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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, Have just ordered a Laguna 2000 pump, rated at 7,600 LPH, it replaces my Tunze 3000 LPH in my 700 Ltr tank + 200 Ltr sump. It runs with just under 1.5 meter head, so expecting around 6,000 LPH throughput. Hagen/Laguna state it is suitable for 19/25/32/38 mm fittings. My intention is to make a dedicated PVC pipe return line, not wanting to risk using hose this time round, if possible. But I dont know what the 'ideal' size pipe to get. I suspect 25 or 32. Would running it with 19 or 38 place extra load on the pump? 38 seems like a lot of weight for it to lift, 19 seems like a lot of speed for that flow rate. Is their a formula to work out an 'ideal' pipe size for any given pump? It is good of Laguna to say what size pipes 'can' be used, I just wish I knew which size is 'best' to use. Any advice or tips are appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Woke up today to find my serenity swp4000 sump pump running very slow, water barely trickling into the overflow. took it out, cleaned up the pre filter (which wasnt very dirty but did it anyway) had a look at the impeller and everything seemed ok. Re-plumbed it, plugged it in and it tripped everything out. had to break out a spare canister for the time being (which isnt cycled so its running with no media from sump to tank). I recently changed the return piping basically being 2 hard 90 degree elbows to reduce footprint of return on top of the tank; is this likely my downfall? Too much restriction on the return line? Using bunnings 19mm irrigation hose with the pope 90 degree eblows, all clamped on.
  3. If I have a 3 foot tank around 150 litres and a 2 foot sump around 70 litres what size return pump would I use thanks
  4. Hello. I am in the process of setting up my new tank. 8x2.5x2.5 with a 4ft sump. I'm wanting to flow around 8,000lph. I was also thinking of running the pump external. Can anyone recommend a decent brand? Im looking at the new Vectra pump. Vectra M1 and L1 pump specs, pricing and availability announced
  5. Hey first time posting I have an AquaReef 400 running fresh water. I've noticed that the return pump (Aquaone 3600) isn't as powerful over the last few days as it use to be. Ive taken it apart and cleaned everything (wasn't that dirty) with no effect. So I'm chasing a new return pump, any recommendations? AOA has the Serenity ECO 4000lph, has anyone had any experience with these? or would it be more worth my while to get a more expense pump?
  6. Hello, Could anyone tell me the return pump size i would need. Im not too sure how to work it out. Water drains down a weir through 2 x 32mm bulkheads, through the sump and back into tank through a 20mm bulkhead. Water would have to travel no more then 1.6 m vertical with no bends in the line. Thanks
  7. So finnally after 18 months or so of not being able to have tanks I am moving somewhere that allows me. Now the problem is what to do. So many choices. The only tank i current posses is a 24x20x20 (inch). Looking for some ideas to stock it with before I move on to a larger tank to accompany it. I would like to keep dwarfs or maybe salvinis but I was wondering what other options I have? Thank you for any response.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Hello All I have a 1600 litre tank (wier setup), and running a 5t sump, with an ehiem +5000. I was thinking of getting a laguna 7500, my problem is the return (20mm). Would the return be to handle the extra 2500l without losing any flowrate? I got 2 down pipes (40mm). Thx in advance. B
  11. My tank has 3 holes drilled with bulkheads, 1 for the return to the tank with a spraybar and 2 on the other side going back to the sump. I'm finding that rubbish is sitting on the bottom because the returns Are on the top ... Could I make a long pickup with a strainer on the bottom (just like on a fx5 or other canisters) ... I'd do this on only 1 of them and I'd be relying of gravity / syphoning for water flow ... Anyone tried this?
  12. Hey guys, bought myself a 6x2x2 today and it needs a little tlc in terms of the plumbing setup. I've got most of it planned out but I'm still not entirely sure how to connect the output of a standard aquarium pump to PVC piping. Are there connectors I can buy that will fit on the end of the pump, or would I better off using silicone piping to return water to spray bar? I'll be going to Bunnings and plumbing places tomorrow and scouring for parts but if anyone has any info on this and can steer me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.
  13. Hey all, I have decided to return to the forum after almost 6 months due to some personal reasons. Glad to still see a few fimilar user names and obviously have noticed that the forum has changed. Well now days im only down to one species of fish I have 7 bar frontosa's and soon will be selling off a couple of males as they are starting to get to that age. Well glad to be back and hope to see some of you around. Cheers Shane
  14. hi guys i got a 6x2x2 Marine it will have 4 25mm bulkhead drains and 1 25mm return. How many thousand litres should the return pump be??? Confused as.... (sump is 4ft) ive been on teh guppys and aq prods websites can anyone recommend a pump from either site... thanks guys...
  15. Hi Guys, Just in the process of converting a 6x2x2.5 tank to marine. Just wondering if this pump will be suitable as a return pump from the sump back to the tank? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Super-Submersibl ... 335985e682 Cheers, Trent
  16. Tanks are 260 Litres there's two of them, pvc pipe for overflow is 25mm/1". I am guessing I will need a pump that can supply around 5000-5500 lph at 1-1.5m head. I was wondering what size hose/fittings I should use for the return, I only have 15mm gap in between the lid holding shelf thing and the end pane of glass opposite end of the overflow. The end where the overflow is I have about 25mm but this will mean the spray bar will have to be the whole length of the tank which won't matter too much. I am thinking 15mm or 5/8" which should have an O.D around 20mm which won't fit in the gap. Maybe 13mm or 1/2" might fit not sure on the O.D, might be able to squish it a bit with a heatgun. Then there is the option of the closer end which would make me want to put the spray bar the whole length along the back of the tank. Which would probably be 15mm or 5/8" will having it that way create enough water flow throughout the tank to actually filter properly and pick up the crap?
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