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Found 8 results

  1. I've just picked up a super cheap 2.5 footer that'll fit perfectly on a cabinet we already own. Problem is the front panel seems to have come close to bursting at some point - the top of the pane has slid out from its seals to the point where the only thing holding water in would be a thin seam of remaining silicone that stretches between the corners of the front and side panels. The bottom is still flush. All other seals look fine. I know I'm going to have to pull out that entire pane and re-mount/seal it. The question is, do I pull the while thing apart and re-do it from scratch or just do the one panel? Also - there's two tiny but sharp chips that have already taken a chunk out of me. Do I sand it back or just apply a tiny spot of silicone?
  2. Hey all just bought a 4x2x2 and the seals on the inside of the tank look abit past there used by date. I've read a few articles and watched a few online vids and am ready to tackle it this weekend. All the videos I watched were American and recommending silicones not found in my local stores My question is what silicone do you guys use to build/reseal your tanks that can be sourced locally via bunnings/masters and the likes. Did a quick search here but didn't find to much Thanks in advance, Andrew
  3. Hey Guys, I have a 4ft Tank that has leaked and need to reseal it, honestly I am not 100% Confident in myself in resealing a tank this size. I am on the Southside if anyone could help out, would be appreciated. Regards Craig
  4. Hi all While I was away on holidays my 6ft tank started leaking, luckily I had someone staying at my place house sitting and they managed to get a 4ft tank and transfer my fish and empty the 6fter. My question is do I have to pull the whole tank apart or do I just cut the old silicon away and re do???? Cheers Adrian
  5. Hi, I have a nice 4x2x2 which began leaking. It has been empty now for probably 2 years, and i wish to use it again. Is it safe to reseal it from the inside with aquarium safe silicon, without dismantling the tank? Or should i reduce it to panes of glass and rebuild it?
  6. hey guys, just wodering wether its worth resealing my tank myself or getting a proffesional to do it? i have researched how to do it but im just worried that DIYing it will be a bad move by me. can any one give me some direction? also im wondering about bracing my tank. it is a 5x2x2 tank and has no bracing or rails inside the top of the tank for lids to sit on. wondering how to go about bracing it as well lol im thinking i may be in to deep with getting my tank running any help will be appreciated cheers guys
  7. Is there anyone in the Yeppoon/Rocky area that could do a complete reseal on an Aqua One Grande 180 tank for me?
  8. I'm about to buy a 2nd hand tank, but i want to make sure that its not going to leak ... Can i empty and dry the tank and then go over all corners with silicon ontop of the existing silicon? I have heard that silicon wont stick to old silicon, so i will make sure that i use a decent amount to get it onto the glass on both sides ... Will this help or am i just wasting time? Hamza
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