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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I've been away from fishkeeping for a number of years and have now decided to get a six foot tropical freshwater tank now that I'm living in west Brisbane. When I last had a tank, I used an undergravel filter, but from my reading, it would seem that the best option for one of these tanks is either a canister filter or a sump system. I was wondering whether anybody has opinions and whether there are any reputable places around Indooroopilly. Regards Lex
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  3. Hello I am Grimace I recently returned to the world off fish when the tank at my parents house was overrun by big aggressive americans. I had many fish but over the years they were taken from me... Now I am back. I have very few, but atleast I now have a safe spot at home in a scratched up 4ft tank. The fish I have at current are two Cuckoo Cat fish, one Featherfin Catfish, and one female bristlenose (hoping to add a breeding pair soon). I also have a starter fish in the tank that help get it cycled. I think it is more a cross breed of sorts. I will get some pics to ID him and he will most likely become available to a good home (possibly for free). I plan to add a few more Cuckoos to get a colony happening, and then once the cuckoos are settled I would like to introduce a colony of maybe 8 PS Elongatus (1 male, remaining females). If I feel the tank has some room for more fish I may add three Yellow Labs (again 1 male) or some Lionheads. Still undecided. So hopefully I can use my limited knowledge of past fish experience to help some noobs out, and I look forward to learning a lot from the forums. Cheers Grimace
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