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Found 30 results

  1. Just wondering how many ppl use a chiller in brisbane on there freshwater tank? Setting up a 4x2 tank for my tropheus wondering if i really need a chiller,i dont have air con in the house and we r at work most of day so cant ad ice when required. Thanks in advance ben
  2. Unfortunately none if the LFS seem to stock any and the add on Gumtree never answers his messages. I'm struggling to raise brine shrimp atm but it's getting messy. Help would be appreciated.
  3. Hey all, Please bear with me through this epic essay of my issues! The plan is a soft water acidic community aquarium consisting of a combo of Neons, Rams, Bolivian butterfly's, Bristlenose, Corys and a Krib (don't judge me, I must live out some childhood memories here before I move onto the more interesting stuff). So here I am, after three and a half weeks, my cycling is all done. All the time I've been trying to get my water parameters to a reasonable level and failing... miserably. Obviously having slightly acidic water would be a plus, though given the trouble I've been having, even getting to neutral would be fine. My parameters out of the tap pH 7.6-7.8 kH 3-4 gH 5-6 First up I tried a combo that was recommended to me that included Seachem Neutral Regulator and Acid Buffer. Whilst I had some success getting the pH down to 6.6, I kept finding the pH would be creeping back up to 7.6 after a day or two, no matter how much was added. Then I changed mot of the water and did an experiment using peat moss in the external canister, which also go the pH down to 6.4-6.6 with a kH of 0-1 and GH of 2-3, but with even a 10% water change the pH shot up to 7.6. Unless I use an ageing barrel, I can't see this working any other way, and even then, the lack of buffering would make me a little uncomfortable... Having somewhat given up at that point I thought that I'd just try Seachem Neutral Regualtor by itself. In a 50L test bucket it took about 10x the recommended dose to even get the pH from 6.6 to 6.4. Another fail! Someone on here recommended I try KH generator and pH down. I've yet to give that a go... Rain water really isn't an option for my in the current residence, though if I really tried, I could probably find a way to get a 240L wheelie bin attached to the drain pipe and hope it rains once a month... though it would be a pain. RO/DI water is my seemingly last obvious option. Would a combo of Seachem Acid Buffer and Alkaline Buffer in the correct proportions, along with Replenish be enough to keep that pH just under the sodding 7.0 mark? I'm willing to go down this route if there is no other way. Or I could just hope that the fish can adapt to my 7.6 water, and expect a few losses. I gotta say this is quite frustrating, and the inability to figure out a clear cut answer is getting to me. I swear most of life's problems aren't anywhere near as difficult as keeping my pH down at 6.8 :ballchain:Thank you for bearing with me. Any advice would be appreciated! Otherwise I might just have to hit up some native rainbows (which I'll get to anyways! ) Cheers
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. I’ve kept fish all my life but I’m new to Africans. I recently managed to buy an 8 foot while my long suffering, but patient wife was in Canada. It came with about 110-120 mixed Cichlids. Lost a few in the move home. Once she calmed down I was told I could keep it, but I had to move it to the garage and cut a hole in my office wall to view the tank. So I did. Spent some time making the space work to fit the tank. Called a few mates and moved it. Somewhat surprisingly it fits perfectly! Unfortunately in our haste to drink beer and eat pizza, the tank I was holding the fish in got unplugged and did not get plugged back in. I now have about 35 fish left and a slightly angrier wife. The Tank inside left and right views, - I need more lights, there are lots of rock, but I will add a bit more (sorry for crap pics….)- out in the garage and the survivors. Left Side right Side Out in the garage The Survivors After a few more beers and some choice words I found that I have the following: Various peacocks, 3 Hongi’s m/f 1 flameback, m 2 electric blue f, 2 geo’s, a venustas f. and 5-6 blue dolphins 1m 5 f. 2 loaches and 2 bristlenose. Since I can’t afford full size fish I will buy some fry. After some research it seems the best plan to ensure the fry I buy don’t get killed by the remaining fish is to start again, don’t put the fry in with the remaining fish or they will die. I have another tank the surviving fish can stay in by themselves. I want/need to keep this simple (remember the angry wife!) I don’t want regular or any murders to take place. I want to create a sort of cichlid community tank. What I have learned is that if I keep the colours and body shapes different I MAY be able to keep the peace. My stocking ideas are as follows – nothing fancy or expensive, but lovely and colourful: 8 foot with sump - pics show a side sump, there is also a 3 foot under the tank. So far I can't get both to work at the same time. 25/30 electric yellows 20/25 Electric blues 25/30 mixed peacocks such as German reds OB’s Maleri Gold Dragon Bloods Neon Blues Sunshine Lwanda 5/6 Venustas loaches and bristlenose I was thinking Maingano but it has been suggested they are angry and aggressive so I’m not willing to risk them. Are these good choices to meet my goals? Any other suggestions? Will they also possibly breed without interbreeding and keep my tank stocked down the track? Thanks Brooke
  6. A shipment of Rasbora dorsiocellata arrived and they were all very young. There were no identifiable markings on them due to their size. Once they started to grow I noticed four were quite different. There was no emerald eye and no spot on the dorsal fin. There was however a spot on the anal fin. The photo does not show the colouring which has a distictive red hue. Any idea as to what this Rasbora is?
