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Found 28 results

  1. Hey all. Just escaped my display tank a few days ago after I spilt a pot full of crypts and soil in the tank Anyway this is it, what else plant wise would look good ? I am running T5 lights soon to be 3 x 50w led floodlights. DIY co2 and as well liquid ferts. Cheers, Troy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. hi all as the title suggests, looking to do a rescape of my 4ft tank, tank is a tropical/ community set up and fairly planted. looking to swap it all out and set up and African tank, After opinions on the best way to do this, I want to keep the filter running and media 'alive' but want to strip everything else, except a driftwood log, out including substrate. fish to go are 2 angels honey gourami bolivian ram firemouth cichlid 2 Siamese algae eaters 3 bronze cories 8 congo tetras acara blue cichlid 2 kribs i know bit of a mix match but all get along fine all plants in the tank to go aswell, but can go for free with the fish will also sell substrate which is 4x 7 kg bags of Seachem Flourite Black Sand and a 20kg bag of pool filter sand thanks jacob
  3. Re-scaped my 6 foot tank and added some new friends. Got some lovely F1 Princess Brichardi, tried adding them to an exisiting group but they were rejected, they new have themselves a new home and have already made themselves tough against all the other Big Boys in the Tank............... love their attitude!! (Sorry bout the $h!tty phone pics!)
  4. Did a total overhaul on this tank, had a major algae outbreak, plus everything was overgrown and looking pretty ordinary *L* Inhabitants: Amun and Isis - Blue Ram pair Romeo and Juliet - Gold ram pair A few juvie peps Juvie apple snails Cherry shrimp
  5. Hi all, Have been moving sht around in my marine tank lately, as there are very few fish in there... thought I'd get it just the way I want it b4 restocking in the new year Current fish stock: 1x hogfish 1x cromis 1x long nosed hawkfish 1x juvenile checkerboard wrasse 2x zebra gobies Current coral stock: 2x leather fingers 1x elegance a few morphs and some other corals of which I have NFI what they're called :confused: anyway, enjoy the pics... sorry of they're not the best quality... steve jobs didnt sort his sht out b4 checked out as always, comments, suggestions or constructive criticism welcomed!!
  6. Hey guys just a couple of pics showing the 3 x 2 Dwarf Cichlid / Apistogramma, and 4 x 2 Geo Eartheater tank after a rescape... Water in the 4 x 2 is still not as clear as id like it, but will give you an idea of the scape...... Apisto Tank Eartheater Tank
  7. Ok this will be the last update. I will be moving house soon and then this will be a low tech planted discus tank. I got all my fish 4 months ago roughly. The barra were roughly 5cm as were the archers and the tandanus were around 10cm. Now the fish are: Barra are 17 &20cm Archers 9 &11cm Tandanus 17&19cm There awesome fish and great to watch, I wet my finger dip it in granules and the barra eat it from my fingertips 2" above the water. The tandanus latch on pretty good. Ill keep it short, Enjoy.
  8. Hey guys, Ysterday I had had it. To fed up of Americans with all their dramas, not to mention the tank was massively overstocked to the point where a 50% water change per week did absolutely nothing, with ammonia levels through the roof I drew a line. I took my countless numbers of americans into THE PET BARN and have a new view now. I have now been convinced to go for a semi-communal tank. I have some mecula-ish driftwood in the tank that fits nicely, but to my shock when I got home my small Texas had somehow stayed in. Tank description AQUA ONE AR-850, Black, 160L Hardware Standard wet/dry filter system 300w heater 3 lights in hood Hardscape River sand Twiggy piece of driftwood (more to come) Another story guys, while I was trying my hardest to retrieve my very small Americans I took out the sunken ornamental air craft carrier, and carried it through to my bathroom, on the way back to my bedroom I saw small black things on the ground and picked one up, and it moved! Anyway, it was found t be baby bristle nose that must have fallen out of the boat! I went and picked all of the up, and went back to the bathroom and picked up the boat, to my absolute shock there was a puddle of hundreds of baby's! So I tried to save as many as I could, I don'tthnk I saved all of them but a few Thanks guys, updates and photots will shortly follow when I get home from school SCOTT
  9. Just a few quick hand held shots. OK, forget the naff plants in the 8 footer. Jake put 'em down one end last night. I told him they'd go walkabout and he said he'd take 'em out if he did...........I'm waiting for him to come home and shift 'em.
