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Found 64 results

  1. Hi, Finally, I have purchased enough to set up a fully planted high tech with CO2 (need more lights) shrimp and goldfish setup. This can allow me heavily feed my goldfish like pigs, their ... feeds the filter, and the filter feeds my plants. Shrimps are cleaner. Of course, no heater to save $$$ on power. How good is that? I will upload pic tonight lol
  2. So we have a pool that needs some repairs and now its cooling off its about time I got onto it, but I don't want to waste 20000lt of water I have a pond that's just over 10000lt and its time for a clean out before the winter so I want to reuse the pool water would a heap of fraction be enough? pond has Goldie's gudgens salmon tails and swordtails and a few turtles
  3. Looking for recommendation on what sealant to use (that's fish safe). I've got me a crocodile ornament to go to my fountain, but it looks good and would be nicer inside the tank.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Gold Label Hi guys, I have recently had some issues with leaks in two of my large plastic sumps (Nally megabins) that have been setup for around 8 years now. Replacing the tubs is my least favoured current option due to the way they are setup, so I wanted to be able to patch and repair them, preferably while they were still running. After a bit of googling I came across the stuff in the link at the top of this post, Gold Label pond sealer, fish safe and sets underwater. So I got some to try. In short, it works just like they claim. I was able to identify and seal a small crack in one tub with just the sealant, and use a piece of pond liner and the sealant to stop a leak in a corner of the other tub where I could not find the crack by sealing the whole corner. All while the sumps were running as usual. All seals were made underwater. I have just bought another tube to keep in my fishroom as it will come in really handy whenever I have to deal with the leaks that eventually arise in all fishrooms. Anyone else with a fishroom would also find it handy to have sitting on a shelf. Its not exactly cheap at around $40.00 for a 290ml tube, but it was worth every cent to me for the time, cost and aggravation it saved me. You can buy it from our sponsor @The Tech Den Cheers, Doug
  6. 3 ibc`s needed, tops cut off/ or complete. No need no be fish safe. Can be dirty. What have you got?
  7. Hi all, quick question... I have installed a tank in a room with a few other tanks and am wanting to paint it black, was wondering if that is safe to do so while the other tanks are running? They have air pumps so was worried about contaminating them with paint fumes. The room is not particularly well ventilated. Only want to do it if it is 100% definately safe. Too much money worth of fish in other tanks to risk it haha. Was thinking there might be a non-toxic paint i could use? Thanks, tristan
  8. Hi guys, Does anyone have a list of aquarium safe leaves?
  9. Tetra Ammonia Safe Tabs use a fast-acting formula to detoxify hazardous ammonia in your aquarium water. Each fizzing tab treats 40 litres of fresh water. Works in seconds and provides long-lasting protection. Detoxifies dangerous ammonia Long-lasting protection Easy-to-use fizzing tabs work in seconds Suitable for all freshwater aquariums Great to keep on hand in case of emergency Link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Ammonia Safe - 8 Tablets
  10. First up one of my oldest anem crabs likes to keep up high and be ready to raise its claws, plus it’s the apex crab in the tank, lol, its nearly 4 years old now, well in tank years that is. I think it stays there to be higher then the other two in the tank. The harl pair are just plan creatures of habit, sort of, they go out from behind the hammer coral and grab a sea star, drag it back and they stay there till either its soft tissue is completely consumed or the sea star as just an arm or two and escapes, then they track that down later on, then back to behind the hammer.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. We received notice that our "town water" needs to be boiled before use, they have not said what is in the water and how long this is in effect. I am unsure if it would be safe to use in our tanks or if some form of filtration would make it safe. The notice said not to drink the water or use it to brush teeth until further notice. I also thought I could use this excuse to get a ro unit
  13. I just picked up some 3 feet long plants from rave for $2.50 each. They were in the craft section, but strongly resemble aquarium plants with the way they branch. Also the attachments of the leaves to the stem is typical of cheap aquarium plants. In fact, they are almost the same as these (except the base of my ones all join into one thick stem whereas this product is 3 different parts attached to a base): http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/351263782182?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Does anyone have any experience in using these sort of craft items as aquarium decorations? Is there a good way to tell if they are safe for use or not? I've currently got them soaking in a bucket to see if they are colourfast, then I intend to silicone them to a base. If this works out I will be really happy!
