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Found 21 results

  1. Hey all just wanted to share my new up and running nano tanks, been working on these for last few weeks and have just added my resident shrimps. Two 5 gallon tanks, one with red cherry shrimp and the other with ghost shrimp. Can't wait to see how they go! Any comments or advice welcomed, this is my first attempt at shrimp keeping
  2. Not me but my tank:eyebrows:. Is there a down side of running a large yank tank bare bottom? On my third day of pulling 10cm (never again...) of gravel out of my tank, originally wanted to swap for a lighter colour, but holy dooley this is taking me ages! Thinking bare the way to go O_o Might add some murky pics tomorrow. Dropped my syhon end in when i couldn't see at all thru the water....multiple bites later, got it back..... Still more to scoop out
  3. Hi people I'm just finishing setting up more tanks on my sump and have figured out a way to lose less water out of the tanks during a power outage. Please refer to the photos as with the side attachment I lose about 3 mm of water out of tanks instead of a inch of water out of each tank which means my sump can run extra tanks and not overflow during a power outage. If anyone wants these talk to username (petfish) as I got him to build them for me BIG THANKS TO PETE AS THEY LOOK FIDDLY TO BUILD
  4. Ok me and my partner are thinking of changing to PVC piping instead of air line throughout our fish room just wondering how we go about it and what size piping etc. We have a pump does 87L per min and are running the following tanks 3 x 6ft 5 x 4ft 7 x 2ft - 73L 6 x 2ft - 48L 10 x 15L little tanks Running sponge filters in all tanks with airline to each level on the stand. So we need to know what fitting to use do we glue it to stop air leaks?? So any info would be greatly appreciated and photos too. Thanks guys
  5. Hi every one, just looking at a cheap option to get me going for now, I have a 3 tier setup with 3x 4 ft by 1x1.5 tanks but no filter. Eventually plan on a sump but for now I was wondering if running one canister for all 3 tanks would be ok. Will still run small internal filters for better circulation and some aerators. The filter i have is just a spare with a 2600lph pump and lots of good media, im aware of the cross contamination issue, anything else i need to be aware of? Thinking of a setup like this (except pipes all equal diameters ) The Red pipes are over flows to a trickle bar the green pipes are the normal pipes of the canister. Cheers in advance for feedback
  6. Does any body know how to stop the trickling noise of water running down the hoses into my sump? ive spent ages backing off taps and trying to get it right.... its driving me insane im on the verge of selling the tank lol if any one knows anything or can help id appreciate it greatly
  7. Hey guys, I decided to rescape my shrimp tank and I decided to go high tech to avoid algae and get the look I want. CO2 is a big consideration, but its only a JBJ 6.6gallon nano tank, so I dount I will need a lot for HC and E. belem. I was going to use the Fluval 22g kit, but I can't be bothered priming it everyday so I was wondering if I could just run a t-valve after the solenoid on the CO2 on my main scape, through a second bubble counter --> needle valve --> diffuser? I can't see why not, but I imagine I would need to increase the working pressure of my regulator and hope the solenoid can handle it. Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, if I get enough interest I will even make a sweet journal to track the setup
  8. Hi guys, I've recently upgraded my filtration to deal with a growing bioload. I currently have one 12" Oscar, a 4" Jewel, a 4" JD and a 5" Blue Texas as well as a handful of bristlenose in a 4x2x2. Im running an 1800lph cannister and a 2000lph internal. Will this be enough when the Texas and JD are fully grown? Thanks for any help.
  9. I need to upgrade to one large air pump. Looking at these Hailea V20's and V30's What are they like? reliable? My first choice would be an LP40 but I dont need near that much air, yes I know I can just bleed excess air off but I'd rather not run the extra watts for no reason. I have a few of the smaller black Hailea pumps and they are great, quiet and powerful after 2 years. So... any feedback on the Hailea V series?
