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Found 87 results

  1. So my wants finally got the better of me and i decided that i needed to build myself a Fish Room and to do it properly to avoid disappointment in the future. First of all i have limited time for my hobby and while i love my fish, i wanted to ensurer that i kept things manageable. Six tanks + fry grow-out is the initial aim with the ability to add another two tanks (and only two tanks) in the future. The room is to be heavily automated to minimise maintenance and maximise viewing pleasure. Stock I'm Tropheus mad so that room will be designed for 5x2x2 tanks which i have come to believe is the perfect size for a colony of around 20 T's. Heating & Cooling Living in the western suburbs of Brisbane means that both heating and cooling are a necessary part of keeping African Cichlids. Knowing that the room will be heavily insulated once complete the obvious choice is a highly efficient reverse cycle inverter A/C. After much research i settled on the Daikin Ururu Sarara - One of the only 7 star energy efficient split systems on the market and with WiFi control to boot. Insulation I really didn't want to skimp in the insulation department so i ensured i had lots of wall depth and ceiling room and went with Bradford R5 batts (240mm thick) in the ceiling and EarthWool R3.5 batts (140mm thick) in the walls. There's a bit of capital cost involved in decent insulation, however i truly believe it pays for itself in both energy bills and room comfort. Internal Cladding Being a fish room i wanted to sheet the walls with something a little more moisture resistant than plasterboard, so went with Villaboard (fibro cement) on all four walls with plasterboard only on the ceiling. For paint i went with Dulux Wash and Wear Kitchen and Bathroom for it's anti-mould and anti-bacterial properties. Automation I'm hoping to completely automate water changes using a Neptune Apex and a few solonoid valves which i recently purchased from one of the brilliant sponsors here of QLDAF. I also purchased a 1,000L tank to stand in the corner of the room for pre-mixing water to ensure adequate hardness and temperature prior to water changes. Power I ensured that i had a least two GPO's on each wall with data wired through to where the Apex will be positioned. I also had an Isolator switch wired up outside to allow easy installation of the air-con when it comes time. So things are progressing fairly well, however as always there is still lots to do. A few progress photos below: Wall Insulation in and villaboard being installed with a little help from the father-in-law More sheeting installed Top-hat going up to fix the ceiling: R5 Bradford batts going in: The all-important power and data: Isolation switch for Air-Con: The AC unit that i am eagerly wanting to install ASAP: Water tank to go in corner of room: Paint - for when the time comes: I'll try to post some updates once the ceiling is in and the plastering complete. Then it's paint time and i can start moving in the tanks :-)
  2. So finally finished building the stand today for the new rack. The rack is 16ft long with 3 tiers. Top and middle levels are going to hold 8 4x2x18 tanks, bottom level is going to hold 9 2x15x18 tanks and a 5x18x18 sump. Tanks are getting built by Mick at pacific pines. Tomorrows mission is to paint the rack and install the air header. I will keep you guys up to date with the build as it progresses.
  3. Hey guys and girls just wanted to ask a few questions in regards to sumps and a few bits and pieces of information any help would be great.. So basically I am setting up a fish room which is a 6m wide x 9m long x 3m tall insulated shed As stated it is insulated and cladded on the inside including walls roof and the floor has the gaps been sealed off and tiled.. Now to the importants.. So basically I am planning on getting about 10 fishtanks with ranging sizes or all of them to be the same sizes with deviders... I would like to make a 4tier 4foot stand although I would like to know what size sump tank and filter I would need to be able to filter three 4 foot tanks? I am going to have 1x 8ft tank along one of the sides with two 4ft tanks below and then a sump tank below that.. Am I better off having one big sump tank and pump and running all of the tanks besides the 8ft tank what is everyone's suggestions? Also I have considered setting up an above ground swimming pool to try and breed some L333 pleco's with plenty of driftwood in it.. is it a good or bad idea what are your opinions of this ? Thanks again for everyone's help and I will post pictures up of the fish room as soon as I finish painting and sealing the grout for the tiles thanks... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I decided a few months ago I would like to keep and breed Betta Plakats. I chose Siamese Fighters because of smaller tank requirements which = less water, smaller wattage heaters = less water and not huge leccie bills. Previously I bred Malawis and thought Bettas would be a nice change and a new challenge. I intended doing this in my pergola but on chat one night [MENTION=11836]Cam07[/MENTION] suggested a shade house! I thought yep a shade house in the pergola. After looking online and not seeing anything to my liking I went to Bunnings and bingo! they had just what I wanted. It is 3mtrs x 3mtrs x 2.4mtrs. I knew the height might be a problem but thought I could overcome it. So after assembling the A frames I found it was too high so I took the feet off. Now the 2 outside frames will fit but I will have to cut down the legs of the middle frame. To be continued.......