  7. Hey Guys.. I've got two Mystery/Apple Snails, one in a tank at work with a Betta and one in a 3 ft with Guppies and Khuli Loaches. Their shells seem to be thinning, and deteriorating would I be safe to add some form of Calcium/Cuttlebone into either tank? I don't want to affect the fish in either tank, but I'd also like to avoid losing either snail too.. Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  8. Hi All, Looking for some help with my Geo Pindare's. It seems that they have breed. Not sure how I have missed this. Anyhow, has anyone out there breed these before? Looking for some Info on what goes on. They are currently holding them eggs, which have little black tale like things, in there mouths. Thanks for your help in advance Cheers
  9. Hi Everyone I am introducing a NEW required profile field "State" This field will be required by new members upon registration however existing Members will need to update their profile manually. As of Monday 14th January 2013 if you have not made the changes to your profile the system will force you to make the changes before you can continue using the full forum. The new profile area "state" will also show on your postbit under your avatar picture for other members to see This change is to help limit any errors made when dealing with members who are not local via the trader. On another note While updating your profile we ask that you check to see if your location (suburb/town) is still current. The use of general area's like "Gold Coast" or "Brisbane" will not be accepted. YOU MUST use a suburb or town in this area like "Loganholme" for example
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Does anybody , Aquarium Shops , local breeders etc have these in the Brisbane area ? If so how expensive are they ? Does anybody know about what water conditions they require or any info on them at all . I have a 3foot(L) X18(W) x24(H) display tank I am considering setting up for them if I can find them and I can provide suitable conditions for them ( and can actually afford them ) Any info would be appreciated . I am not looking to buy them immediately but looking for info so if I can provide the correct conditions I can setup and cycle the tank prior to chasing them up .
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Bristlenose Breeding Information Required! Hey this is the second time my common short fin bn have bred and i was hoping to keep majority of the fry alive this time to try and sell some to the local pet store. Last time they bred i ended up loosing over 90% of the fry and they were in a tank on there own so being eating was out of the question, dose anyone have any tips or pointers they can give me to help with the survival rate of my fry and also what to feed them and temperature etc.. Cheers
  14. hi guys i got a really sweet deal today picked up adault electric yellow collony [about 20] dolphin fish trio peacocks x4 all ment to be brreding the guy i got them off had them all in the one tank so i have done the same first question will the fish breed in the tank together or will i have to seperate them question 2 what is best to feed all these fish since i have not had any of them before question 3 what is needed for the fish to breed any advice for any of these questions will help greatly cheers guys
  15. Hi people currently live in Brisbane and do a fair bit of snorkelling and scuba between gold and sunshine coast,What i would like to know is are you allowed to collect live rock and some small corals in these areas or do you require a permit? Thanks
  16. I have just got home from work and my Aulonacara Maylandi has been beaten to within an inch of his life whilst I was out for the day. he was in a 3ft tank with a Kigoma fronny a gold comp and a eureka red jacobfriebergi and something has gone wrong because he has suffered extensive fin damage some scale damage and is now floating upside down. I don't know of anything I can do except put him in a divider and hope he pulls through since he is upside down. If anyone knows any tricks or tips to help him pull through I would be so thankful. I fear he hasn't got long and I HATE losing a fish and am prepared to do anything to help his dire situation
  17. im just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to find a fake rock wall backing for a 5ft'er, actual measurements r 1480L x 560H (or something similar) as u can see, im way out in the sticks, but any help would be appreciated cheers pete
  18. Hey guys It seems that my impeller on my aquis2400 has shit itself and I need a new one urgently, can anyone tell me somewhere local to me(dbay) that has them in stock
  19. Ok now I need some ID help. I bought the beginners 4 frag pack but it didn't find anything written on the bags so some sleuthing is called for... Is this a brain coral? This one looks like an upside-down pair of pants lol. Is it a Montepora encrusting purple or maybe a Heliopora coerulea? The last couple I am not sure on either. Is this maybe some sort of zooanthid? The little rock is only about 2cm max in size. Then this morning it came out like this! Where the heck was it hiding all that in that tiny little rock?
  20. Is there any one out there that has a old poo box vehicle that i can borrow for a week ? the cruiser will be taken off the road due to the front diff deciding to fill up with water and go bang from all the deep water crossings getting home during the floods .A ute of some type would be perfect , am prepared to pay cheers , jason
  21. Do u need to drill your tanks when setting up a sump or is there another way to do it? All help appreciatived
  22. who can tell me how many L cat types i have in these tank
  23. Has anyone had experience with a number of UV sterilizers before and come to a conclusion about what to go for, and what to steer clear of? I get a fair amount of light on 2 tanks and am thinking of getting one. Thanks in advance........Clint
  24. Silvery Blue slightly more elongated than usual looking Gourami with surprisingly Large F OFF Teeth for a fish of this species any ideas. ?
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