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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, Recently i bought a 6x2x2 tank as my My Red tail giant gourami (28cm) was gettiing bigger and bigger by the minute, but a few days ago when i was doing a water change in the smaller tank (that he is currently in until the 6ft is up and running) he spooked and bashed against the glass and cut under his jaw on the gravel its been a few days now since it happened an he has healed the cut fine but i noticed that his jaw is slightly bend to his left side is there anything i can do about his jaw like gently popping it back in place or would it fix itself on its own overtime Please help thanks
  2. so i got red tail sent up by air thats around 27cm and is housed in a 8x2 with 6 pbass that are smaller then him. its been 5 days now since arrived and dosent show interrest in food. ive tried floating and sinking pellets, algae wafers, peas and grapes. he's not skinny and looks healthy and swims around happy. do they just take a bit to settle in? every one says how greedy they are and eat everthing cheers
  3. Ive had my rtgg with me for about 2 months now and when I first got him he looked like this But now it looks like this It's loosing its colours Can someone tell me why it maybe happening and wat I could do to stop it
  4. Hi I have a 8x2x3 to stock and I was thinking a RTGG and some peacock bass how would they go together ? Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, Im NOT the seller..... just saw these on gumtree if anyones looking? Thought I'd let everyone know..... !+!+!+!+!+!+!+!+!+!+!+!+RED TAILED GIANT GOURAMIS+!+!+!+!+!+!+!+ | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North East - Geebung
  6. I really want to add a rtgg to my tank which currently has a 70cm pink gg and a toga plus plecos and loaches and balas. Any idea if the new rtgg will be picked on, if the pink will get territorial, what size rtgg would be good? Toga is 15cm. [MENTION=6245]crusty76[/MENTION]
  7. Hey... Went for a drive to Darra today and Aquariums Beyond (near the train station) have some jardini saratogas, two pretty big ghost knives (awesome fish!) and some red tail giant gourami's. I'm jealous about the knives but don't have the bucks for it right now.
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