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  1. hi all, i want to build my frontosas "rock huts" in my display tank. What is the best rock to use, and where can i find it? your help is greatly appreciated....
  2. I'm chasing good quality pouris base rock! Where would be the shop to go to please I'm chasing about 9kg
  3. Hey guys, was looking to add some rocks to my discus tank and had look around local landscape yard and came across blue metal rock ( same stuff as road base ) . Did a muriatic acid test on it and negative for carbonates so I'm pretty sure it won't raise the pH. Has anyone used it before and found any issues? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  4. Do you have a pond or outside water feature that you can't run a power cord to? The Aquagarden Solarfree 1000c could be the answer for you! These pump, solar panel and fountain kit sets are ideal for smaller ponds. They have max output of 980 LPH and a max head height of 1m. They also include a telescopic fountain riser with a secondary T-piece outlet. Wow! And all that for only $189.00!! And dont forget about your 10% QLDAF discount!! Click on the link below to head on over to our website and check them out. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Aquagarden_Solarfree_1000C_Solar_Water_Pump_p/22075.htm
  5. That was a cold day, the water is deeper than it looks
  6. MarinePure Small Rocks!!! Usually $32.95, this week we have reduced them by 24% so you will only pay $24.95. WOW! Marinepure creates the perfect bio home for bacteria with its porous inert structure and is designed to maximise filtration with bio film technology. MarinePure Small Rock is more effective than 4.5kg of live rock and it is man-made so there is no environmental impact. Deep anaerobic zones for de-nitrification provide effective ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate removal. Head on over to our website to take advantage of this bargain. Your 10% members discount will still be able to be used with this special as well. Only while stocks last.
  7. Hi I bought a 3d rock background and can't decide wats the top lol I'm pretty sure the rule of thumb for rocks in a wall because of rainfall and erosion the flat side is the top of the rock and the fuller rounder side is the base anyone got any ideas I guess it doesn't matter which way I put it but I don't want people to look at my tank after I silicone it in and say" the rocks are upside down" lol!
  8. We have been busy in the background working on a few different projects and looks like this one will be due next week. MarinePure Rock, if I am not over thinking it - it might be a bit of a game changer. We have always looked at different ways to reduce the cost of running tanks and this might be a perfect solution. One of major thoughts I have had on this is that it provides a greater filtration capacity for Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. From all the information that I have been tossing around it would seem that it can be used as in tank filtration which means $0 running cost and there seems to be a multitude of applications. What I have taken in is that as the bacteria colonises it will create a bio film that will assist to convert Ammonia, Nitrite and as it matures it will also create a deep anaerobic zones for de-nitrification. To me $0 running costs and when matured nitrate reducing meaning less water changes or just better water conditions seems to be a massive plus. Where can it be used - well probably the better question is where can it not be used. It is inert and does not change your water properties so it can be used in a range of fresh water applications, planted tanks with the man made rock being molded from actual rock to give a natural scape. Various different bio types as it there is no water property change. For saltwater perfect for the live rock alternative with a massive surface area from its porous composition. There are no hitch hikers so you do not add something that you do not want. At this stage we are still looking at the pricing so please do not take any notice of the listed price on our site. CerMedia MarinePure Medium Rock
  9. .Hi Guys, I recently purchased a few large pieces of Lava Rock from a Gold Coast pet store but i cant seem to get them to sink lol. They have been floating in my tank for the last 3 days with no signs of sinking, Any idea's on how i could get it to sink?? Cheers..
  10. .anyone know or have any ideas on what type of rock this is and if its aquarium safe? thanks for the help peoples mike
  11. Any one on north side have some nice live rock they want to move on? After a few pieces for small cube. Or where on Northside can I get some nice pieces?
  12. hi guys I was told today that in Asia a lot of people switchout live rock from their sumps every 12 months or so what if any would the benefits of doing this be?
