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  1. Hey went to Mappins today, they have real Flying Fox for sale at $6, Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus not the Siamese Algae eater ring-ins . I bought a half dozen but still plenty left. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_fox_(fish)
  2. Looks like another great store is closing down. R&J Aquatics in Lismore is closing today at 5.00 pm. If you are in the area duck in and grab some bargains and help them out. Address is 91 Magellan St Lismore. John and Rheia ran a fantastic store and were pure hobbyists, running a rescue service for fish from there store. They walked the walk in terms of the ethic of fish keeping, and are always happy to advise the new hobbyist or the experienced. We certainly wish them the best as John, Rheia and the kids work towards the next steps in life. Give them a hug from QLDAF.
  3. Dwarf Chain Loaches x 6 No postage Cairns Queensland Price $70
  4. Please delete posted in wrong forum apologies in advance
  5. I've got a few Red Forest Jewel Cichlids growing out from the last batch of eggs. Just wondering what is an acceptable size to sell them at? The red forest jewels are smaller than other cichlids fully grown. Any input is welcome. Thank you.
  6. I'm aware of a friend looking to set up a small aquarium store. Is anyone aware of an owner looking to sell or a store for sale?
  7. I was wondering if anybody has seen Melanotaenia Nigrans for sale anywhere , recently . Maybe Mappins , or Bainsy's shop - someplace else maybe . No Aquagreen do not have them ! at present .( or they would already be on their way ) I do not travel well and my daughter will have to drive me so I need a point to point location as going shop to shop is not an option . Please no links to non sponsor's websites or pages as they will be deleted . But naming of shops is permissible !
  8. EASTER DISCUS SALE The Team here at AOA wish you all a Safe and Happy Easter. We are happy to offer 20% off all of our discus range for the Easter Weekend, all orders from this special will receive a free Worm cone feeder and Tetramin Tropical Granules 100gm. This sale will include the following products Continuum Discus Elements T 250ml and 500ml Continuum Blackwater Extract 250ml and 500ml Continuum Bio Viv F 250ml and 500ml Continuum Flora Viv GH+ 250gm and 500gm Continuum Flora Viv KH+ 250gm and 500gm Continuum Reconstitute RO 250gm and 500gm Aquasonic Amazon Extract 1L Natural Miracle Leaf Tetra Colour Bits 300gm Sera Discus Pellets 480gm and 4.2kg Ocean Free Discus DS-G1 all sizes Ocean Nutrition Discus Flake all sizes Ocean Nutrition Discus Pellets all sizes Prodac Freeze dried Bloodworms Prodac Freeze dried Tubifex Nutrafin Discus Pellets 175gm Up Aqua Breeding Cones Back To Nature Guide – Discus Trophy Discus – Book Aqua Care Discus Catalogue To Claim This offer please mention Discus20% in the shipping instructions. Cheers Josh, Terri, Dean and the Team
  9. Good Morning Fellow QLDAF members, Today we are happy to announce 15% off store wide for 29 hours. This sale excludes the following brands. EcoTech Marine Fluval Red Sea Neptune Apex Teco To claim this offer please mention 29QLDAF in the shipping instructions, over the phone or at the counter to the team. Cheers Josh
  10. CLEARANCE SALE The following list of items are all marked down 50% from today Wednesday 13/1/16 to Wednesday 20/1/16 while stocks last. All Fish 101 filter media Tetra electrical/food and fake plants - excluding Tetra Colour Bits 300gm Aleas Fish Hatcheries 32mm Bio balls Filter Sponge 600mm x 450mm x 6mm Filter sponges xy-2835 Filter Sponge xy-168 Corner filter xy-2008 Coral Reef Filter Media Eden pumps and filters Tropic Marin Supplements and Food To cash in on these specials please mention QLDAF50% in the shipping instructions or please mention it to the person over the phone or counter. As always if you have any questions please give us a call or shot through an email. Cheers Josh, Dean, Terri and the AOA team
  11. Today only, to remember this day, 13% off store wide for 13 hours. All orders are to be place from 10am to 11pm today, Friday 13th of November 2015. This offer excludes Ecotech, Apex and Red Sea Products. To Receive this offer mention in the shipping instructions Friday13th or mention it to us over the phone or counter.
  12. REGION: Brisbane North Price: $80 Size: 25cm Quantity: 1Sex: --Suburb/Town: Caboolture
  13. Went for an adventure out to Buccan to purchase some water plants from Gumtree. Great plants, some natives available as well. $5 a pot. Too good not to share! If anyone is interested check out Gumtree.
  14. 30cm Albino Red Oscar for Sale $40 please photo to follow
  15. Breeding trio of common bn 2f and 1 male with some fry asking $120 Trio of l144 blue eye these are stunners bred for last owner not me yet 2m and 1f asking $140. Breeding group of peps 2m 3f plus 2 fry asking $400 ono Reason im selling is i simply dont have the time anymore for so many fish sadly.