  5. Its time for a new fish room. yay. After the arrival of my first child, and the realization of the amount of time i spend in the fish room, i have decided it needs to change to make things more manageable, easier and faster maintenance. I have used a program called Sketchup to design my new fish room. Pics below. So far i have fit 9 6x2x18s and 9 5x2x18s to take up one half of the garage. All tanks will be side/corner drop filters run off lp100s, with a 25mm drain hole to make water changes easy, im still deciding on the top up part. All input is welcome as im open to other ideas about how to make this more effective. I will have my current set up for sale over the coming months as well. [/img] [/img]
  6. thought id share a few pic of my new fish room build. friday befor xmas the slab was poured. thread stared here. ...http://www.qldaf.com/forums/ado_84-breeder-registry-collingwood-park-african-cichlids-frontosa-catfish-162/my-garage-fish-haven-91613/ week or so later [ATTACH=CONFIG]59743[/ATTACH] tanks for 2/3 of the first rack. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59853[/ATTACH
  7. I saw this setup on APTI Aquael Planted Tanks International facebook group and just loved the setup and work he had put in. The Shrimp sets are a big hit overseas and you can see why when they are done up like this. There are whole heap of his pics of his shrimp on a few of his posts.
  8. So iv always wanted to fit some sort of aquaponics to my fish room , to help with fillter the water but mostly just to grow some vege for no effort .so after visting a hydro shop at slacks creek and picking the poor guys brain for about 40 min he came up with a solution . I wanted something that can just run my water and some sort of closed system that birds and other animals carnt poo in to my system . It only cost me $75 for all of this ( not the seedlings) Fitted brackets to the wall with a very slight drop one end Box fitted and water from fish room coming out ( turned down the flow to about half of this pic) Cleaned up the fitting Return fitted and lettuce planted , all done in about 1h Cos lettuce 2 days latter and there shooting roots and still alive will keep posting as this progresses thanks Steve
  9. Aldi are selling space saving baskets at the moment. $3.99. I bought a spice rack and have attached one to the wall in my fish area. I use it to store bottles of easy life, prime and the odd thing of flake. I might get a few more at that price. Takes all the stuff off the bench and keeps things tidy. Thanks ALDI.
  10. Hey guys just want your advice! im building a fish room and would like you input like best ways to set it up for workspace ,versatility, best use of space to maximise tank capacity stuff like that any ideas from you or stuff you have experienced building your own fish room you would of changed or made better anything at all thanks!
  11. Morning all, took this last night after a few beers & water change, I try to take videos every few months to view my progress figured I would share this one because I am so nice haha. Sorry about the over all quality I suck at taking videos / pictures, Sorry about the start too.... & to my dog I step on him during video doh! Hope you enjoy. http://youtu.be/JunGsx1Ee-k Some tanks are a bit cloudy too sorry about that stirred them up for water change.
  12. . Best layout i could come up with given the space available to me. I think its a good plan for 9 square meters, I have never built a sumped system before, so please feel free to comment in case i have not thought of something. Black arrows indicate drainage flow. i will be running a tank outlet on the collection tank that drains outside just in case power fails.
