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Found 31 results

  1. I am looking for royal whiptails and red lizard whiptails for a colony tank I am setting up. They will be the only catfish in the tank with some non-agressive fish.
  2. I am trying to chase some bright blue cherry shrimp does any one have any for sale cheers
  3. This is a smallish spawn with 25 -30 fry. A good number to work with and getting great growth rates. They are only 9 weeks old. Should be ready to jar in 2 -3 weeks. Just love when they recognize you as the bringer of food and swarm the corner of the tank you're on. Used that to my advantage last night to take some photos, so dunked my finger in. Have to say, they all had a taste to make sure I wasn't food. Some power behind some of those little nips too!
  4. Just wondering what are suitable tankmates for a pair of whiptail catfish? They will be housed in a standard 4ft tank
  5. as above i am setting up a tank "again" and have had mixed ideas and opinion's on keeping shrimp and royal whiptail catfish together? will the royals eat the shrimp or ph/kh and what not levels mess with one or the other?
  6. .Got this female royal today , she is 20cm just wondering how long there life span is and how much it is worth ? It is not up for sale just seeing what they are worth
  7. I thought I had a pair of Royal Whiptails, the male is the smaller of the 2 and has had definite bristles for months now (first pic). The larger one I thought was female seems to be developing very fine hairs on "her" snout (second pic). Do females get any bristles or none at all?
  8. Hi all. I bred a few of these and was after peoples thoughts. Does anyone have anything similar and would you buy them. Cheers mick
  9. Bought a couple of whiptails the other day and was wondering a few things like what size do they mature to breed ? Do they do better as a larger group? How long can they live .didnt buy them to breed they just look cool and hopefully when they grow i can put in with my bg knife ?
  10. Gday guys, Im after a royal pleco (L190/L191). Specifically a female to try and pair with my male. Small to medium but may contemplate an adult if its age is known. I have already been around looking and it seems no ones got them at the moment. I know they are hard to find so just looking at the moment and i should be ready to buy in about a month or so, but if one pops up now i will take it. Any help appreciated Thanks Ted.
  11. I have 2 royal whiptails. Pretty sure 1 is male, unsure of other. If someone can help me ID that would be appreciated. Also, do whiptails need a breeding log like bn ? Have read conflicting articles on the subject. Any other breeding tips appreciated too. Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]31939[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]31940[/ATTACH]
  12. hi guys and gals just wondering if anyone has one or more of these awesome plecos, are they available in australia? qld atleast? its so annoying, you see them overseas and that for like 30$ for a juvie. [/img] if you have one, post some pics would love to see. And if you no of any for sale PM me cheers jack Google Image Result for http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v247/fusionbettas/DSC03548.jpg click out this photo ^ and have a look at these little ones.
  13. Hi I have just bought 2 whiptails and just wondering how you tell the difference between males and females ? I have done some online research but info seems vague and confusing. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks
  14. i have a pair of redlizard whiptails and have noticed they have been in a D cave for afew hours now. i have had royals and they love the heater to lay on when its turned off. but do they also lay in caves? thanks rowan
  15. Hi all! A mate wants to sell his Royal Whiptails. He has 2 and they are around 15-17cm. How much would they be worth? He does not know their sexes. thanks
  16. Early this morning I woke to find... Now comes the trick of keeping them kicking.
  17. Hello all I have 1 Royal degree and 1 Kamalau goldpearl flowerhorn for sale Species: a. Royal degree b. Kamalau goldpearl Sex: a. Not sure but more likely a male b. More likely a male (half changing colour) Size: a. 5-6cm b. 5cm Breeding: No, too small Price: a. $15 b. $15 Or take both for $20 Swap/trade: No Shipping: no, Pick up only at Calamvale Contact: Pm Cheers, Ryan
  18. Hi guys, Thought some might appreciate these pictures;
  19. Hi everyone, in light of my upcoming fish shed (more space for new fishes), I have been thinking about fish I would like to eventually keep. The royal panaque has always been one of those one-of-these-days fish, but really I know very little about keeping catfish (though allot about keeping various exotics). Could any of the people who have experience with this species give me some info? Recommended diet, tankmates (if possible), growth rate, where to source etc. Any info would be great. Also if anyone could advise on similar species that have long whiskers, as they are one of my favourite features. I wouldn't be close minded on other similar fish if you have suggestions/personal favourites. though the panaque price is the limit on what i would spend. they are pretty special so i wouldnt sneeze at it. thanks
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. I was disappointed to find the pair of royal whips I brought from the auction on Saturday were dead in my tank last night. They seemed ok on Sunday as they were munching on some wood, but not sure what happened after that. They were in a quarantine tank with my other purchases and they were the only ones that were dead. All others happily eating etc. Other fish included pair texas, pair angels, three baby plecs and pair long fin b/nose. Quarantine tank is 4'x18"x18" I am a little stumped as to what was the cause of the death, but both had bloody marks around their fins and a bit on their belly. NOt sure if this was pre or post death. I have seen similar on hoplo catfish that have died - normally from being harassed by a breeding male. I am interested to know if the other two pairs of royal whips that were sold on the night are still OK. If anyone out there has any ideas on why the royals went belly up, I would be happy to hear your thoughts. Might help me for future purchases.
  22. Just thought id share this pic with everyone as im pretty impressed with this shot considering my digital camera is about 6 years old lol, let me know what you think Jase...
  23. I have 5 of these about 7cm not including tails, would they be OK in a community tank with a sail-fin pleco, a colony of albino afra and a colony of yellow tail acei? I just want to make sure they will be compatible with my cichlids. Thanks
  24. Does anyone have any for sale? what's the going price? Anyone ever bred these in captivity? I find these very interesting and wouldn't mind getting some
  25. Im pretty stoked as i got three royal whiptails from the lfs on thursday night because i noticed two very plump females and picked a male to keep them company.. this morning they layed the eggs and to my amazemt the large female and the the smaller female minutes after her the male is looking after them now it was a treat to actualy be able to sit their and watch the whole spawning proccess i took a bit of video footage also but have no idea how to get it on the computer off my phone here is a pic though.
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