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Found 21 results

  1. Wanted to get opinions please? I'm looking at setting up a small breeding tank for my guppies, and was looking at a cheap heater from eBay. Has anyone had a US plug adaptor running full time...or wouldn't u risk it. TIA
  2. Hey guys, I currently have a cheap 2000l/h sunsun canister running the chiller on my tank but after a scare this afternoon involving many h2o's coming from the seal on the canister (Managed to turn it off and clean and reseal it before damage was done). I got to thinking about replacing the filter with something more reliable. Can anyone recommend a good filter to run my chiller? Preferably around 2000l/h. I also have an fx5 running on the tank so the second filter is just to run the chiller, any extra filtration is just a bonus. So yeah, what would/do you guys recommend for supplying water to the chiller? Cheers
  3. Need to supply air via sponge filters to 35 tanks. Would a Hiblow HP80 be sufficient?
  4. Hi, got another great special for this week. All Aqua One Internal filters heavily reduced, but as always Hurry limited stock Limited time Only. Once run out...... pricing will go up again. Aqua One Maxi 101F Internal Powerhead Sponge Filter
  5. Just about to setup an LP40 to run sponges in my tanks. What the best way to distribute the air around? I have heard of using a 13mm or similar black irigation pipe in a loop then just tap into it using the 4mm barbed fittings for each sponge. These are used for hydroponic drip systems and aparently you just punch a small hole in the pipe and push the fitting in. So you can add to the loop wherever you like. Sounds too easy. Is there a better way? Also, whats the best way to control the airflow on each inividual sponge? In line tap? or I have also heard just clamping the line somehow is the most effective way. ATM on my smaller air pumps I just have gang taps controlling air flow. Any help/advice appreciated.
  6. Has anyone used these instead of the standard pumps? This morning I found 2 of my fry caught inside the standard pump luckily they were still alive so I took the filter apart and freed them. Does anyone have any comments, either way?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. besides any of mine that is !! ............................................................... ..................................................
  9. I'm building a big planted cube, and need to run an inline heater and a co2 reactor inline with an FX5. Would you run the heater and the reactor after the filter, or run the heater before the filter and the reactor after? I know the reactor should be after the filter, but thought that all the equipment after the filter might effect the flow output? Interested to hear other peoples thoughts.
  10. Hey anyone know if it is logistically possible to run two 2ft tanks on the one cannister, ie two intakes two outlets ?
  11. So I bought a 80cm and 70cm air curtain (not the black rubber ones, material is similar to typical solid airstone) and I joined them together. I am using a Sera 275 l/h pump to run it but I am only getting bubbles from each end of the stone and not much in the middle at all. Can anyone recommend an air pump that would run the entire 'curtain' of air? Preferably <20W and very quiet. Thanks
  12. Hi just curious what peoples opinions are in regards to the best way to plumb up air to suit a rack , do you run a continuous line from top to bottom Zig zagging through each layer or just run a main line down the side that branches out via t piece to each layer/row? Also what size pipe works best? Cheers
  13. Near myers or something old clevland rd Sketchy i know but does anybody know what its called ,phone number etc? Thanks if u can help
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. Hi all, I am excited about my first fish tank setup which will hold electric yellows, i am in need of a run down of a tank setup, including the cycle, what i need to test etc I will give who ever helps me out half of the fry when the E/Y's have babies. I thought id make this post instead of harassing everyone and asking alot of questions. Thanks, Nick
  19. hi its me again i no i ask some stupid qusitions but as i am only 13 and cant work cos im under age well is there any cheaper way to run a fish room eg.How to cut back on electricity , food ect
  20. hi , i have seven [ 4ft x 18 x 18 ] inch tanks & want 2 run a single diaphram air pump but what size - output would i need / i have 2 large corner filters & 12 inch air stone in each tank // would 2100 litres per hour be enough ? thanks 4 your advise
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