  13. Is there anywhere close to the gold coast that sells Iwagumi rock?
  14. I will be getting a new tank in the coming weeks and I have been looking into how to make it look kinda pretty. I saw Charcoal lava rock at a couple landscaping places and I was wondering if it was aquarium safe? After rinsing and boiling of course. Will it affect water parameters? Will it be like the regular red lava rock I see around the place? Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  15. So i have two tanks about 4m apart in the living room. The 8x2.5x2.5 with Tibetan mountain rock always looks really sharp and the water is crystal clear. Filtration on this big boy consists of 2 x FX6's + 3ft sump. Picture below (without fish as i removed them all today). On the opposite side of the room i have my Tropheus Lufubu tank which is 120cm x 80cm x 80cm and filtration consists of an Eheim Professional 3 2080 canister (basically a sump on wheels). This tank is filled with a heap of Texas Holey rock to help keep the carbonates and pH up and to give the Troph's somewhere to hide & play. Trouble is that the water in this tank since adding the rock seems to always look that bit more drab, dull and slightly cloudy / washed out than the other tank. I'm not sure if it's the way the light reflects off the white rock or something else? Lighting on both tanks is the same (Aquazonic Miracle LEDs) & both tanks have internal wavemakers to help with deadspots and circulation. Both tanks also have the same crushed coral as substrate. Looking for ideas, suggestions, thoughts as to why the Lufubu tank looks the way it does before i swap the Texas Holey rock to Tibetan mountain rock...
  16. I have noticed that high nitrates are causing my pH to drop within my pico reef aquarium. I was under the impression that live rock has a nitrate reduction process.. I thought that a high flow rate around live rock would drive nitrates deep within the rock enabling denitrification. As I've read that people who live by the great barrier reef who have access to the most pristine water but still rarely perform water changes as in a well balanced reef aquarium It's just not required. Is live rock limited as such or is my flow rate too low...? I'm not interested in protein skimmers, algae scrubbers, vodka doesing or denitrification equipment including refugiums sumps or reverse osmosis. Being less than 20 litres I'd rather perform a water change if my live rock isn't out performing the bio load. My only interest here is to better understand other peoples experience with live rocks influence of nitrates..!
  17. hey guys just wondering if anyone has used volcanic rock in their sumps before? i know it was commonly used before, i have just seen bags of it cheap at bunnings and was thinking of doing a bed of it in my new sump.
  18. Hey, I live in Albany Creek and my 3 foot cichlid tank looks so plain so I am looking to but a cool looking rock feature off someone close buy... If you could drive it 2 me or I will come and pick it up ??
  19. Just really curious to know anything about little baby eels found in live rock...I found a little guy swimming in the bottom of a bag containing live rock..at first i assumed a worm,etc but after watching his swimming style it was obvious this guy was not a worm...so yep plucked him out and I will give him a crack at the mighty game of life ...just wondering what types of eels I should consider as far as identification goes..he appears to be a dark brown/black colour with light spots on his side(I think!..umm kind of....he is one very new/fresh to the world eel so its hard to see too much)..and also appears to have a white band running down the front of his face...will definitely try to get some snaps....and also best quality food for the little guy???... ........ha ha I wish it was one of these guys :eyebrows:
  20. Wondering if anyone has some advice on the best way to place live rock. Is it OK to place the live rock directly onto the substrate (sand layer with crushed coral over it) or should something be used to lift the rock up off the substrate. I have some acrylic shelving that has holes in it that would sit the rock up about 4cm above the substrate. What is the best way to go? Cheers
  21. Just got the tank on Tuesday, absolutely stoaked with how it looks in its new place.. had three heckelii before the move and acquired my old two surinamensis and another heck off my friend as he was shutting his tank down... they dont even know themselves and my rams are loving the hollows and caves in the wall.. pretty amateur with the camera, cant seem to get the shutter speed right.. its a nikon coolpix p500
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. In the process of setting up my 6x2x2 marine tank for predators. As I wont have coral and only a bit of live rock, what lighting is ok for live rock. The hood has 2x4foot t8 lights on it and it was previously running these with 2x3foot t5 for predators but the t5 ballast has gone and I cant seem to find a new one. Will the 2 t8s be sufficient enough for the live rock? I am not rich and do not want to go all out on expensive lights just for live rock.
  24. Hello, Bought about 60kg of Coral Base Rock that was used in a system quite some time ago. Has been sitting in a shed. Just wondering what the best way of making that rock safe to put in a new reef tank im building. Is just a good wash and dry in order or is there more i should do? Any help would be muchly appreciated. Thanks
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