  16. FOR SALE Pairs of Halfmoon Betta from Quality Imported stock. Both parents are Mustard gas (yellow fins and blue body) $40 per pair - Sibling male and female 5 pairs on offer. Variation in young available from mustard gas to blue black butterfly. EXTRAVAGANT BETTA'S (on Facebook) Home of quality Halfmoons, Halfmoon Plakats and Wild betta. $40 per pair - Sibling male and female 5 pairs on offer.
  17. 30cm Male Melanarus/Synspillum for Sale $50 please photo to follow
  18. 25cm Female Red Devil for Sale $40 please photo to follow
  19. Hi guys worth a look, click the link as we have some great buys of all types of aquariums. Tangy http://www.petcity.com.au/?TANKSALE;Info;1590
  20. Full white SVR 80$ brisbane caboolture pickup Panda Oranda, young male 90$ brisbane caboolture pickup Full white ranchu male (80$) Super red female svr. 65$
  21. Easter long weekend sale at The Age Of Aquariums !!. Up to 50% OFF on selected items !!. Starting now and ending Midnight Tuesday ( 7 / 4 / 15 ) You have four days to grab these insane specials. 25% off all Water Conditioners ( Fraction , API , Easy - Life ) 20% off all New Life Spectrum Fish Food 20% off all Blagdon Products ( Pond Filters , Pumps , Uv's ) 25% off all Ocean Nutrition fish food ( Dry ) 20% off all Deltec products ( Protein Skimmers , Returns pumps ) 20% off all Aquabee submersible / inline pumps 20% off Dupla Marin Dosing Pumps 30% off Worx Freshwater & Marine LED's 15% off all Ecotech Marine Radion Leds !! 15% off all Aqua Illumination LED's ( Hydra 26 / 52 ) 25% off all Hydor Koralia Powerheads 20% off All CO2 Equipment / Hardware ( Dupla , Ista , Tunze ) 20% off All Substrates / Coral Sand / Gravel ( CaribSea , Eco Complete , ADA ) 15% off all External Filters ( Fluval , Worx , Marina , Aquael , ADA ) 25% off all Heaters ( Hydor , Fluval , Shogun , Titan , Eheim ) 25% off all Sponge filters ( Including Bulk Buy ) 50% off 32mm Bio Balls 20% off all Submersible pumps ( Laguna , Tunze , Aquabee , Blagdon , Hydor ) 20% off all Air pumps ( High Volume LP's , Airlab , Worx , Fluval , Blagdon ) 20% off all Test kits ( Redsea , API , Elos , Salifert ) 25% off all Seneye products ( Seneye Reef , Seneye Home , Seneye Web Server - Discount does not apply to Seneye Slides ) 25% off all Algae Magnets / Scrapers ( Aquablade's . Tunze , Serenity ) 20% off all Filter Media ( Chemi Pure , Rowa , Nitra Guard ) 25% off all AOA Fish food ( AOA Bits , AOA Algae Wafers ) 25% off all New Era Fish Food ( Cichlid Green , Red , Pleco Logs ) 20% off all Koi Food ( JPD , Ocean Nutrition , Kusuri ) 25% off all Marine Supplements ( Continuum , Caribsea , RedSea 20% off all Coral Foods ( Reef Roids , Phyto & Zoplan ) And 10% off everything else not listed above !!. To receive your discount please mention AOAEASTERSALE in the shipping instructions section on your online order form or when placing the order over the phone - 07 3800 5592. We charge all credit cards manually so we will adjust the total on our end. If paying via paypal we will refund the difference back via paypal. Our trading hours over easter in store are Friday 3rd - Closed Saturday 4th - Open 9am - 5pm Sunday 5th - Closed Monday 6th - Closed Tuesday 7th - Open 9am - 5:30pm Our online store is open 24 hours per day at Age of Aquariums - Aquarium Products.com.au All orders placed over this period will be shipped from Tuesday onwards. In the event that we run out of stock during the sale of a particular item you will be notified via email / phone. All pricing will be honoured and out of stock items will be supplied as more stock arrives. No further discounts apply. Happy Easter and hope you all have a enjoyable time with family , friends and doing water changes lol
  22. Hi all, Oranda trio up for grabs (2m, 1f) 2 apache males & 1 red and white female Price: $130 Right hand side: Red female has always had the loopy swimming action (swim bladder) ..originally purchased to breed which she has (fertile) Pick up from Oxley or QUT if paid beforehand PM, comment or text 0435 158 916 if interested Thanks, John https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDMo84oL7YE
  23. Approx 15cm...$50 for quick sale!!.... I am at Samford... pm or text 0409 890 910 cheers Gary
  24. For Sale Item 1x 4Foot Fish Tank (Note Tank Will Need To Be Resealed) Measurements (L 51inches W 18inches H 24inch) 1x 4foot Fish Tank Light 1x Aquaone 1000 Aquis Canister 1x 2200 Otto Filter You Are Getting The Bottom Tank Price - $250 Location - Warwick/Killarney
  25. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and looking for some good quality wakin and Ryukin in Brisbane for sale. I have been to few aquariums but no luck. It will be great if some can let me know where I can purchase some good quality fish in Brisbane/Ipswich?
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