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Found 29 results

  1. So after trying a Copperband with no success ..... Trying some Peppermint shrimp which have disappeared... I had a brainstorm! After noticing my Bubble coral had stung my morphs with its loooong tentacles I thought hmmmmm... Theres an idea! So I simply moved the Bubble coral upstream from the Aiptasia so its tentacles would sting them and...... TAAAADAAAAAA ! Aiptasia goooooooone ! Arghhhhh natures way... so simple....
  2. Started a tank around 3-4weeks ago and have this brown algae taking over. I assume it probably came with plants or driftwood i collected. Is this likely to subside as the tank ages and plants grow or will this need some other course of action? It looks ugly and is growing on my mosses, making them look like crap.
  3. hello everyone new to the forum and asking for some help. recently bought a house with a pond in the back yard. unfortunately the previous owner looks like they didn't really know what they were doing. so i have a sick pond that needs some loving care . I'm wondering if anyone out there on the north side has any duckweed or water plants that they would be keen to part with. my pond need some plants and cover to help get it back to being a healthy pond. If anyone can help would greatly appreciate it looking forward to hearing from you
  4. Hi I have gone to my tank today to find billions of tiny snails they have clogged the filter to the point of it almost stopping I have BN, cherries, and about 100platy fry and adults in there. How can I get rid of the snails every day there are hundreds more.
  5. Thought some people might be interested in reading about this. Not sure if this is supposed to go in the off-topic discussion section but oh well. Male-only gene trick could leave invasive fish species floundering
  6. how do i get rid of snails in my breeing bristlenose tanks? any info would be grate thanks
  7. hey well i resacaped my 3 footer and i am now getting black algae on my rotala can anyone tell me how to get rig of it without hurting plants? the tank contains anubias, hygowphila, rotala nanjenshan and other rotala not sure what variety and few crypts
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hey all looking to get some snail rid has anyone used this to cull there snail issues I have tried a loach but as soon as he was removed they come back so looking at a chemical solution please let me know what you have used and how it went thanks
  10. i have a 100L tank that i have now put archerfish in and i have it a bit over half full now and this white murky stuff just will not go away. its ruining the archer fish show lol. i've tried a sponge scrubber and everything but it just re appears when it dries... any thoughts please?
  11. How do u get rid of algae I have 1 peppermint in 3ftx2.5x2.5 tank and it still grows algae. Is it not enough pepps or is it wrong type of suckerfish. Any ideas. Heard borneo sukerfish mite b good
  12. Whats the best fish to get rid of trumpet snails? Iv got clown loaches but they seem to just swim up and down the glass?Im looking for more but jez people want the earth for em! cheaper at the pet shop! lol
  13. title says it all thanks for any help i just added beach sand into my 4ft and it took forever.
  14. hi i have a 3 foot tank with some cheeries and some bn's in the tank and the snails are beating me can i get some medicine to put in the tank, do i remove all fish and shrimps and plants, if somebody could help that would be appreciated thanks in advance :)
  15. I am in the process of transfering plants from my old planter to my new planted tank.Just wanted to know a way of dipping plants in a solution to get rid of snails[there are 100s in the old setup].The new tank has new gravel so no chance of snails in it.I have done a search for methods on here and so far can see condys dip[not sure on this method]and of course loaches[have cherry shrimp so no go here] Anybody have any other methods? Cheers leigh
  16. I got a heap of baby snails and snail eggs all over my tank, They came with the plants and i dont want them. I heard clown or yoyo loaches get rid of them is that true? Will the loaches eat baby bristle nose or baby guppys? Any help would be awsome.
  17. Have had anchor worms on my Natives lately and have had no luck in ridding the tank of them? I have tried seachem cuprimine with no luck.... Am Going too increase the salt in the tank on next water change too see if it helps.
  18. anyone have any clues on this? I read you can use Vodka to remove Nitrate from your tank? anyone tried it? How to lower nitrates in a saltwater aquarium - by Elizabeth Schmitt - Helium. I prefer Scotch myself,,,,,for me , not the fish!
  19. Just gone through my photobucket album and found pics of fish i wish i never had moved on. I know alot have seen these pics before but some really get my heart going again. Others make me say im a complete idiot but yeh you get the idea. Hopefully others will post some pics of there lost loved ones so i dont look like too much a softy lol. 23cm rostratus with 11cm lombardoi in mouth( both fish survived after rescue ) big male brasily 18cm male rescued and bought back to full health And finally MANNY, i miss him like mad but i know he is in good hands
  20. I have just come home from work to find that one of my tanks has 4 fish with little white dots all over them
  21. Hi I seem to have 'brown mould' growing on all my tropical aquarium plants; one day the plants look lush and green, and very soon afterwards they are dull and furry looking. The fish don't appear distressed. What am I doing wrong; or what do I have to do to get rid of it?
  22. Hi Guys Can any one tell me the best way of getting Rid of ICH white spots??I have a rainbow fish tank and 6 of my rainbows have white spots on them,Can you please tell me the best products to buy and also the best method to get rid of these spots?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
  23. Hey everyone just wondering if anyone has any ideas of how i can get rid of the small pointy snails? they breed like rabbits i have put clown loaches in there and they dont seem to be doing much good. If anyone has any ideas it would be great. Thanks
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. hi all one of my tanks has these growing on everything, glas wood and plants how do i kill it. it is in a breeding tank if that makes a difference. cheers, mick
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