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  1. Hi guys, After seeing many cool threads on planted forums and other forums utilizing cool rock scapes I am trying to find a wide range of rocks. I know I am not the only one in search as there are many of my friends in Sydney, Melbourne and also on the Gold Coast (points to zane ) all in search of quality rocks. Where can we find rocks in SE QLD such as; 1. 2. 3. 4.
  2. Hey guys how long does it usually take for holey rocks to stop clouding the water? I think they must have been brand new I bought them off a private seller. My tank is very cloudy lol to the point I can't see the back of it and it's only 2 foot wide. I have done 2× 50% water changes and added a bottle of clarity (which did absolutely nothing haha). Any other suggestions?
  3. Experiences with tropheus guys. Rocks or no rocks for brreding or flat rocks?
  4. .Hey guys i have a 6x3x700 high freshwater Central/South American cichlid tank. I currently have nearly 100kg of Tahitian moon sand in there. I have decorated with thank with some small driftwood pieces and a very large piece. I'm looking to change it around and put some large rocks in the tank. I only have some of that blue rock used for quarries and retaining walls and some brown rocks i collected from my uncles farm out west which i later found out contained fools gold and tin (now being used as door stoppers and paper weights). So I'm looking for some pieces that would complement the sand and sand complement the rocks. Only one i could think of that would look nice is Texas holey rock but i don't want that to raise my Ph. So any idea's I would greatly appreciate.
  5. Adults of Juvs being sold as Crocidile Rocks. The male is not the Dom Male. Let the discussion on the 2 sets of photos begin
  6. looking at buying heaps of dark rocks for a 10ft. any ideas what type of rock I should be looking for. not wanting lava rock.
  7. Last week I added some rocks from the garden, after several hours of making rock soup with them of course. I immediately noticed that a couple looked like they might have some rust going on. After a week however, the fish are all happy and water quality *seems* fine (full master test kit coming soon). Is this just a rock colouration or do I need to get it out, stat?
  8. Hello, Late in life we are venturing into a freshwater tropical fish aquarium. We are setting up and have a sand base, some live plants, driftwood and two lava rocks. No fish yet. Potential problem! Today I purchased four Spaghetti rocks. I have been advised not to put them into the aquarium because they make the water go alkaline. Also the holes and little crevices collect debris and waste and need to be cleaned out often. The label attached to the rock says the rock 'will enhance any aquarium.' It doesn't say for salt water aquariums only. Does anyone have Spaghetti rocks in their freshwater aquarium? Any advice or opinions will be appreciated. TIA.
  9. hey guys dose anyone know where to get these type of rocks around Brisbane ??? iwagumi rocks honey comb rock bonsai rocks or any other type of aquascaping rocks
  10. 1 of my fx5's has been playing up real bad ,stop-starting ,changing flow . So thort I was up for a new motor so I turned it of cleaned every thing and took the motor of ready to go buy a new one and found this Cleaned it out and put the hole pump back together and presto!!! Working just fine ! Score $200 I now have for something else Nice to save $'s
  11. hi everyone how do i know if a rock is okay or not to put in my african tank? and how do i "clean" it to put it in there? cheers roy
  12. Hi everyone, I read a little while back some posts relating to an off the shelf, cost effective putty, for attaching corals to base rock or attaching rocks together. Can anyone tell me the name of it, as I don't seem to be able to find the thread. Pretty sure I had bookmarked it but its gone. I believe it may have been a selleys product. Cheers Gary
  13. Thanks to Ray for the rocks great selection cant wait to set them up in my african tanks cheers Mick
  14. What are the best rocks eg sandstone,blue metal etc to look for at my local landscaper/nursery for my electric yellow tank and is there any special way to clean them
  15. Wondering if anyone had any rocks or ornaments or ideas to help set up new 5 x 2 x 2 ft electric yellow tank pictures would be good but not necessary cheers Mick
  16. Hi all I am looking for some rocks to decorate my Frontosa tank and have seen some picks of the rock i would like to use. Can someone please ID these rocks and hopefully tell me where they are available http://img803.imageshack.us/img803/2351/30372610151205825372764.jpg
  17. I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether it is legal to take rocks and wood from riverways to use in a fishtank? Obviously, it would not be allowed if the area was a national park, but is there anything stopping me from going down to my local creek and helping myself (within reason of coarse)? Does anybody else do this?
  18. Hi i recently just today had been to the beach in sunny coast and have chose some nice rocks and a bit of drift wood to display in my home cichlid aquarium. I know i must soak them but is this ok to do and will it harm my fish in anyway. Also should i be soaking them with a chemical or just plain water
  19. Just thought i would share some pictures of these awesome rocks my work has at the moment, the Anubis on the tigers eye is really established and looks great in person! Cheers
  20. Hey All, Time to show you guys my feral tank that i scaped. Iwagumi style it is. Its 40x25x20 deep so i tried to really give a sense of depth BTW, Rocks are locally collected , Sand from the garage and Tank from the pile of fish Junk i have Pictues! The guys on AL reckon i should add another rock on a 45 degree angle on the left so will try that tommorrow. PS, This tank will be an emmersed setup for HC and Jap hairgrass.
  21. I live on the northside, where would be a good place to get some larger rock for a 6 foot cichlid tank?? This is my second cichlid tank and have used fake rocks for my first one, but would like to know where to get some appropriate rocks. I am going for that stacked effect. Any tips/hits are very welcome. Only new to this forum and have posted few comments, but have to say that I have been on here everyday and am totally loving this forum. thankyou. Chris
  22. How should I set this 5x3x2 up with plants and rocks for Oscar tank, have placed a piece of wood and gravel.....collect 4 x 15+ cm Tigers tomorrow. ....whats next
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. hi i just brought some lava rocks today and was wondering how long they have to soak for before there ok to go into my tank?
  25. hi just brought some lava rocks and wanted to know how long i have to soak them in water for?
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