  10. here is were im at yesterday finnished pluming the 6 footers for the return and drainage conected the pumps and left it today is the big day started filling 4 hours ago and am still going no leaks and all stands are still straite so front beam on the tanks is big enouph feewwwww rundown os system part one is the 6x2x2 pluss will be adding 2 ibc when i get back from holodays tanks 4x 6x2x2 and 2 ibc run from a 6x2x2 5 bay sump im going to get all up and running but will be changing sump early in the new year at the moment sump has 600 bio balls wet/dry with 10roles of submerged gutter guard in firt bay this will prob be swaped out for 150l of k1 media in a moving bed set up but i have meshed the bottom of the sump for this reason bay 2 will be several layers of foam and wool to remove solids then gutter guard prob 15 roles bay 3 i have 50kg of coral ruble oprox 30-40mm pieces bay 4 will be more gutter guard or pond matrix not sure yet bay 5 pump end this is the sum at the moment pumps i am running 2x 10000lh pumps on each of the 2 system as they are rated to 85 whatts ea and have a combined volume of 20 000lh for 170 whattage also i picked them up new for 110 ea form a friend running the 2 will also give a bit of security incase one fails there will be another working and should be able to run the system for a whine till a replacement is organised plumbing ok drainage is through 25mm bulkheads and 25mm pipe feeding into a single 100mm pipe running down to the sump i fins this keeps things a bit neater and if the is a problem it is only a small piese of piping that needs to be replaced or removed the return pipe is 25mm also and each tank is fed buy a diy spray bar . eachtank has a tap on the feed so water preasure can be altered depending on distance from pump or if needed shut off compleatly eg no stock or replace broken tanks while still having the system running i have done this with all my systems and it works great also the only plumbing in the tank will be 2x stainless strainers on the bulkheads and the spray bar witch can be removed so there is nothing in the way when trying to catch fish here is a few picks from the back of the setup there will be 8 footers built for me in january so i can start system 2 cant wait anny thoughts concerns or advice is welcome hope you likea_fin_affairNimbochromis Posts: 94Images: 0Joined: Sat May 21, 2011 7:23 pmLocation: brisbane qldKarma: 0 Private message
  11. Hi All, Thought I would put up few pics of Mine nad My Partner's new tank. Has Africans in it as well as a couple of Algea Eaters and BN. Let us know your thoughts. Cheers P.S. Sorry for the size of the images, first time posting pics and not sure how to resize
  12. This is more of a question really, I have my 5x2x2 (Gary Maher) running 2x fx5's (because I can[sold a tank and had one spare, so why not use it!]) What media should I use in each? as in run one purely for mechanical and the other for bio? Currently running fx5-1 = substrate pro/ehime noodle(the small ones)/big hollow noodle fx5-2 = carbon/purigen/ammonia remover/phosphate pad (that green shiz)/aquaone noodle/aquaone matrix How should I setup the pipes? Currently: fx5-1 = standard inlet at one end and standard outlet at the other pointing slightly up to ripple surface and airate. fx5-2 = pvc pipe run to 5mm off the tank surface to suck up poop from the bottom (no substrate currently/ probably won’t add some either(like the reflective bottom ) And pvc Telstra spec 90degree bend on the outlet, gives the Oscars something to swim into Current inhabitants of the tank (won’t change much at all, maybe add a big pleco ) 1x 10" Red Oscar 1x 8" albino Tiger Oscar 1x 9" silver shark 2x 3-4" Silver Dollars (Also what other tank mates could I have that would look nice, and get on well with what I have?) Thanks in advance (will get photos some time )
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. i recently purchased an fx5(from matt off the forum) I LOVE IT! took a while to setup and there was a little leak(didnt stick the intake on tight enough WHOOPS!) but i sussed that out and it is AMAZING! its running my 6x2x2 no probs and the tank is getting cleaner by the hour my saratoga loves the flow it makes but my swordtails arent overly keen on the new waves to ride! my questions to you are 1 how big is the tank your running off your fx5?(wondering what size people use it up too) 2 what fish are in it?(getting an idea on what fish the general public like ) 3 how often do you clean the media and filter sponges?(i have no idea) 4 lastly do you do a normal waterchange or do you use the hose attachment?(is it any good) 4 I do 50% a fn( i know im slack i just dont like carting buckets around!) but now with the fluval i can use the hose so will go to about 30% a week! 3 Havent done it yet thats why im asking so i can get a rough idea on how often i should! 2 saratoga leicharti(25cm) 2xL gold sevs(20cm) 1 oscar(25cm) 2 green sevs 15cm a pearl(12cm) goldspot(16cm) 2clown loaches at 10cm and about 20 swordtails. 1 my 6x2x2 LOVE the fx5 and the self priming feature!
  15. After a trial run and finding a small leak. I have put my 6 x 2 x 2 back together and the Fish went back in This afternoon. Now which pic do you like the best? This one? Both lights or, this one just the blue aquarium light Or this one Just the plain white light?
  16. hey everyone, just bought this skimmer 2nd hand, bought it with a pump not meant for it, its a resun and it has a air stone attached to it. Should i look at buying the pump that originally comes with these and what you rekon of how its working, is it how its supposed to be? Pics- Pictures by zozimuo - Photobucket
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. hey guys, im buying some Riccia and Java moss and wanted to know if they will grow fine without running Co2, i can only imagine thats they will do fine, but just wanted to know sure , thanks. Skinnyman.
  19. Well I was warned it would happen, but I didn't think it would be so quick. I've just finished milking 2 yellows and an mbamba and have about 60 new fry to show for it. I also have another yellow and 3 more mbamba who will need milking by the end of the week. If history is anything to go by that means I'll have somewhere between 100-120 fry all in a 2ft tank. Is that too many? Or do I need to get a second 2 ft tank before I milk the next lot?
  20. hi all are there anyone that can advice me how to cut running cost? ( mainly from heater cost ) i'm currently running 5 tanks all with individual heater and filters 1 5ft on 200watt heater + 1 2400l/hr cannister + 1 1800l/hr internal 1 4ft with 200w heater + 1 internal 1 6ft with 300w heater + 1 pump 1 5ft with 250w heater + 1 internal f 1 3ft with 100w heater + 1 internal f 1 coming soon the last 4 tanks are in the garage, running from a single power outlet... ( is that safe )??? i've laid carpet to cover 2/3 of the garage floor i havnt received the new energex bill, but i'm guessing it's gonna blow our budget big time as previously only running 2 tanks upstair. any advice would be greatly appreciated.. thanks ibrahim
  21. Hi everyone, For the update from my previous post " What size sump" http://www.qldaf.com/modules.php?name=F ... pic&t=1812 My sump is now in the cabinet and running , still have 2 "compartments" are yet to fill, will get some gutter guard tomorrow. below are some pictures, click to enlarge. to be continue.....
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