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Found 6 results

  1. if anyone saw my last thread, i might go down to evans maybe on the weekend or the one after. if anyone is around and keen let me know i know there are recovery efforts underway at evans for the oxleyan pygmy perch so it will be interesting if i see any of those http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/230320/Oxleyan-Pygmy-Perch-Recovery-Plan.pdf
  2. I just came back from an apparently sure fire Rhad location. A mate caught heaps on Tuesday in this spot and reckoned there were plenty more to be had. I caught nothing except Firetail gudgeons. One thing I have noticed loads of Fire tails seems to me a lack of anything else, crimsons, Blue eyes or Rhads for instance. I have encountered this many times in the past. This creek was absolutely pristine, there weren't even any fearless in there if it wasn't for the Fire Tails I would be tempted to conclude that it was a dead stream. Last week I found the most amazing red finned Pacific Blue eyes in the skankiest waterway going, this week virtually nothing. Any ideas ? And no, my mate did not clean out the creek of Rhads on Tuesday.
  3. Good evening all. Im looking for some information on these fish. I have a 4x18x18 tank that lives in our sun room & has had many fish call if home over the years (it was even a marine tank for a year once) but now I have a fish room that has (almost) enough space/tanks for my fishies I am looking to set this one up as a permanent feature & let it & all its inhabitants grow out. It has been empty of fish for the last few months bar some bristlenose & some plants that are loving the semi daylight they receive. Now I have decided it back to my roots roots & it will be a native tank. Rainbows, where my fish keeping journey began. I had been looking at the all super cool threadfin rainbows & some blue eyes from aqua green, but then I stumbled on a picture of Teewah Creek Rhad's. So, I am extremely interested in collecting or purchasing some of these fish for our display as Teewah beach & the whole area has a lot of family history for my Wife. Her great grandfather built one of the first houses at Teewah settlement on the beach & started the ferry at Tewantin. The house is still in the family & we are usually up there at least once a month So if anybody can help me in identifying a collection point that my wife & I might be able to take our boy too collected some fish of our tank only, it would be a great help & we will be only collecting there once, as we will be only having one rainbow tank & have no need to tell anybody else about the spot. PM would be ok as well so that it is not on the forum. Or if you have some of these fish available, please let me know. Otherwise I would like to see Pictures of your fish & tanks if you would like to share, and any specific diets or plants the fish may prefer. Thanks, Craigo.
  4. Well here is a turn up for the books. I just checked my Bribe Island Rhad tub. Fry everywhere. Didn't think they bred over the winter. Sweet
  5. I only discovered these fish recently while exploring north of Tin Can Bay. The majority of the fish from this creek are not particularly noteworthy, but a small number have a colouring that I think resembles a praecox as they have a blue/green body with red fins. So I refer to them as the Praecox rhad (they are totally unrelated to praecox). I'm breeding these fish to try and stabilise this colour morph.
  6. The Teewah Ck strain is one of my favourites. The dominant colour in Teewah Ck is red tail with a redish-bronze front. There are also some pure red fish. When the males are in spawning colours the fins are black or black edged. Gunther Schmida image (my fish) Gunther Schmida image (my fish) My image
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