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Found 23 results

  1. I'm buying an established marine aquarium from a friend who is moving interstate, I'm looking for an aquarium removalist, preferably someone who can hold the tank contents overnight as there is quite a bit of plumbing involved. Tge tank is located in Ashmore on the gold coast and I live near movie world a distance of about 10 k's. Can anyone recommend a company or know how I could manage it with just the w of us? There is nothing artificial in the tank, all corals both hardcand soft are live.
  2. Hi all, I have a couple of problem (what about I know in fact) in my marine tank. First of all, some basic information about the system… It’s a 145L set-up that operates for almost 3 months with a 60L sump. The temperature of the water is continuously between 26 and 27 degree thanks to the chiller. The skimmer is an AquaOne model, the light is provided by two G3 90W CTLite Smart LED. The lights work as full-day climate light cycling. The full light is about 6 hrs. I use a piece of LR and 2 bags of different filter medias (crushed coral and Marine Pure Spheres) in the sump. I do water change almost every 3rd week. I use API test kits for measuring the parameters. Nitrate continuously zero, ammonia is 0.25 and sometimes 0.5 (rare), phosphate is 0.25 from the beginnings, pH changes between 8.0 and 8.3. Salinity is between 35ppt/1.026 and 37ppt/1.028. I have read I should use more serious test kit for more accurate results. So I thought I will try the brand of Salifert. Are these test kits better than API’s or should I try another type? But my main problems are the next… There are unbelievable much algae (brown and green) on the glass, on the interior equipment and top of the gravel. Also there are lots of small gas bubbles in/on the gravel as well. Every 3rd day I need to clean the glass if I want to see fish… In my humble opinion, as I did some resource on the Internet about the possible problems it could be because of the high level of phosphate… maybe, please correct me if it’s false. Hence, I have read about Refugium also, GFO and Carbon Filter Media reactors, which could/can reduce the amount of the phosphate. If I needed to use one of them which would be the best solution for this system? I really like the Refugium but I’m afraid there is no enough space around the sump. Other problem, which appeared only yesterday that there is a quite big white “spot or something like that” one of the live rocks. What do you think what is that? Is it serious? How could I treat it if necessary? I tried to make some pictures about the problems, hopefully they will be visible to ID’s. Please give me feedbacks about the problems also, if you can see any other things or dramas do not hesitate! Thanks, Jani Lots of algae... Picture of white spot will be post in a next because the system didn't let me upload anymore here...
  3. hey guys so just thought i would chuck this up, getting my new marine setup all together and running just a thread to keep track of the progress in my tank, and hopefully you guys can chuck a little advice on how to make it look... better? haha heres the photos i will be buying a sump hopefully this week, which will be a three chamber system, and be a home for a fuge, protein skimmer, filter sock(s) heater and my return pump will need to get the tank drilled first which will be done hopefully sometime next week house stays at a pretty constant temp, but will be buying a small chiller just as a safeguard (its a great excuse when you dont have much mun) and then on top of that will be buying all sorts of crazy reactors for calcium, phosban and carbon (did i miss any? you get the point). The tank is being helped to cycle by 6L of pre cycled matrix that has come straight out of a running tank that has been taken down now. added 10kgs of liverock yesterday arvo, as well as a Galaxea spp. which i absolutely love! plan of keeping it with other corals slightly diminished when i found out how aggressive they are, and not good with other corals in a certain radius. i will just place it in a direction where the sweepers will be blown away from other corals? or when the tank is fully matured and im ready to chuck some more corals in i will just find another home for the galaxea. Not sure what stocking is going to be yet, it is still on the cards. the tank is 36x24x28 (all in inches, dont even know which system to follow anymore) will be upgrading lighting in the next coming weeks stay posted, any suggestions appreciated (edit: otto internal is only in the tank to remove fine particular waste, and serves as the only mechanical filtration. until i get my sump and filter socks this will stay in the tank. forgot to mention the tank had an ammonia spike today, as what goes with the addition of liverock into the tank on monday, will be keeping a close eye on the levels and hope for a short winter... ahem i mean cycle!)
