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Found 19 results

  1. Pretty sure this is a qldaf member i sold festae to so sad link is to qt news article Lawrence
  2. Well after listing all my catfish I have been selling group of 7 or so l144's which i have been growing up since 3cm mark for some time.... But because i be leaving for long holiday overseas i am selling them all. Well guess what someone has already payed me and is picking up the whole group on monday but today i come suprised to see 1 fry sucking on driftwood. I soon find a cave of 24-25 of them along with male. This really cool as it is first time l144's have bred for me but also sad as i have to get rid of them in 10 days
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. The two tube worms featured are from Early December till late January in the millions in Qs south east at two sites. Once the ocean hits 25c they start their massive die off that happens every year unless a rain event wipes them out first,that has happened two years in a row now. I wanted a couple rather then take out the temperate endemic tube worms from the top tank to the bottom tank. These tube worms are only found in Australia’s east coast, so that makes the massive die off each year twice as sad. The oyster that is pictured is transparent and I would imagine few have seen one of these. I have never been able to get and ID on its name, but I assume it is a type of oyster due to three types we find in the south east of Queensland on many trips and where they exist. There are many beautiful and unusual things I might put up overtime.
  5. Investigations continue.. The big Chu-da, the biggest of all Chu-da died this morning not sure at this stage why? I do have two batches of fry from her but that little compensation.. I'm so bummed, she was such a healthy looking fish?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. hey guys so i've decided to buy 2 red tiger oscars as i have never owned one before and the look nice too. bought them to eat up the 4.5kg of pellets i have . they are only about 8-10 cm at max. one seems to be fine but the smaller one just lays down on the bottom of the tank though it was fine when at the shop(exotic fish connections). are there any special requirements for oscars?
  8. sad to see another great aquarium shop close, as of this afternoon Aquarium and Petland closed its doors, for those that knew there were some epic deals to be had, mick and leanne were great owners full of knowledge,service and a long time in the industry, with The BEST TANKS you will find anywhere no questions asked!
  9. Gday all, Well what a shocker of a day, I sold some fish today and had thought this was a great chance to re scape one of my display tanks. When I lefted out all plants and DW I was shocked to my core to see one of my rares L 's dead in the corner and then to top it off there where another 3 vampires dead and covered in substrate. So to say the wind was taken out of me was a under statement and had to try and keep composure as kids where near by and also had the guy who was picking up other fish there too. I did all the usual tests and everything came back spot on (near too) and even disected fish to find "anything" and nothing out of the ordernary showed up. there where other L's in the tank and they are fine and saved 1 vamp and 3 201's but this still does not seem to fix the pain of loosing any fish let alone ones that I have raised from fry for so dam long and to not know WHY... I guess this is just 1 up for nature and 1 loss for the hobbiest again. Thanks for listening to my rant Cheers John
  10. Got home today and looking in my tank for my male pep as the female looks ready to lay again.He wasnt in his log and couldnt see him anywhere.Then to my dismay found him dried up on the floor.I have a hood on the tank so there is like an inch each end where the bracing doesnt run to the end.I have had them spawn 4 times since i got them and finally have got him to stop kicking the eggs.Very dissappointed.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. today i woke up early for work well before the light come on. a couple of hours in at work i receive 2 texts from my girlfriend about my fish. then i got a phone call from her shortly after frantically trying to tell me whats wrong, i best i got out of her were that my fish were dying and she didnt know what to do, after calming her down i gave her some instructions and i had to go. upon arriving at home she came to the door and told me that all my fish in the (big) tank were dead, i hurried to my room to find a bucket of water on the floor filled with my precious fish (dead) not only do i have no idea why it happened or how, i am left deciding whether to give away my hobby or try and restock all in all a very sad day for me my water parameters were: nitrite 0ppm nitrate 0ppm ammonia 0ppm ph 6.4 temp 28.5 hardness 40ppm water change was done day before
  13. I got the phone call from mum yesterday.{yes I have a tank there, mum does a great job} :soppy: My male White Calvus had past away. Only 6-7 years old. He had a great life, well fed, big tank, 2 lovely ladies to satisfy. Until he knocked both off 2 years ago Musn't of cooked him some eggs. At least his legacy is out there. If anyone bought whites from AA over the years then there is a 50/50 chance they were mine. In his prime... One of his ladies Frenchy :sheep:
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Today my black ghost knife fish was half eaton before i got to it by my silver dollar. Is this normal for a silver dollar to eat other fish? Is it because i dont feed it enough or is it just natural for a silver dollar to eat other fish? All the information i read about silver dollars didnt mention about eating other fish. Richie
  16. i lost all my Dolphines, elec blues, Acies, Due to the heat here the other day My fronnies r still going.... I just done a big water change as the water was a lil to warm and put as much air as i can in there.... Just a shame cos my dolphines where a nice big size
  17. Don't worry, my fish are all fine But today our much loved 13yo blue heeler female "Misty" passed away We've had her since a very small puppy and she grew up with our daughters. The place just won't be the same without her and we're all very sad today
  18. Stuart Grant passed away just over a week ago. http://www.lakemalawi.com/ Frenchy
  19. i came home to find that my female eretmodus had died, i was devastated to see her just lying there on the sand. the pair were fine yesterday and they even looked like they were going to breed. i cant explaain it ive tested every water paremeter i know of and it couldnt be heat as i run a chiller on the tank, there is plentyof filtration an external and internal filters plentyof current and O2 inthe water. i have other fish in there and the male who is now sulking at the back of the tank, im going to doa water change and put a carbon pad in there incase there is copper in the water from the water pipes. if anyone has any help to give ill take as much as possible, also if this has happened to anyone before post aswell Matt
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