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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, Ive been researching alot for good colour in a cichlid tank and compatibility for 55g/4feet/230l tank and this is what i came up with. if you could tell me what you think and if they will fight for any reason. 5 x Red Zebra 5 x Pseudotropheus Salousi 5 x Rusty Cichlid 5 x Cynotilapia Afra Cobwe [h=1][/h]My only worry is the Afra and Soulousi, they might be too similar and fight?. Ill be swapping males for females once the get older and can easily be sexed. The tank will have a 2200LP/H filter so no problems in overstocking Thanks Francois
  2. hi i stripped a newly bought female salousi of her eggs the other day and was wondering how long do they generally take to hatch and at what temp i should be keeping the water at they are currently in a flower like sive with airstone underneath to creat flow and movement of eggs any tips would be greatly appreciated as i know i should be using tumblers but cant afford them at this point in time so have to make do with what i have available thanks jon
  3. I have a male Pseudotropheus saulosi that looks like his rear end is paralysed. Don't know what happened or would be causing it. Bit of history on him... Took him, his 2 girls who had breed repeatedly, 3 Demasoni and a hand full of maingano out of my 3'x18"x18" display tank. Had them housed in a 2'x1'x1' for about a week then took the 3 salousi out and into a tank by themselves for about 1&1/2 weeks before one of the females got sick. She had what looked like red lesions on her body. She was removed as soon as I saw it and water was changed and treated with promethyasul. She died about 4 days after isolating her. At this stage he was still swimming around fine. About 3 days later he was swimming around the bottom only and hidding in the dark. Kept up water changes and treatment and he has improved 100% BUT.... now it looks like his can't move his back end. As for water everything is zero and temp is averaging 30 at the moment. A video can be found of him here... Any ideas? Would love to fix him up if it can be done as he has served me well. Any and all help greatly appreciated. Rob
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