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. .When I first saw this I thought - I had to get it. The amount of times it would have been handy to have a tube to either fix a leak or just put something in place and keep it there. So many things you can do with this. Live Rock, Marine use or fresh water. Fix leaks, stick items in place - does just about everything.... Seals leaks in concrete butyl PVC glass and many other surfaces. Gold Label Underwater Sealer Can I actually use this in wet conditions ie rain or under water? Yes. Gold Label is able to stick to a surface by displacing moisture from the surface. Will it cure under water? Yes, as it uses the oxygen in the water to cure. Does temperature affect it? In its uncured state, it does. It will not cure below freezing and it will be very slow curing under 5°C. Optimum temperature is 16°C. I cannot get it to stick Most common reason is trying to use it as a glue! It is a sealant which needs a body of product to work. If you squash the surfaces to be stuck then the area cannot affect a cure. Always apply a bead approx 5mm and gently attach object or liner patch to leave a bead of approx 2-5mm (Do not be tempted to pull it off to see if it is stuck before 3 days as temperature and thickness of sealer will affect the cure rate) Can I use it to repair gutters, roofs etc? Yes, Gold Label will stick to most surfaces. Will it stick to vinyl? Yes, make sure surface is clean and sound, and abrade lightly. Can I use Gold Label in marine tanks? Yes, there is no difference in performance between fresh water and salt water. Can I use Gold Label to stick living rock or coral? Yes, because Gold Label is an inert, non-toxic product it can be used safely on coral or living rock. I need to use acrylic glass for safety in my pond / tank. Will Gold Label stick the acrylic to the frame? Gold Label has 4 times the bond strength of silicone on acrylic and has been used in major installations using acrylic sheet. Can I use Gold Label to fix equipment eg pumps, filters to the side of ponds or tanks? Yes, make sure you bed the equipment on a bead of sealer at least 5mm. This is to allow slight movement between the two surfaces and support for 24 hours to allow the sealer to cure before any weight is put on it. Can I join two pieces of liner together? Yes, by putting two beads of 5mm diameter, 100mm apart on the overlap. Then gently run your fingers over the line to make sure the sealer has connected both pieces of liner. DO NOT PRESS FLAT. By having two beads of 5mm, the liner can expand and contract without tearing and it will allow for any imperfections in joining of the two liners. Do I have to drain the pond / tank before using Gold Label? No, you can use this under water to bond practically anything. Can I use Gold Label in swimming pools / spas? Yes, this will adhere even in chlorinated water. Can I fix a crack in a concrete pond / pool? Yes. First vee-out the crack to approx 10-20 mm and fill with Gold Label. If concrete is powdery, use primer first.
  16. I was wondering whether a Porcelain floor tile would be safe to use within an aquarium. I am building a Turtle dock and I have seen people using tiles as their base. This tile will be hovering above the water level, so it won't be wet 24/7. However, I have been thinking about adding a shallow water section to the dock as well and was hoping to use the same tile (this would be submerged 24/7). Here is a image of the dock I have built so far. Here is a link to the tile that has been purchased and shown within the photos above: Cotto 30 x 30cm Palatino Metal Porcelain Floor Tile I/N 6660458 | Bunnings Warehouse
  17. Hey everyone, I'm trying to find a mozy repellent that can work indoors and safe around the aquarium. I'm have no luck finding anything except a costly small candle that doesn't put much smoke out if any. Has anyone had this issue before and found something? Cheers
  18. Hey guys, whilst cleaning skimmer this morning i knocked it over and clean snapped the cap from cone. Now pends the question is glue safe to use on a self repair or do i need to have this properly welded?
  19. I was wondering what is safe i.e vaseline? or some sort of silicone? to use as an O-ring lubricant? is there any brand products or better yet has anyone used any household products?.. The seal for my UV light inside my canister filter doesn't seem to be 100% air tight, as moisture gathers inside the glass tube housing.. Thanks for any input
  20. I am not a happy camper atm. I am running 6 Aquaone Thermosafe heaters in my fishroom atm amongst others. I have just been organisng warranty replacement of 2 of them through RPC (for whom have been very helpful - thanks Bec ) as they have stopped heating one 2 months ago the other couple weeks ago- light comes on but they do not heat. Just went to turn the lights off in the fishroom just now and did my customry check of temp gauges - another aquaone failing to heat a tank with some very special fish in it Was down to 21C fish were getting stress bars and not looking happy. F@rking frickin cheap ass heaters! I know its a gamble using cheaper heaters but I had a better opinion of aquaone stuff til now. Just want to ditch the lot and buy jagers. Shouldnt have wasted my money rant done
  21. Hi guys, Visited a LFS today (no prizes for guessing which one) and saw this little fellow. Probably in the 12cm to 15cm TL realm. Not sure what it is. It's blue and an ugly hybrid. No idea about the price tag on it either. It was scared of the camera, but otherwise acted like a fishy version of a puppy. There is also a tank hidden out the back with another type, after some googling I believe they are juvenile zhen zou.
  22. Hey guys, I've never owned shrimp before so I'm still learning about them. I have a fish with a swim bladder problem that I want to dose with Epsom salts but there's shrimp in the tank too & I thought I'd check just cause that thing in my head went off & created doubt, so I thought I'd ask the forum of the wise. Are Epsom salts safe for cherry shrimp?
  23. Just purchased two 3fters I need to fill and was wondering what everyone's take was on gravel/sand from places like landscaping joints and bunnings. Is it safe? Or do I need to be picky? Anywhere else people would recommend for substrate?
  24. My grandfather lives on the beach in northern NSW and has hooked me up with driftwood he finds everynow and then - except unfortunately he has first soaked it in detergents. since then it has been left in the rain and washed etc. for some months. I have recently soaked it in de-chlorynated water for a week. will it be safe to add to my community tank of cichlids and catty's? Or is there a risk due to it being soaked in detergent some time ago?
  25. Hi all, Im a tanganyikan fan, with everything from gold head comps, calvus, leptos, etc but a Big rookie when it comes to fighters, although I've had it for nearly 1yr. It's always been in a 12L fish bowl. Water changed every week. Its a very lively character lol. My question is what other types of fish can/if any be housed with?? I just setup a 4 x 1.5 x 2 outside comfortably running at 24° with afew goldfish, silversharks and goldspot pleco. Not sure if it would be ok in the 4ft or just stay in the bowl
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