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Found 4 results

  1. Today we had notification that New Life Spectrum are going to increase their pricing in the next week which will be across the entire range. If you want to beat the price increase or if you are running a little low on your favourite food it might be an ideal time to grab some before it goes up in price. With the way that the Australian Dollar is performing we are noticing a number of price increases lately so a perfect time to grab some. Here is the link to all the New Life Spectrum Food we have. New Life Spectrum
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  4. Hey everyone. Did my occasional water parameter check today, my first in a few months, and I seem to be having problems with my pH. It's a tank full of South Americans: Heroines, Eartheaters, and usually sits on the same pH as my tap water, which is 7.1-7.2, which is fine, even though I'd prefer it a little softer at say 6.8. Tested today for the first time in a couple of months and it's up around 7.6-7.8 which is probably 'fine', but I'm wondering what the jump was a result of. Redid the test wondering if I'd mucked up but netted the same result, and did a high range pH test to clarify and both read around the same area. Tap still tests correctly at 7.1-7.2 so it's something in my system that's raising the pH. Other test results: Using an API Freshwater Master Test Kit (Liquid) Ammonia: 0.00ppm Nitrite: 0.00ppm Nitrate: 10ppm All fish are perfectly fine. I'm curious to know whether this could be the cheapy dish scrubbers that have been in my system for a few weeks now. Stuff in my system that I'm pretty sure (95%) it isn't: Riversand Substrate, River Rocks, Eheim Classic 2215/2217 with Standard Eheim Media. Stuff in my system (sump) that it possibly could be: Bioballs, Cheap Crazy Clarks/Warehouse Dish Scourers, AquaOne Phosphate Pad, AquaOne Standard Mech Media Pad, 50Micron Mech Media Pad. Any ideas? I plan on replacing the Scouring Pads anyway when I head down to Brisbane next with 250 more Bioballs. I can't see any of the "proper" aquarium gear in my sump causing this. Might be down on Thursday/Friday for some Russ Cheers, Ryan.
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