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. I'm setting up a 2 foot saltwater tank but I don't have room for a sump where it will sit. Can I use a canister filter instead? Will that give the system enough filtration? I have a small wave maker to circulate water & give movement to the soft corals I'm will be transfering from 45lt tank. Any opinions will be appreciated. Cheers
  6. Hi here are some pics of my setup, i have a 4ft display with a 3ft sump underneath and a 2ft cube display tank with another 2ft sump under that, its all joined and running as one system but can be two individualsystems at the turn of a valve. I have a total of around about 600litres . I have : 4ft display- A sailfin tang A flame hawkfish A blue hippo tang One spot foxface 5x green chromis 2x ocellaris clownfish A royal dottyback A bi colour blennie Lamark angelfish Yellow wrasse Leopard wrasse Golden basslet INVERTS 2 sea cucumbers condy anenome A red sea star A purple sea star A tuxedo urchin Pearl shells/clam shells 3x trochus snails 10+ assorted hermits and snails CORALS 9 assorted torch corals Purple finger corl Green leather coral Green pocillopora Blue acro Green acro 4x hammers Jardini Goniopora Zooanthids Trachyphillia Plate coral, long tentacle Plate coral short Ricordea Red mushroom Blue mushroom Green finger coral Blue maze Clove polyps Sun coral Green moon colony Red blastomussa Blue blastomussa 2ft display- A bi colour blennie 3x padang frillgobys 2x black cheek three fin 1x stripey fish INVERTS Black n white urchin Red sea star 2 sea cucumbers Hermits Snails CORALS green montipora Purple montipora Green acro Lobophyllia Green leather coral Green stem purple tip divisa Goniopora Assorted acans Green mushrooms Purple plate coral, short tentacle Zooanthids Green pocillopora I will upload some pics as soon as i can, i am new to the whole forum thing so i will have to learn slowly but am sure i will get there Thought i might add that i have dual skimmers and macro algae on a 24/7 light schedule, aswell as running phos remover and purigen also npx bioplastics all in fluidized media filters, i have ozone running with an ORP METER and also running a 55w UV Steriliser. I let the tank slip 6 months ago when i moved house and have been battling green hair algae and byropsis ever since :/. But i can see it is starting to die off and or get eaten. I also had a bleaching issue wheni changed my lighting system over to sunrise/sunset led lights instead of t5 VHO i halved my power consumption and also increased the intensity. I hope you enjoyed the photos and would like any feedback
  7. Max Nano - well it might be a bit big for a Nano but certainly a nice setup. We have a few of these available and seeing how they will go and we are doing a introductory special of $449 and of course you get your QLDAF discount of 10% off that. Warning Pic Heavy. Pick up only at this stage at Caboolture but can arrange delivery to close surrounding area's. Aquarium Nano Tanks
  8. Just curious, was fishing today,caught a 20cm bream and put him back Can toad fish be good pets? And are they ok for first time saltwater set ups?? Id love to catch a baby, seems like most people just kill them when they catch them, but i dunno i think they look very cool, esp when they get nice and big with their stripes.....thoughts guys??
  9. Hey guys just wondering where all the fish shops that sell saltwater fish are I know pet city has some and also neilsons native has some but just looking at shopping around so I can get an idea on prices and quality Just to clear things up I'm not looking at getting anyone in trouble with posting names of shops that r not sponsors just think it would b good to help other people like myself out to find the shops that do stock salties after I spent a day driving around to pet shops looking for them
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. hey guys was wondering if anyone had a saltwater aquarium to see if we could buy/have a bit of filter media as we are trying to set one up. kind regards poyter
  12. i need help with setting up a salt water tank. i am not going to set it up soon probably this time next year but i want to know what i will need. i know some of the things i will need but im not sure like do i need sand at the bottom of the tank or can i use gravel?
  13. So in 2007 i bought a 8x2.5x2' tank and setup it up @ my parents place at the time with a freshwater setup journal for that setup is http://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55623. Now that i've moved out and have my own place now, its time i start a new journal with my current goal of setting up saltwater reef tank as an entry way into my house. So as always i'm in the planning phase and atm these are some rough starting designs. design of my new metal stand that i'm thinking of building the front room of my house with where I plan to put my tank pritty much in between where the towel is and the start of blinds comming out to make a hall way when u walk into the house Updates will come after i get opinions on stand design etc from some boiler makers and edits will follow. Thanks David
  14. I'm thinking about setting up a Saltwater Tank for possibly Mulloway, can anyone help me with general stuff? Cheers.
  15. just got myself a new underwater camera and went and tested it out.. if yous could identify and of the species that would be great.. one of my favs
  16. hi guys just interested how u convert saltweater fish into fresh cheeers farah
  17. I am thinking of getting one but I want to know how you use or change your water and how often is sea water from the spit better than just adding salt and do I need a chiller for just fish an liverock and this will not be in a airconditioned room. I realise I will have to wait for it to cycle unless I get already setup tank anything else I should worry about tank I want is 4x18x18
  18. hi all im interested in setting up a salt water tank after a year of fresh water tanks. dont really understand what protein skimmers are and not sure what i need to set one up how does a sump filtration system work? i've only ever used internal and external canister filters. any info would be much appreciated thanks greg
  19. Hi, I Have A Spare 4ft 40 Gallon tank not doing anything just wandering what i need to start a Saltwater Tank And If it is big enough read i lot on various internet sites but every one ive read is different confused help Doug
  20. I bought a used tank which has been used as a saltwater tank, and in which I would like to keep freshwater fish (two months ago I had no fish tanks - how does this happen???) The tank has an external canister filter which is the thing I am most concerned about. Do I throw out the media, run freshwater through it, dry it out, soak it in freshwater, rub it 6 times anticlockwise with a sprig of sage???? How can I be sure that this will not cause a problem when I set up the new tank? Rob
  21. hi guys , i am new to this forum and from india ....but i want to buy a dvd on keeping marine fishes from Australia....from majestic aquarium new south whales ......the title is "your instructional marine aquarium guide dvd 2 set " i have the remaining two ...........of cichlid and tropical aquarium but need this one badly as i cant get it ...and there is no response from the shop owner for my mail .. if any one can help me get this dvd or can pm me will explain him the further details ... pls help me in getting me this dvd thanx regards sikander
  22. Hi folks I'm thinking about setting my 4x2x2 up as fish only saltwater... just wondering if this would be possible with no protein skimmer if i had plenty of live rock? If so how much live rock would i need? I will have easy access to very clean salt water (mouth of mooloolah river) for water changes and i have 2 fluval 404 canisters and one white and one actinic 4ft fluro. Thanks for any help Damo
  23. i was wondering if you can add salt to aquarium water if you have plecos in there. for some reason some of my fish have white spot and i need to treat the tank but i dont want to kill my little plecos. i dont know how the white spot got in there i have not added any fish for about 4 months. the fish are my pair of leaf fish and some ornamental goldfish + the plecos. i know some treatments are harmful to plecs and thats why i want to use salt and the temperature. thanks in advance matt
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