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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all Did anyone knows where to get (buy) the rubber ring or rubber seal inside the LP60? My lp60 are leaking air around the rubber seal area which caused the output air reduced. I can seal it up permanently so it won't leak any air but I want to do it properly. Best to replace with the new rubber seal than to fixing temporary which might be hard to remove it later. I contacted AOA but they don't have it so if anyone know where to get it please pm me. Thanks in advance Regards, Ryan
  2. I just discovered my 22cm sailfin had a rubberband neatly around his head! managed to catch him and cut it off. He seems no worse for it, pushing his tank mate around having a feed.
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  4. Help from anyone who has any ideas. I have a 6x1x18" tank that is full of 1 inch featherfins growing out. I've come home from work and found two dead on the bottom and all the rest gasping heavily. A full bag of 1000 rubber bands had fallen into the tank some how and i have pulled it out, i suspect that is the problem but how. I did a 90% water change immediately from an 7x2.5x2 next to it so the same temp and both tanganyikan tanks, and alas i have lost another 3 in the last hour and the rest are still all gasping. So, i have just caught them all out and put them in a 20lt bucket with a large sponge filter from a different tank, and all new water from out of one of the tropheus tanks and another tang display tank. Any ideas i would appreciate it greatly, any medication or anything you can suggest please. Cheers, Andrew.
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