  10. Hi People, I am only new to Fish Keeping and Aquascaping, Here is a couple photos of my 2 Foot Tank, I thought I would try something small First, I cant wait till I get a Decent size tank to do the same to it http://i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i466/les_420/SAM_0845.jpg http://i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i466/les_420/SAM_0844.jpg Let me know what yous think. Cheers Les
  11. Gday all, I thought I would share the new display tank pics I hope you enjoy, Tank has th following fish Neon Tetras Rummynose Tetras Royal whip tales Sterbi corys L104's L202's L002's L397's L333's L007's (all Ls are juvies excpet for colony of 104's ) Sorry about picture quality
  12. I'm looking to add 1 or 2 oscars to this, currently it just has a few clown loaches in there.
  13. Hey Guys last weekend i was inspired to rescape my nano tanks. Spent most of my weekend Cleaning/Planting/Shopping. Have only completed the one so-far hope to get the 2nd one done tonight. First one is an Island Scene 2nd one Will Be Bonsai Please feel free to comment as im still VERY new to this! Cheers, Scotty Ok so it started about 6 mths ago as this: -yes very boring lame etc LOL Then I let it go as i had other projects on the go and it looked very neglected, this is how it looked Sunday Morning: Yuck Right! So after some inspiration from here and PFK magazine I decided to go for an Island theme in one tank and a bonsai theme in the other so Off to Fishchicks i went (Thanks Jodi-Lea!)
  14. I did a bit of a rescape on the tank and added more rocks this time round. It was quite an adventurous task as I did it with the tank full of water. My daughters snorkelling mask came in handy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXD-99CNcp4
  15. I decided to change the white 'bunnings' sand over to a black sand. My cichlids were looking a bit washed out colour wise and had become somewhat timid due to the brightness. I've just finished filling it, so no fish as yet til it warms up. So far quite pleased with the darker look
  16. Had undergravel filters in this for 5 yrs without a clean. Complete strip-down and UG's removed.....Jeez there was some crap under there! Discus tank now completed kev
  17. Hey guys been playing around with the planted setups lately Did this one on sunday Just a planted setup with Riccia rocks & moss vines etc... Still got waaay more plants to go in! Cheers, Scotty
  18. so if your sick of your current scape and wanna acheive something different. how i rescaped my 5x2x2 on a budget 2 x 20litre buckets full of 100-150mm river rocks from your local rock joint. (about $1.50 a bucket) i like the red ones do just went and picked some nice ones out. 2 x broken pots from bunnings ($0.60) were cracked bargain!!!! so i broke them more. and plants i had lying around im sure most people would. also in there is 2 drilled cave rocks they cost me about $20 but lets not include that realisticly thoughyou are looking at from $5-$20 depending on the size tanks but this is ideal for africans just like to share. so post any cheap rescapes or ideas you guys have stumbled upon.
  19. I had a major snail problem in this tank, plus it needed a tidy up, new look, so i pulled the plants, snail trapped netted hundreds of snails out of it, the rescaped. Yep i know there are still snails in it, but once it settles i'm going to borrow the clown loaches out of my 5ft and let them loose in there to clean up whats left. Just finished filling, so please excuse the cloudiness. Fish will go back in the next few days.
  20. Hi guys and gals, Here is my 8x2x2 rescape, housing American cichlids (and a couple of hangers-on)... It is quite a big file and goes for nearly four minutes. The "whole of tank" view is right at the end of the video. Hope you like it... Stocklist = Jag, Festae, Jack Demspey, White Saum, Salvini, Rainbow Cichlid, Blue-eyed Cichlid, Convicts, Featherfin Catfish and Bristlenose x 2. Sorry, I don't know how to embed the actual video, just the link to youtube. Cheers,
  21. Rescaped the tank this weekend, got rid o the coffs harbour substrate and replaced with that red stuff, new driftwood caves, plants etc. nuthin special but im real pleased with it so i thought id chuck a pic up. Comments,constructive critisism, welcomed. Cheers Brendan
  22. Hi folks, Here are some attached photos showing how I prepped my sand for my 6ft rescape recently. Sand.JPG[/attachment:62etvkin] SandWash.JPG[/attachment:62etvkin] SandRinse.JPG[/attachment:62etvkin] SandClean.JPG[/attachment:62etvkin] Filling.JPG[/attachment:62etvkin] 6ftRescaped.JPG[/attachment:62etvkin] Check the vids of my finished tanks in another post. Cheers,
  23. Hi All, Today I have started the mission of re-scaping my 6ft and 8ft tanks. I also made the decision to change from gravel to sand, so I am in the process of washing my sand. Silty stuff, but isn't too bad. Anyway, I should get back to it (just had to stop for some tucker). Will try to remember to take some pics along the way, and will post when I'm done. Cheers!
  24. Re-scaped last night, so still somewhat cloudy Substrate ~ dino dung, laterite and gravel Lighting ~ 4ft Double T8 Plants ~ Swords, Crypts, Anubias & Java fern (all unhappy from their holiday crammed in a 2ft, hopefully they'll recover) Inhabitants ~ Angels, Pep BN, Common BN, Cories & Redtail black shark
  25. Hey guys, just thought i would add some pics of my 2fter recently spray painted the background black and decided i wanted it to look like a whole new tank, so im giving plant keeping a go so far they are doing quite well got 3 bunch plants from redlands pet centre yesterday. Tank is stocked with platys, guppies, rosy barbs and bristlenose cats. Would love some advice/feedback, will be getting a nice "rooty" piece of driftwood as the center feature soon. Also if anyone can ID the plants that are in the tank that would be great.
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