  13. Hey guys, judt about to tackle a large xmas/ new year project, partitioning half the garage off and building a fidh room It will have 2 sections Discus breeding room And grow, holding and selling tanks in main part Looking for ideas on lighting, room lights or tank lights? Insulation between plasterboard? Roof on it just inches below garage door when up Worth a small reverse aur cin 2 kw maybe? All help advice greatly appreciated Cheers. Darren
  14. Hey guys, Nate here at quarter time watching the lions getting smashed.. Thought I'd post up a little thread to see what other fish rooms are like. Mine is my bedroom. What does yours look like? Nate
  15. Hey guys, just wondering what people have used to insulate their fish room or shed any ideas would be appreciated. Currently looking at *Discounted Premium Shed Insulation Australia - Home anyone used this or have any thoughts on the matter please explain... Cheers Stace
  16. Just about to setup an LP40 to run sponges in my tanks. What the best way to distribute the air around? I have heard of using a 13mm or similar black irigation pipe in a loop then just tap into it using the 4mm barbed fittings for each sponge. These are used for hydroponic drip systems and aparently you just punch a small hole in the pipe and push the fitting in. So you can add to the loop wherever you like. Sounds too easy. Is there a better way? Also, whats the best way to control the airflow on each inividual sponge? In line tap? or I have also heard just clamping the line somehow is the most effective way. ATM on my smaller air pumps I just have gang taps controlling air flow. Any help/advice appreciated.
  17. Been a while since I put any pics up, I think the last ones were when it was all empty. Room/shed is a granny flat in back yard, not huge but its enough. Got around 20 tanks all running off a resun lp-100 - sponge filters only. Currently im breeding Albino labs (pindani) Neon spots Demasoni Yellow tail acei Chewere (colony growing - still need to vent them) Peppermint bns Common shortfins Common longfins Orangespots (being stubborn) Oh and red cherry shrimp, just for the sake of it. Sent from my GT-N7105T using Tapatalk
  18. Hi Everyone today i got 10 new guppies for my 50L tank, the tank already had 6 Neon Tetras 3 Corydoras and 2 kuhli loaches. is my tank starting to get crowded or is there enough room. my tank is 2Ft long Thanks Cameron
  19. Hi all Just wondering what others have used for all those power cords? Trying to find other option apart from multiple power boards ( scary actually ) also in a rental so adding more power points under the house is out. Thanks in advance Doug
  20. Hey guys and girls, I thought I would start a new thread as all my fish are now TANGS TANGS TANGS only in my fishroom. With the breeding aspect of these fish: I will try my best and always up for a challenge with the breeding side of things so fry will be available at times if not pre sold so if your interested please PM me. For you interstate members I do ship fish. I have a decent camera now and my pics are only average from it until I can learn and work out the art of photography. Enjoy
  21. I picked up my deep cycle battery the other day (24v/600Ah). The first thing to do will be to convert it to 12 volt (this will also double the Ah capacity to 1200Ah), quite a simple thing to do but will get it done professionally do to maintain good current flow. So the next step is to work out how much current the whole system will draw, I'll also be running a few things inside the house (LED downlights and laptops etc.) off the system as well. Once I work out roughly what it will draw then I should have an idea on how many solar panels (100w each) I'll need. I'm thinking around 5-10 (500-1000w). I've decided on an MPPT controller to regulate the charging of the batteries. I already have a 600w inverter for immediate backup if we have a blackout before I get the system up and running but will probably look at a 5000w inverter to run powerheads/cannisters etc.
  22. So i moved...good bye old awesome fish room The new room is long way off and we have slowly started moving and installing all the tanks etc. The sides of the room is open to elements and with a brick wall at the back. All four sides will be covered in coldroom panels brought from the old fish room and the air conditioner moved and installed as well. Our ibcs will now be outside which is annoying but we have other projects for them. Im hoping to fit all 80 tanks in this room so it might be a tight squeeze. Looking for a new house to accommodate you fish is not an easy thing. At the moment we have about 600 fish waiting to be moved and planning on a drain, bag and refill idea of moving them. Should be interesting! Will post some more transformations soon! Looking right from the door: Looking from wall outside: This i think will be the tricky part, this wall has a curve, thinking of just putting a straight wall across, sacrificing the space. Some idiot ****ing with my fish Lots more to come so stay tuned!!!
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. Would a space of 50x45cm be enough for 3-5 peppermints or longfin to breed in? Thinking of splitting my old 5ft to do so or would 75x45cm be better by just halving it?
  25. hey guys, some time in the next few weeks im splitting my garage in half and running a small reverse cycle inverter air conditioner to do away with the heaters in winter and keep cooler in summer on the really hot days. had my mate come over today and we brainstormed some ideas of the wall we are going to put up so the garage door can still open and looked at what we can insulate the garage door with. so my question is who else out there is climate controlling their room instead of individual heaters in each sump and can you give me any advice/feedback? cheers, steve
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