link http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/members-top-pic-list-110751/
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Okay so i just bought a tank really cheap, it was described as having a small crack like a cm at most in the bottom but when i got it, the entire base is cracked, happened during the moving process. So now i need to look at replacing the entire bottom panel or just selling it on. Its 51cm width by 128cm high by 60cm deep. Ive gotten some good quotes on glass cut to size and all that jazz but honestly, how hard is it to replace a panel of glass? I really want to know what im in for before attempting this bad boy! Its an aqua one tank with the fully encased base so id have to remove that as well and then attempt to reattach it. Any advice is appreciated and welcomed! Thanks in advance Hellen
  9. ok so i have two eheim 2213's, and as i cleaned one out yesterday i noticed that the foam will need replacing very shortly? so my question is, do i need to use the smae filter foam that come with the filter? it does need to be replaced doesnt it and not just bleached or something to clean it? could i just use the foam stuffing thats in your pillows and toys, that i could get from a craft store alot cheaper than a pet store? i think thats all i wanted to know, let me know what yous think? cheers willy
  10. Wat would be the best replacement of bristlenose. I have 6 in my 8foot tang tank that seem to be doing a great job too, but when its feeding time they become very greedy. And are now quite intrusive with my colony of Multi's. i was thinking of removeing the biggest ones and breeding up some cherry red and glass shrimp and adding them into the tank but not till i have a large number of them dont want them all eaten too quickly. Is there a less intrusive cleaner fish i could use.? that would be good for a tang community tank.
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